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Octavia finds herself short on diapers when changing Vinyl in the morning.

Commission for Anonymous

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diaper usage or adult baby themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

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Comments ( 13 )

Nice little slice of life, not much to say on concept. On execution, it was a little bit confusing in the beginning to hear of weather ponies and then mention Vinyl isn't a morning person. Had to double-check the tags for that, missed the Human on the first go.

In terms of writing, not a lot to remark: "she turned the Vinyl," "lying flush with her crotch a butt," "only a fourth of it’s long line of registers," and finally "the DJ required very little cohersion," I think that should be coercion? It's little stuff, easy to miss.

Anyway, that aside, good story overall, somewhat ominous ending. It's almost like Vinyl is staring down the proverbial rabbit hole and Octavia is about to give her a shove.

Ah, its those time mistakes that always slip by. I'll look into fixing them up when I can. The weather ponies reference, however, is used in more of a metaphorical sense here like how some thank the gods for a beautiful day or personify the weather itself.

As for the concept, I admit the story lacks much dramatic tension, however it's what the commissioner wanted and I can't quite fault them for that. My biggest aim in all this is to ensure the story meats the commissioner's specifications.

A short but sweet little story, though it seems conflicting how you mention pony stuff and yet the tag includes "Human".


My biggest aim in all this is to ensure the story meats the commissioner's specifications.

Hey, Slice of Life can be hard to do. As for tension, it does have a little bit at the end, depending on your perspective. Is Octavia plotting something, or is Vinyl going to let herself slip? Stuff like that do make it interesting to think about :raritywink:. What I meant with 'not much to say on concept' was 'nothing sticks out in terms of flaws at concept level.'

I hadn't thought of the weather gods vs weather ponies thing, actually. That's not a bad idea. I'll have to steal it when I write my own Human stuff :twilightsheepish:

Great as always, but I can't help but wonder... why did Vinyl need to come to the store with her in the first place? Couldn't she have just waited at home? :rainbowderp:

Why does this not have a mature tag?


Could a filly be trustworthy enough to be left home alone?


Considering how there's no sexual situations and no references to genitalia, I felt that it was too tame for mature. However the references to wet diapers and urination earned it a teen rating.

This was really cute!! I like mama Tavi and diapee wearing Vinyl!!^^

you think you could make more maybe with more embarrassing moments for vinyl and more motherly moments for octavia

What was most enjoyable about this story is the part in how Vinyl / DJ Pon 3 was able to feel comfortable in sharing her special interest with Octavia. Being able to open up about such a thing is extremely hard. For Octavia to have validated her is a reminder of how it is important to not allow yourself to feel alone in a feeling / interest / etc. It's scary to share but rewarding when you know it isn't as scary of a deal as you would have mentally built it up to be.

The trek through the store really shows how Vinyl is wooried about her reputation being ruined if anyone found out about her liking to Silly Filly adult diapers. Octavia's handling of it showed genuine care as a friend who most definitely did not want her room mate to feel any less of herself for what had happened.

Great story overall. You do quite the great work. :)

Cute! It's nice to find such a well written abdl story with Vinyl and Octavia!

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