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After a major accident forces her to take an early retirement from the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash decides to pursue another one of her career passions.

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What episode is the picture from?

Deep Tissue Memories. It's one of the post-series-finale clip shows! :pinkiehappy:

It's from a mini series that Hasbro released that serves as a "recap clip show" where Starlight has the Mane 6 reminisce with Twilight, so she could make that picture book in the Finale.

Good story. It has a little sad to it.

I figured Dash was a mare who tackled her problems head-on, not avoided them. Then again, no longer being able to fulfill your true purpose would be devastating even with therapy or the like.

It's worth watching, if only for the numerous memes it spawned...

Not to be that guy but couldn't Dash just ask Discord to heal here? I mean his magic messes with reality and Rainbow Dash is Fluttershy's oldest friend so its not like Fluttershy wouldn't ask.

After she cried a few times and (kinda) got over it, all she could do is just watch.

No jumping between tenses like that!
*swats with rolled up newspaper*

One would think that it that were possible, Tempest and Scootaloo would have been Discord's first patients.

Pretty sure the reason that never happened is cause the writers never thought of it. But if Discord can change a pony's personality or bring Sombra back from the dead healing injuries should be easy.

Having a friendly, all-powerful god with the ability to fix nearly all problems with a snap of his fingers tends to take the drama out of everything. And what is drama if not chaos?

“Let me know if this is too much pressure.”

I imagined Rockhoof.


It would depend I imagine. Chaos, by its nature, is unpredictable - changes like those might be things that could have unfortunate consequences. I've always kind of assumed that most of the time Discord is as surprised as anyone else by what exactly happens when he cuts loose.

So Tempest might not appreciate getting her magic back by having an ice cream cone grafted to her forehead, or Scootaloo getting a pair of neon plaid wings that do the macarena when she isn't flying, for example.

Well, that and the fact that it tends to rub people the wrong way when you use a character for a disability-related plot or moral, then magic away the disability.

Though even if chaos magic can't heal for whatever reason, perhaps he could likely take her forward in time, or to an alternate dimension to find a world that's perfected regenerative medicine, then drop her off at a hospital.

You know what.
This is a good story about trying to come to terms with life changing injuries

Dang that's pretty sad so it looks like Rainbow dash got injured really badly this time and it cost her not to fly ever again which it really hurt her emotionally she had to give up her house and even retired from the Wonderbolts even Lightning Dust fault guilty for what happened to her even offering her a job but rainbow said no to both of them what it looks like she has another job as a massage therapy which it looks like she has a good talent for it it's really sad to see her broke down like that but she kept going going to the fact that she will not give up and she starting to like this massaging thing this was a pretty good story keep up the good work


Whoa there Pinkie, breath! Remember to breath when talking that long without stopping. :rainbowlaugh:


Would you really let Discord mess with your body?

Spoiler! I like the understated, low-key ending.

“That’s awesome.” She smiled. (That was one thing that still stayed the same. The little squeal and rasp in her throat when she said “awesome.”)

And we wouldn't want it any other way!

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

I love stories like this. Make me cry, and also make me happy

Also short enough to not feel like a commitment, so I can read it without waiting for my adhd to decide I'm allowed to

I love this story. my only complaint is I would like to see more of what her friends do with her and stuff but still great all the same and honestly that is picking nits. just goes to show how strong her character is. she wants to work a proper job not a half job or charity by her friends who just want to coddle her out of concern.

It's sad...but also not?

Rainbow getting a new lease on life (even if it's going to take a hell of a lot of time and self reflection to get there) is heartwarming to see...but heartbreaking to know she's never going to be what she used to be...

I will look for them. I will find them. And when I do... I will show them a well-thought-out persuasive argument to change their opinion on the matter.

I'm pretty sure I've only read two of your fics so far, but I can say with confidence that you are SPECTACULAR at writing darker stories with hopeful endings!

It is annoying, yes, but I try to focus on the 185 positive things rather than the 1 negative thing. I don't expect everyone to love my writing, but I am glad you did.

Poor Dashie. Forget not being a Wonderbolt - it’s being grounded that’s Dash’s worst nightmare.

You did a wonderful job. I almost teared up.

Amazing story. Definitely one for my favorites bookshelf.

:heart: Blue

So is this before or after the timeskip in the series finale (which did imply Rainbow Dash may have moved in Applejack's farm and her being the captain of the Wonderbolts by then)?

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