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When a virus pandemic strikes Ponyville, we learn there are some things that ponies just can’t live without.

This is a work of fiction. Please follow the suggestions of your local health authorities. And please don't grapple for toilet paper.

Featured 3/18-3/20/2020 :yay:

中文译文 (Chinese Translation) by TheFlint44

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio!
Another audio reading by Lotus Moon!

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Oh good grief. And I thought mankind was too fucking stupid for its own good. I stand corrected. It is NOT the end of either world, you bucking idiots.

I love the story by the way.

Glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

I'm with you, mankind is just plain selfish and greedy when something like this happens.

This story is glorious,

I agree with every word.

Glorious and brave...? :moustache:

This is... sadly accurate.

We're idiots, and everyone knows it.

I miss being able to buy bread.

I'm living with my mom now, and we make homemade sourdough bread. I just ate some. It's delicious, and flour goes a long way compared to pre-made loaves.

“Novelty face masks! Get your novelty face masks! Only 2 Bits each!”

Exploiting panic for personal gain. You magnificent filly.

The stalls selling disinfectant and masks are stripped clean within the first hour. The food shops are stripped clean within the next hour.

I just want to point out, in all seriousness, that disinfectant is something you SHOULDN'T use, since you end giving more power to superbugs.

I just

Someone is a fan of scotertrix abridged.

I see waving your bread wealth in my face, touché.


We haven't had bread in stock since last Thursday.

The things we miss.

Oh, well.

I have a healthy stock of pop-tarts to ride out the olé end of days.

Great fic, btw.

No, there is not resistance to alcohol based hand sanitizers. You are thinking of antibiotics. Disinfectants like bleach or alcohol work on more drastic measures than antibiotics do, such it's relatively possible for bacteria to gain resistances.


I've just read that while you do need to keep yourself clean, completely isolating yourself from bacteria can also be bad.

Well yes, microbiomes and being adjusted to environmental factors are also important.
Getting a staph infection, not so much.

Hey, someone got it. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed reading! :pinkiesmile:

This is a fun story playing off the stupidity of people going into panic mode over a virus that isn't too bad, yet.

If we stay sensible, we can weather the storm.


The flu is killing more people than it.

Also why buy tons of toilet paper? I could maybe understand a pack if your low, but a garage full is overkill.

Apparently, a single pony bought up all the pasta in Ponyville.


Leaky ass syndrome is apparently in much higher case counts than covid-19. Next thing to go is butt plugs.

Because humanity as a species is fucking stupid. Toilet paper aint gonna save you for sure. And what about the people who actually do need it?

Just saying.

Besides the hat thing...AJ's got it made; Fluttershy probably comes second or third in prep considering where you wanna rank Pinkie and Rainbow. Rarity might be higher but...burning the food and Twilight's in last; she gonna die in a bookstore, her perfect tomb.

Great story. Still dont get the Spagay Noodles reference but if nothing else Rarity has all the Spaghetti in Ponyville as a trade good.

Shameful thing is there is no need to be doing this, but one lemming sees another and well... this happens.

That's actually not a bad ranking.

It's from Scootertrix the Abridged.

One other suggestion I'd like to make: if you absolutely must go shopping, beware of pandas hawking cheese. And if you hear someone croon "Just you know why..." in the background, run. :pinkiegasp:

This kinda falls apart when you realize that ponies walk on all fours so their hooves are constantly dirty.

damn you bet me to it

its basically the problem we have with shopping therapy where people need to feel better by just shopping


Which explains why shelves are barren here in the real world.


I thought it felt accurate going off what I read. Do wish Flutters could get actual food for herself but...mare always puts others before her. n_n

You still can. You just need to stop trying to buy from stores that are smack-dab in the middle of civilization try going to the out-of-the-way places. People ARE lazy, you know. Also, if you make it yourself, it's MUCH more easy to find it. Bread really isn't hard to make, it's just time-consuming.
It really is something that you're supposed to plan ahead for when disaster-prepping specifically because of nonsense like this.
Oh, and State of Decay 2 saw this kind of thing coming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1XxxLPM1Ds

No no. Definately not! Twilight is fed on BOOKS, don't you remember?
And in Chinese we call this "啃书".


Another fanfic joking about the Coronavirus I see?! I must read! x3 I loved every bit of this! My gosh it was just so good and such a nice lil' random piece of writing art to see! Great work mang! Hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil audio thingy on it!

Audio Liiiiink: https://youtu.be/nSyYWbtimxw

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Thank you so much! I am honored. :raritystarry:

I loved it! Have a upvote sir!

Hello! Dear auther!

I'm a Chinese brony who have the habit of translating something when I get free time. I'd like to inquire: may I translate this story into Chinese and share? Of course I'll credit you and keep all the relevant information, incuding the author, the cover art, and a link to here. And after I'm done, I'll sent you the link to the translation.

May I have your permission, please? :fluttershysad:

OK, as a simple point of fact Coronavirus is 10-20 times more deadly per infection than the flu.
The flu has killed more people so far because we are at the beginning of the pandemic and it hasn't had time to go through the population, which it will. The panic may be stupid, but taking it seriously is not and please don't spread misinformation which can quite literally get people killed.

You deserve an upvote even in these unfortunate times.

可以啊, 没问题。:pinkiehappy:
(LOL I apologize if my Chinese literacy is pretty bad. I'm what you would call a "heritage speaker.")

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I wonder how the Princesses are doing with it... Maybe it could be good a sequel as we see Discord, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Tirek and Chrysalis deal with the virus.

Maybe the crusaders (except Apple Bloom) bored in house as they can't go out and are forced to do homework.

Suddenly the idea of Twilight writing bad fanfiction or crappy novels just so she could read something come to my mind.

:moustache: So the bug infects where you touch ? and. . . That's why the toilet paper's gone
:facehoof: No Spike, The media programs said to pick up toilet paper - These mindless zombies just don't think
:moustache: So now we have mindless zombies with dirty butts?
:rainbowlaugh: bug? Touch? Spikes thingy just fell off!
:raritystarry: RAINBOW DASH!
:pinkiegasp: Poor Spikey is panicking !
:rainbowderp: Dude look at the fire, Lots of fire, Fire FIRE
:duck: See Rainbow panic - bad.
:moustache: Thank Celestia my thingy is Okay...
:raritywink: It's more then Okay...

Very topical but pleasantly humorous.

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