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Gallus has known Silverstream for a few years now and over that time his feelings for her evolved into something more than friendship; and well, sometimes things don't work out the way we'd like them to. Gallus and Silverstream have a brief but important talk after he comes clean about how he truly feels about her.

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A fairly nice fic, if a little rushed.

You know this is one of the one-shots that are great! but not great at the same time, but still mostly great.

It has nothing to do with the story or anything else, it's the fact that this story is a one-shot. Meaning, I wasn't really able to empathize with the characters because when I think of them there isn't much beside MLP: FIM. Even then, the show doesn't really explore the student 6's friendship all that close as the other characters in the show.

I feel if this was a proper story and we had time to get to know the characters and what they are thinking on a deeper level, it would be easier to empathize with them. Perhaps I might be holding expectations too high due to one of the stories in my Master Piece's folder, but I still feel like it would be more in-depth if we had gotten to know that characters better.

That's just me, and if you have a different opinion, go ahead and share.

Now I have the song stuck in my head.

I understand, the show really didn't get a chance to use the student 6 as much as I too would have liked; but I feel we have a solid enough grasp of the basics of them. This story is more a vignette and the dialogue allows the reader to infer what led us to this moment and where the moment leads to from here; but this single moment, even if the story was longer, would have been the most important part. Still, I can understand if some find it lacking in detail, especially since it is a little more forward in time from where we canonically left off with them.

I like to think of it as "succinct". :twilightsmile:

D'awwwwwwwwww! Can I add this to the Positive Ponies group?

To be honest I felt the same way as well When I was a kid I like this person but She doesn't feel The same way as me So I was stuck in the friend zone It hurts but you know what after time went by I am actually OK with that I still keep in contact with her This was a pretty nice story kinda open old wounds but I'm ok

Glad to hear it eventually worked out. I imagine we all have a similar story, I'm no different; I think stories that hit a little deeper can not only be more impactful but also give some reflection for us as well.

Hate to be the one guy who downvotes this story, but at the very least I'm not going to downvote without explaining why:

Every part of this, except Gallus' inner monologue at the beginning, was wrong. Saying something like this to someone who's going through this scenario themselves is like telling a depressed person to be happy: just because you say it doesn't get rid of the psychological reality of what they are going through.

The truth is that no one ever 'gets over' a rejection like that, at least not the way this story seems to imply. It's like a thorn, but in your mind instead of your skin, and every time you see that person again it reopens the wound: you can remove the thorn (by separating yourself from the source of the pain) and heal over time, or you can grow a callous over it (by lying to yourself and repressing your feelings until you actually believe that you are fine) so it stops hurting when it's touched, but you can't just forget about it immediately and go on as if it never happened. If you think you have done that, then that just means that you are really good at the repression and self-deception, or you weren't actually falling in love with them.

It takes a lot of time spent in repression to act like things are the same as they were before, and even then it's not actually real: it's just an act, and a sufficient amount of stress or trauma will bring it all back to the surface. Alternatively, if you choose to separate and heal, then you will never have the same friendship as before. Basically, once something like this happens, things have changed, permanently, and you cannot go back.

Now, whether continuing close contact and an imitation of friendship are worth the repression and self-deception is something every person in this position must choose for themselves. Separating and taking the time to heal might not be feasible in any given situation. However, these are the only real options one has, except for refusing to 'get over' it and instead existing in a state of self-delusion where you think you still have a chance despite being rejected, but that's not really an option as the delusion eventually breaks and you are left with the same two options again.

The way this story ended seems to imply that one could somehow just magically ignore what happened, continuing on as if nothing has changed. That is impossible: every major event in our lives changes who we are, and thus how we act. We cannot prevent change; all we can do is decide how we will proceed after the change occurs.

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