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After Sunset has been at the Canterlot's art museum, everyone is staring at her. But why? Has she something on her?

This fic is part of the A New Empathy-series, but can be read on its own. SCP-099 was written by "Zaeyde" and rewritten by "Sorts".

Written for Bean's Writing Group prompt Don't Look!

Preread by Scriblits Talo.

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graffiti painting

Here's hoping 1155 doesn't choose Canterlot City as its new hunting ground.

Damn. This was a good short, contained story. And the ending has that perfect dark implications bit. Very well done.

Now I really want a 'Wally and Sunset fighting anomalies' story using the memory stone as the principal weapon against them. Turns out the SCP foundation was started by these two. Or they took over years later.

Anyway, great job here!

Does A New Empathy have some continuity with this or are they fully individual stories?

Will read this later. Why does the pancake have an eye staring at me? I must know 👁


It wants to make you guilty eating it.

Thanks a lot!

With the Wallflower and Sunset part: Since this is part of my New Empathy series, the basis is different and I have other plans. Now, this fic itself is not part of the main stories, but every fic there is canon. The "side stories" are basically more focusing on single SCPs, while the main stories deal with the Foundation and EqG as a whole.

So in short, this fic is a continuity, but at the same time also an individual :twilightsmile:

Man, thankfully nothing really bad happened. I don't know a lot about SCP foundation but it was still interesting to read, good job!!

Applejack could only roll her eyes and groan in response.

Geez Applejack, you're acting like this isn't the first time your Grandmother roofied someone ...

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