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My name is Clan. Gomamon, musician, happens to like writing once in a while. Also doesn't bite.


After his ordeal with Mind Fission and his mind free of his control, Shining Armor returns to the Crystal Empire to investigate a tip given to him about his wife. Princess Cadance had been hiding her biggest secret from Shining Armor for years; never working up the courage to tell him, and now caught in a seemingly awkward position.

Warning: Contains mild ABDL themes and diapers

I wanted to explore relationship dynamics and self-acceptance barriers with this one; something one can relate to despite what kind of secrets are kept in relationships, or even friendships for that matter.

In this series, other ponies will undergo various issues of said variety.

Cover art by the lovely Plinkie Poi

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 29 )

Really good I like how Cadence acting all shy :pinkiehappy: and how accepting Shining is.

Nice story so far, I like the idea that Mind 'Evil' in it I wonder what he did to Cadance and Shining's mind? keep it up.

Very nice beginning, looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Very nice. There aren't a whole lot of padded fics involving these two, and even fewer where Cadence is the foal. :rainbowkiss:

After his ordeal with Mind Fission and his mind free of his control?
I need more constant?

This stuff about Mind Fission interests me and I wish to know more.

Is that something that's going to come up in later chapters?



Thanks very much, I'm glad you guys liked it. Cadance is most certainly neglected in these stories. <3



I plan to show more of Mind Fission in future works, most certainly. I'm glad you guys have shown interest in him. I actually have a story about him here.


For future reference, fetish content like this, even if it's not explicitly sexual, really needs to be rated Teen.

Oh my... Huge oversight on my part. My apologies.

The content isn't your cup of tea, and that's perfectly fine. One can't control his/her dislikes any more than one can control his/her likes. I'm sorry the moral of the story was lost on you because of this, but hey, what can you do? :twilightsheepish:

9628642 I was really surprised that this was rated Everyone despite its content.

This was certainly a great yarn about the outcome in which all of us who enjoy feeling 'little' hope for.

I can personally attest to what happens with the fear. Especially when it leads to the most feared outcome.

Long-to-short, it played a part in ending my marriage as my wife couldn't feel comfortable with someone who likes to wear diapers to soothe himself from anxiety and life stress.

Admitting the truth many years ago was, hopefully, a way to set me free and ensure we could move forward positively. However it truly is a shot-in-the-dark on how the other will react when such a part of yourself becomes known.

The important thing I've learned is 'self-acceptance' along with how I'm far from alone in finding diapers soothing to help relax when life stress is too much and you need to 'get away'. I personally don't understand why anyone would be so against them when they, unless you really try, don't hurt nobody. More socially accepted 'coping mechanisms', like opiods, alcohol, and bath salts, seem to gather more of a care response than someone who copes with trauma through pamps.

However, despite this part of me being the catalyst that started my wife down the road to leaving me, I have no regrets. You can't change who you are. You can change your diapers but not who you are.

I went into therapy sessions to talk about how diapers help me cope with trauma and, well, I was given a full lesson in how "As long as it doesn't hurt you or anyone else.". This also came with "You can't control how others feel.".

What got me to be an AF / DL? Being born with an ocular condition that, two years ago, took the last of my physical eyesight. I went through over 50 surgeries in my life and even more appointments to try and hold on to sight that was constantly dwindling despite every effort made.

Diapers are 'tactile' and need not be seen to get in the relaxed headspace. So, as a result of being outcast for my disability and bullied for it over a lifetime, diapers stuck with me as a go to for relaxation when no other means was available.

It's good to have stories like this. This is because it 'IS' possible to have a positive outcome. You can get a Cadence and Shining Armor moment. However you gain nothing by keeping it locked away except for more stress, anxiety, and that great concern of 'what if...?'. It truly is better to have it out there ASAP.

Mine was out there to my wife for 14 years. She would every-now-and-then remark on how "What if I can't live with you knowing of your affinity to diapers?". Well, I have the answer now. However, again, no regrets as to regret would be to self-destruct and, for those of us seeking acceptance and understanding, it is horrific to allow the mind to go into such dire places.

