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Rainbow Dash was on her way home from a great Wonderbolt show, but while stopping on a factory roof top to rest. Her curiosity however , soon gets the better of her upon noticing something from within. Needless to say, her being nosey gets her in some trouble.

Contains: Forced dressing, foal attire. Temporary dollified

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It is not common to see factory fictions, something that I happen to be a huge fan of. I am not only glad I am not alone, but also glad to see one well written as this. It is varied, and has a slow paced and descriptive setting as well. Please keep up the good work!

I really like factory transformations, and this story great, but I feel that it is a little to short in my opinion, I would have liked it if RD actuarially tf into a doll.

Question: Wouldn't Rainbow Dash suffocate in the box?

be funny if some how scootaloo buy that box and get rainbow dash.

6913324 lol mayve Althigh dash wiusl wake up before that would happen
6911153 hehe with a little magic to make her light as a feather and numb she be a doll hehe

If you ever get time you should do a sequel maybe... Or continue this some how!

I hope there's a Sequel to this... and it'll lead to something good.. I'm not saying this i sbad.. but you gotta at least have some sorta silverlining to this? Somepony finds her Buys her or something.. you can't leave it as is

6924439 I do have a small idea for a extra chapter thingy just not sure if it should be its Own story or another chapter . Just never me for writing bad ending

6955203 i say make it an extra chapter. Perhaps she got ordered and she is sent ( without knowing) to spitfire's place? Anything just to have a happy ending.

Haven't read it yet, but something tells me it's either dark or a comedy of some kind. Would mind to put genre tags up?

7082205 Ok, so it's a bit of both. So crepey. I like it at least.

There are quite a few mistakes to fix, but I somewhat enjoyed this story.

7083560 Um..thanks? not a very helpless comment

7084931 Sorry if it doesn't give you much of anything to work off of. I was really tired, and I was trying to say that I kind of enjoyed it, but it was pretty 'meh'. I don't want to be offensive, so please don't take any of this personally. Basically your writing needs some work, but I've seen much worse, so just keep at it and you'll learn. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Also, when you say "not a very helpless comment" what do you mean?

7087343 thanks for clarifying, although still unsure how to improve . Also ment helpful (was on mobile at the time )

7088359 Ah, okay. I suppose one way to improve is to just read through it out loud to yourself and see if anything doesn't sound right then fix it.

Nope. sorry, I only got to the paragraph where the stallion was making rainbow more like a doll against her will Even after knowing she is alive. Technically its a downer for me. Sorry i just can't continue reading the story

7082614 mmmm.....sweet, sweet, crepes.....

Had an odd fun idea but I could see Pinkie wanting to try being a foal doll and enjoying herself it would be kind of cute to see the hyperactive pony forced to be still and take it slow.

See now these are the kind of regression stories I want to see more of. I love the idea of ponies getting trapped inside an automated daycare or being babied by robots

7608726 I alwyas keep meaning to make a automatic robot daycare story but jsut never seem to get around to ti

Lots of fun in this story. From start-to-finish you are on a bit of a roller-coaster wondering what will truly happen. I must say I was more-than-satisfied with how it all played out.

The father and daughter interaction was very sweet. This story also serves as a sort of lead-in to "Rainbow's Foal Hypnosis", too. :)

Before I read, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

7942067 now that I think about it eh doesn't need the dark tag there's no gore or anything anyway.

I half expect the dad to keep the rainbow dolly for him self.........

Oh dear celestia. You have any idea now NSFW that phrase sounds out of context.

For some reason this reminded me of Toy Story 2 and some other movie which featured a factory accident (probably The Borrowers or 102 Dalmatians)

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