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A frequent pegasus who posts infrequent stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions · 6:24am Aug 26th, 2014

PLEASE NOTE: This FAQ is subject to change and will be edited over time when more questions arise.

When will a commission slot open?
Short answer: Soon. Every story is different when being developed, discussed, and written. Sometimes I can quickly write up pieces of a commission, other times I need to take frequent breaks to get the creative juices flowing. If the queue is full, please be patient. I try to finish commissions quickly and efficiently so try looking for an empty slot later.

Do you role play?
Short answer: Very very rarely. I don't role play as much as I use to and I'm very picky on the scene, subject matter, and characters involved. It's likely that I will have to politely refuse a role play offer.

Wanna be friends?!
Short answer: Maybe, in due time. Despite what blue chip social media sites might lead you to believe, friends are not made with a click of a button, at least not my definition of a friend. Send a friendly message, shoot the breeze, ask for advice or opinion on something, and who knows, that might lead to friendship. Friendships takes time.

Can you give me a discount on a commission or lower your prices to how they were before?
Short answer: No.

Do you have a IM? Skype? AIM? MSN? etc?
Short answer: Yes, but only for business. I have a Skype, but I keep it as business oriented as possible. The contacts list is kept small and clean and is usually only used to discuss commissions with clients. Please don't ask me for it if you only want to talk. FIMFiction's private messaging system can be used for that instead.

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Comments ( 6 )

2402096 But...that was a question.

2402103 Yes it was.

You have passed the test and are now worthy.

what's the maximum size story you take?
Do you make large stories? (80.000+ words)

2611657 I do take large commissions! Bigger commissions would likely be broken up into chunks and paid for over time so that other commissions could be completed in between.

what's the largest one you ever did?

2612188 Ever did? I would say a 45,000 word private commission that I filled out about a year ago. The commissioner wanted a lot of world building and character development in this story and that led to the large word count.

Length doesn't matter as long as the commissioner provides enough details to include in the story. However, the longer the story, the more work and time that needs to be put into it.

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