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Commission Guidelines and Policies · 10:09pm Jul 23rd, 2014

Please note that my policies are subject to change over time. If you plan to commission me, please consult this post first so that you are up-to-date with my current policies. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about my policies or prices please leave a comment below or private message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Last updated: December 10th 2016

===Table of Contents===
===How Will My Story Be Posted?===
===Post Delivery Changes===
===Refund Policy===
===Commissioner, Author, and Viewer Rights===


Both NSFW and SFW story commissions are acceptable. I strive to keep an open mind and not judge clients on the kinks they request. I will inform you if I am unable to fulfill your commission request based on your kinks or details.

Although I try to keep an open mind towards clients, there are a few topics I will NOT write about. These topics include:
+Consumption of scat
+Sexual blood play


My normal rates are $9 USD per 1000 words and base pricing will be rounded to the nearest 1000 words. It may increase because of certain kinks or deadline. I will inform you ahead of time if the rates will increase based on what you want.

Payment should be made out to my Paypal account and will be paid upfront before I begin writing. For large commissions, payment plans may be established so that a commission is finished in chunks based on the current fulfilled payment.


Only a set number of slots will be available to accept commissions. The slots of the commission queue are on a first come, first serve basis. If the slots are full, please check back later. I strive to clear the queue as efficiently as possible.

Please note, if the commission status says [CLOSED] either all slots are filled or I am not accepting new ones at that time.


1) When a slot is open, send a request via private message. In your message, please include a basic list of kinks, desired length, and characters you wish to include in your story.
2) If the story concept is possible, it may be discussed between us if you wish to clarify details.
3) I will request your Paypal email address so that I may send you an invoice for the agreed upon amount.
4) I will begin writing your story. (A story commission will TYPICALLY take about two weeks to complete. This is not a concrete deadline)
5) Please wait patiently while I complete your story. Frequent updates are available upon request.
6) I deliver your story via email as a file or send you a link to the posted story on my profile. Please let me know if you do not wish for your story to be published publicly or you wish for your name to remain anonymous.

===How Will My Story Be Posted?===

A commissioned story may be posted as chapters or as one large chunk depending on the commissioner's preferences. Unless requested otherwise, the story will be posted publicly once it's done with a message to the commissioner with a link to the finished piece.

I save stories in a Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Portable Document Format (.pdf). This provides the best balance of format and compatibility. Other formats are available on request.

Please inform me if you wish to remain anonymous when commissioning for a story.

===Post Delivery Changes===

A story may be added on to, altered, given a sequel, or otherwise after the commission has been settled. Sequels will be treated as another story commission, but will require less discussion time. Alterations may require payment based on the amount of the changes.

===Refund Policy===

On the rare chance that I am unable to complete your story or reach the desired length, a refund may be in order. If the story falls short of the agreed upon length, a refund of the excess length will be provided. If I am unable to complete the story in it's entirety because of unforeseen events, a full refund will be provided.

===Commissioner, Author, and Viewer Rights===

The commissioner may upload the story wherever they wish, as long as I am given proper credit as the original author. It is expected that a link to my profile is provided as well. They may not print or redistribute the story for profit, either on its own or among other stories in a compilation. They may also not alter the story in any way themselves, hire another writer to alter the story, etc.

The author may upload the story wherever I wish. I may print or redistribute the story for profit, either on its own or among other stories in a compilation unless request is made in advance by the commissioner. I may alter or edit the story after delivery to improve it, and may re-upload the edited version onto the internet.

Viewers may read and link to any commission story as long as proper credit is given unless stated otherwise. They may not print or redistribute the story for profit, either on its own or among other stories in a compilation. They may also not alter the story in any way themselves, hire another writer to alter the story, etc. Viewers may not upload or re-upload the story under any circumstances.


This is a section for miscellaneous thoughts that don't belong in any other section.

There are currently no thoughts that belong in this section.

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