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This story is a sequel to Cupid Mark Crusaders

Vinyl Scratch was the quiet kid at Canterlot High. She didn’t speak in class, walked too fast to keep up with in the halls, and generally tried to be as invisible as possible. So far as most people could tell, she had no friends and wanted none.

But even as a Junior, when the parties were thrown, her talents as a DJ were in demand. Nobody doubted that she’d be a pro someday.

Which also meant that, when she was at the turntables, she couldn’t get away so easily. And that gave Octavia the one and only chance she would ever have.

Entered into Artist’s Contest.

(Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.)

(This timeline continues with A Smashing Good Time.)

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Comments ( 4 )
Artist #1 · 1 week ago · · ·

Nice sorry

Magnificent bit of Octascratch. Not the first time I've seen Vinyl as a modern Beethoven, but I do love the idea. (Meanwhile, Cheese Sandwich as the CHS orchestra teacher kind of blows my mind, but it does work.) It's never easy to convey music in a visual medium lime text, but you pulled it off fantastically. Thank you for another wonderful story.

Perfectly, utterly, completely happy.

Perfectly, utterly, completely happy my flank, she’s just in denial

circs #4 · Saturday · · ·

As a late-deafened musician, well done.

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