This is chapter 1 no rush but when do you think chapter 2 will be out

That full bladder came a little out of nowhere. It might help feel more natural if you made a few passive references leading up to it. Cadance feeling it but constantly putting it off for one reason or another.

Sorry it took me a bit to get back to this one; there's actually a valid explanation for this, and it warrants me to provide a brief explanation on the body's sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which governs certain functions dependent on if the body is at rest or not. In stressful situations, the sympathetic system will basically put certain functions on pause, such as hunger and in this story's case, the need to relieve, for the sake of preparing the body to deal with these stressful situations. The parasympathetic system will govern the need to relieve while the body is at rest. The more you know~ :twilightsmile:

So you're saying she was too distracted to notice?

I guess you could say that. It's more like the brain straight-up won't receive the signals to relieve in that state.

Interesting, albeit unrelated to what Cadence went through.

Comment posted by Late_Night deleted Nov 7th, 2019

nice read but I wonder what will be the actual plot of the story?

Very nice. There are a number of very inspiring / motivational moments in this chapter alone. The 'owning' of her condition was certainly a big one along with realizing how those closest will always be there to help.

There really is a solution for just about everything. It may not be the 'perfect' solution but it is still something that creates a strong outcome.

The suggestion of robes and learning to change herself was super for Flurry to have. This meant, as we noticed in Sugar Cube Corner, she could properly handle herself by doing what needed to be done when it didn't come off too awkward, prompted, or anything else that would cause unnecessary stares, drama, etc.

I liked her proud stance towards her parents to go to a real school. It reminds me of how, in a reverse way, my parents fought for me to stay in a public school. This is because, by 2nd grade, the school district had underestimated my abilities and believed my lack of strong physical sight was also a measure of intelligence. Fortunately my parents fought back to actually have the teachers teach me as if I was 'normal' and, surprise, I now hold an MBA! I lost the rest of my sight but still have gained a lot and all thanks to learning, as Flurry has, to believe in myself through proper support.

Nice read. Thanks for reminding me what I strive to help share with others every day. :)

There's a strong core to the story with how she doesn't let herself be defined by her disabilities, and you let it shine through several distinct scenarios. Overall, a solid chapter.

The writing is good, but it didn't quite flow for me. Have you tried reading it out loud during revisions and edits? It could help you find a more natural rhythm.

I really hope we get to see more of flurry heart. There is so much you could do with that premise, I know she is changing herself but I am sure her parents still help from time to time and what about during school when she has an accident. Maybe her parents could hire a royal changer and she would have to deal with that? Ideas. Would love a spin off.

This is cute, though I think if this fic is going to be comprised of chapters like this it should have an anthology tag to convey that it's a series of self contained stories.

I didn't even know there was a tag for that. Thanks~

The way in which you presented Rainbow's interests in being AF were very solid with enough proper repetition to help get the message through.

Starting out with the fear / shameand talking with Twilight was perfect. It gave the initial tension to lead into meeting up with Mind who gave the straight truth on what it is like to be an AF. However this would not make 'accepting' it easy on Dash. So Mind played a 'mind game' through using the tennis match to allow Dash to see how her AF side did not take away, nor diminish, who she is.

Twilight arriving to provide some caretaking fun with Dashie was the perfect finish as Twilight, always eager to learn, would want to take this opportunity to better understand Rainbow's AF side. How can Twilight rule Equestria if she can't understand all in which could come up during court, or amidst a moment of council with a creature desperate to find their way in a world built around the magic of friendship.

Having 3 points of acceptance discussions allowed the whole 'ready to accept herself' become more real. You have to face that fear of shame, ensure shame can't be used as a tool against you, and most importantly how being an AF doesn't 100% definie who you are. It is but a small part of a far greater whole.

Loved this with the first chapter, and still quite enjoying myself. Keep up the awesome work ^-^

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