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This story is a sequel to Panic buying

As the result of a virus pandemic, Canterlot High School is closed. Graduation is cancelled. Everyone is ordered to stay at home. Meanwhile, the Mane 7 struggle to keep friendship alive.

This is a work of fiction. Please follow the recommendations of your local health authorities.

Cover image credit goes to PaulySentry Removed cover art on artist's request

Featured 3/29/2020 :yay:

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God, this was a feels trip and a half. Maybe hit a little too close to home for some people, but... yeah. It's good.

It was good and probably something that will happen in a few months for so much person. Poor Rainbow Dash the karma have strike🤒

Never thought I'd see Applejack be the asswipe of the group with this. If this is anything like our world, social distancing is failing just as badly to try and slow it down, let alone stop it.

I'm not sorry to say that either.

Comment posted by JerseyWest deleted Mar 29th, 2020

I feel somewhat responsible for this existing 🤔 but dang :/ this one went dark/heavier than the last for sure. Actually was just thinking about all those seniors missing out on their senior year because of this. Only good news is, most likely in best case senario, two more weeks may be all the us needs

I feel like this just might possibly be inspired by real-world events.

Okay, I think this one hit a little too close to home, but good job writing this.

"3. I'm craving myself some char kway teow right about now. :rainbowwild: Click here for my favorite char kway teow recipe."

Wow, did I really just fall for that? Also, did the author really just do that? What is this, 2009?

This is very topical, and another example of how stories on here often reflect ongoing events in the real world at the time they were written.

Very well written, by the way. This reminds me of my own experiences, especially the working from home bit.

“You’re acting like you’re doing society a favor—truth is, you’re just scared of gettin’ sick yourself.”

Big Mac has seemingly misunderstood the point of social distancing. Applejack isn't worried about getting infected (although that face mask is practially useless), it's the concern about infecting others. Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Mac-they're all young. They can take it. If somebody elderly (Granny Smith, for instance) were to get it, they would almost certainly die, as most of those who have died (in Britain at least) are elderly, immunocompromised, or both.

As one model puts it; each infected person on average infects 2.5 other people if no social distancing is in place. Doesn't sound like much until you realise those 2.5 will infect another 2.5 each, and so on and so forth.

It might have been meant to do that

Ay yo, it's coronavirus

Well I'm glad someone fell for it. :pinkiecrazy:

Truth be told, I don't know a good char kway teow recipe. It's one of those things that are so easy to get when I go to S'pore, but really hard to make at home.

LOL I'm such a sell out I know. :facehoof:

I'm glad you all enjoyed it. All of the Mane 7's experiences are somewhat based on my own personal fears regarding current events. Perhaps it's my of coping with it by putting it down on paper.

Hey, no problem. Writing is a good way of dealing with fear.

A few details like time for a vaccine (more realistically at most it be over a year, and there’s already a lot of promising experimental stuff like using anti bodies of survivors) otherwise a lot seems spot on, the best being with Applejack

That was both depressing and uplifting at the same time. It was cool how it touches on different perspectives for how different people are dealing with this shit situation we find ourselves in.

Some like Pinkie and Fluttershy take it in stride, some like Rarity essentially just stop doing anything since their options are so limited and then you have AJ who becomes overly cautious out of fear. It's an intriguing direction to go.

Granted it is depressing to think their graduation is essentially spent in their bedrooms away from all their friends, but sadly that's just how it is.

Nice work.

Yeah, good plan. It... it's a really good plan. Ended up being one hugely depressing story at certain moments, but the whole 'vent writing' aspect really ended up making this story hit all the harder.

Nice work. Definitely liked the darker tone of this one. It really brings out the emotion of the current climate and spread and I feel like you nailed each characters' reactions perfectly.

It's pretty crazy out there. Stay safe and well.

I was going to write something like this but it turned out way too short. I'm glad someone ended up writing this.

Glad they still got to do the graduation bit. My friends have been streaming and connecting on Discord more since all this started.

You were saying what I was thinking to comment, minus the 2.5 people model bit.

Having my granddad live with us, if I got sick you bet I'd shun my own damn self to make sure me and my "probably will survive fine" parents don't accidentally dole out a death sentence to pop.

That's half the battle; getting people to take it seriously.

This gets a definite favorite from me.

Tiny typo:

Rainbow Dash took a sip of her hot drink, and lied back down on her bed.

lay back

Thank you so much that recipe really brightened up my day

Thanks! You too! :pinkiehappy:

Love reality based fics lmaooo

This comment has captured a good deal of what was running through my head when reading this. I appreciate how each of the girls got an authentic, unique reaction to their plight. Rarity's segments are the most like what I'm going through, and it had me biting my lip while reading them. I'm stuck on a college campus until May. I won't get to see my cats. I still have classwork, but I'm essentially cooped up a lot of the time. I miss lectures and friends. And the library. Definitely the library.

I also quit coffee cold turkey about 48 hours into when stuff began closing down (so, like a month ago, I think) and I've underestimated how painful the withdrawal would be and just how badly I was hooked on it.

No prob! Detailed comments are always a joy to read, both as an author and a fellow reader.

Yeah, I usually try to write more detailed comments, though haven't been doing a lot of that recently. Hopefully I can start writing my own stories again.


I'm stuck on a college campus until May.

Really? I'm sorry to hear that. CMU told us there is no academic reason to stay on campus, so I quickly moved back home after they announced campus would close.

I mean, it could be worse. I could be back home. But fuck, I really miss my cats.

Wow this was a feelsy read :/. The experiences weren't totally the same, but darn. I had my high school senior year interrupted by a teachers strike. It felt like all of my friends faded away. I managed to regain a few, but it's never the same. You really captured that same nervous elation in your writing. And now I'm in college, stuck working still, worrying about whether I'm going to get sick or not glued to the news at 2 in the morning, just like Twi.
This piece is really going to feel like a time capsule in the next few years. You did a fantastic job.

Was a good read. I wouldn't mind seeing a continuation at all.

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