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I believe this fic fits the spirit of Admiral Biscuit's not-a-contest, if not the letter.

I'm considering sending him a link.
Half the 'similar' box is his stories, at least.

Excellent story, and hits kinda close to home since my part-time job is working in adult foster care. Developmentally disabled rather than elderly, but a lot of the same stuff applies, including the meds (and as I’m sure you well know, there are some residents who take a boatload of meds) and the pros and cons of working late/overnight shifts (which I don’t do anymore because I’m not as young as I once was).

I’m really impressed at how original a take this is. I have considered writing a somewhat similar story, drawing on my own experiences, but never have. I think you know how it’s the kind of job that most people don’t really understand, yet it’s completely necessary. It’s hard to explain what you do, since it’s more than just pass meds and help with personal hygiene, although of course that’s a big aspect of it. I’m sure parents would be laughing at me, but it’s honestly weird the first time you have to help someone put on their socks, or help them in the shower, and to do your best to preserve their dignity.

Couple of story details I noticed: yes, equines can get diabetes. Both type I and type II, as I recall, but I’d have to look it up again to be sure. Also, nice touch with the willowbark detail; a lot of people probably don’t know that’s where aspirin traditionally comes from. Also, I see your headcanon is in line with mine that zebras are potion-makers. :heart:

Finally, while I’ve had to clean up the occasional accident, I generally don’t have to help people use the toilet, and I’m very grateful for that.

9926779 9926782
I decree that it’s close enough to count. :heart:

Neat story. Part of me wants to know more about Beauty Brass, but I also wonder if there really is anything now to talk about. She does seem nice though.

Not sure if this is your first story ever (or just your first story about ponies), but either way, please don't let it be the last.

That was an enjoyable slice-of-life story - thanks for posting :)

I wouldn't be opposed to add a few more chapters. Beauty Brass certainly has reasons why she came to earth.

Problem is, if I write too much, I'll have to add a sad tag when she dies.

I g (go) on my routine, giving medications, taking people back to their rooms from dinner, taking a few to the nightly movie. I grab laundry that needs to be washed overnight. I haven’t seen the pony yet, but it’s now time to give her her meds.

I'm not 100% sure I buy a pony retiring to Earth
People usually either retire where they live or, if they move,
it's for either a better climate or financial reasons
(Here in AZ., we see a LOT of retirees)

She did it for the adventure! Or she's a changeling scoping out new hunting grounds.
Thanks for the typo heads- up!

True. Though if you got more Brass in you to write, I certainly wouldn't say no!

If you did end up writing her through to the end, I suppose the sadness would be more of a reminder to how much she grew on you over time (for the reader, or yourself).

Forgot to say "Good job on the story, at least you finished yours"

Great slice of life :twilightsmile:
I found here because Admiral Biscuit recommended it :-)

A rather chill slice of life. Nice work.

I’ll spare you the details of what happened next. Pastel alien ponies don’t fart sparkles and poop rainbows after all.

My hope has been destroyed! Life has lost meaning! Why? Why?!

I really enjoyed this story. I'd love to read more about Beauty, and why she's on Earth instead of Equestria. Doesn't she have family? Friends? Ponies that care about her? So many unanswered questions!

I also like the Human helping her. Despite his initial reaction, he was very kind and attentive to the old pony. That was heartwarming to read.

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