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I write well when I am brave enough to speak my mind. Soy milk fund


Cirrus Wisp, a pegasus pony originally from Cloudsdale, runs a boiler plant in Pittsburgh known as "The Cloud Factory."

Inspired by Admiral Biscuit's writing challenge about ponies working on Earth.

This is a fictional depiction of the Bellefield Boiler Plant. Any references to a real person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Why did humans pick the most biomechanically incompatible location to build a city?

Usually for water transport and/or control of the same ...

easy acces to natural resources, easy way for farms and animals, mid point in two big cities...

An interesting little tale.


OK, that was interesting, but... why does it have the 'sad' tag :rainbowhuh:? I don't see anything sad in there...

Cirrus feels out of place living in world of humans. She also has to accept her loss of direct control over the weather, after moving to Earth.

It's bittersweet.



Hmm, OK, fair enough.

reminds me of a story i read:
during the Vietnam war, an American soldier visited a small army base. it was built in THE most indefensible place imaginable. (i forget the details)
the Solder asked WHY.
"to protect the nearby airfield."
"and WHY is the AIRFIELD in such a lousy place?"
"to support the army base."
at the point the soldier realized that EVERYTHING AMERICA DID during the ENTIRE war was THAT poorly planned!
seriously, if the Army had been permitted to drive ONE Tank division to Hanoi that would have WON the war. but the idiotic politicians would NEVER let ANY GROUND UNIT cross the border.

No as sad as I thought it was.

Generally the most incompatible places for us have the most untapped resources.

Yes cuz getting the Chinese and the Soviets even more involved would have been a good thing./s

Boy, would she hate Michigan where we can have all 4 seasons in one day.

Sounds like we need a prequel on why she left in the first place.

Thanks for writing. :)


In MN we had 5-8 inches of snow a couple weeks before Halloween. Not unprecedented. I very well remember the legendary Halloween Blizzard of '91. I was a generic Charlie Brown bedsheet ghost with snowboots on under the sheet.

Now, we're having days in the '70s this week, which is insane for this late in the year.

Cirrus did not enjoy these meetings (though in fairness, her human counterparts didn’t seem to enjoy them much either).

No one does.

The humans’ weather forecast was always the best comedy program on TV. Cirrus would laugh in the morning when the forecaster would say something like “We might have a 40% chance of possible rain in this general area in Allegheny County,” without slowing the pace of his dialog.

Don't be too hard on them; they simply can't understand their jokes despite making them.

The weather speculation on TV concluded, and the program switched back to the news. More updates about the hurricanes down south, the wildfires down under, and the stock market going down. Cirrus switched the TV off.

That's probably for the best.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Oftentimes I almost forgot the story was not written by Admiral Biscuit but by you.
(Just be safe I point out this is intended to be an compliment.)


One could ask similar questions regarding Ponyville, the Crystal Empire or even Canterlot.

Nice bit of Slice of Life. Thanks for creating and sharing.

Public health people are already recommending people working in buildings to open all windows if they can...

“Well, if you humans know that you can control the weather, why can’t you just change it back?” Cirrus remembered asking this at one city council meeting.

That’s a good idea! We… uh… just have to figure out how to do that.

As a native of the city, you captured the shitty feeling of being stuck that it always evoked.

I can enjoy this story, but after reading it I feel kind of curious about how and why Cirrus decided to live in the human world.

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