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Caught in a rainstorm again, Derpy trudges off toward home. But along the way, she finds somepony down on her luck as well, somepony who very much reminds Derpy of her own childhood. It was a good day.

Lengthened version of the 13th-place finisher in the /fic/ mini write-off "I Regret Nothing."

Cover art "Smile in the Rain" by BlitzPony.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Aw! This story was so sweet~
Made my day it did. :pinkiesmile:

So amazing. The feels got me :pinkiesad2:

Empathy meter overloaded: commence production of liquid pride

Oh Derpy you silly pony. Why don't you just wait for Dinky from above the rain.

The d'aww is strong with this one. Good to see the hiccups from the writeoff all ironed out! It expanded very smoothly.

Very very well done

“Don’t worry about it,” Derpy replied, flicking a hoof toward her. And flicking the built-up raindrops right at her face. Stupid! “Sorry!” Derpy whipped her head around to find a dry cloth in her saddlebag and offer it to Twist, but she only succeeded in flipping her wet mane at the poor girl.

Derpy is adorable as ever. :derpytongue2:

This was sweet as heck. :derpytongue2::twistnerd:

Congrats on yet another EqD recognition, you relentless literary bastard you. At this point, I swear you could write the most vapid wish-fulfilling OC fest and still get it on EqD. As for the story itself, a nice touch of awkwardness and reconciliation. No completely gratifying resolutions, but the sort of positive outcome you could hope for in a ho-hum and oftentimes harsh life. Not quite the character dynamic I was expecting to play out, which makes for an interesting surprise. Can't say I agree with your choice for Twist's mom (unless it's canon. I haven't watched the show for a while, so it could be for all I know :P)
Have to say this wasn't as cheery as I'd been hoping based on the cover art, but seeing how you were the one to write it I really shouldn't have been that surprised. That said, let me improve the mood by offering that song that I wanted this story to reflect. All the best.

Great story. Don't listen to Steve down there being a jerk. It was a great story and the comments explaining bullies were spot on. I know, I've had to deal them for years.

So sweet and cute and fluffy! I loved it! Add to favorites!


Sometimes I wonder if your sole purpose on FiMfiction is to make people feel bad about their excellently written stories.

In the words of a famous Disney movie involving deer, 'If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.' This is going beyond criticsm, this is just hating for absolutely no reason. You weren't provoked, you didn't offer a bit of constructive criticsm, and lady but not least, if you hate it so much then why did you bother reading and commenting?

I've known Steve a long time. He's just ribbing me.

Huh, now I wonder what Twist would sound like without a lisp.

I honestly don't care for Derpy (but really, I don't care for any background character). I just never understood why people liked them so much apart from their design. In any case, good story.

The feels. They attack me and drag me under. And I love it.
Wonderful little story :twilightsmile:

6161307 He's probably just jealous and is trying to drag down others.

Equestrian weather's weird. Seems strange that Derpy didn't bring her umbrella because she forgot about the storm, but remembered to pack Dinky's raincoat. Not totally implausible, but it does stick out. I actually stopped reading for a moment to wonder how exactly that happened, and then to think about how convenient it is that they know for certain whether or not they'll even need one

right in the feel goods! Why must you torture me with this poetry?

The D'aww's though! This is adorable! :heart:

This story made me grin! So sweet and heartfelt, I love those two ponies.

Not much different from when I watch the morning news before work, then completely forget what the forecast was. As for Dinky, Derpy might have packed her raincoat the night before or just had a lapse of memory in the time between doing that and leaving herself. I certainly have the type of poor short-term memory that would cause that.

Believe me, I'm all too familiar with those kinds of memory problems. That's why I said it wasn't implausible, just that it breaks the flow of the story a short moment

If Derpy's memories are at all to be believed, she explicitly packed the raincoat that morning, not the night before. After re-reading that paragraph, though, I noticed the umbrella stays in the pocket. Not something Derpy or Dinky would have to remember, but one often forgets that in those situations. So yeah, I just suck at reading :derpytongue2:

very frilly, very expensive parasols.

para = "guard against" (or something.)
sol = Sun
If you put rain on something
that protects you from the SUN,
then chances are you're gonna have a bad day.

6165262 Like a roof?

I don't have any words for how this made me feel. :yay:

Welcome to Twist!


(I also added it to several other groups.)

6165820 Wait, what does roofs have anything to do with what I said? Using a parasol as umbrella is like walking around with a radio instead of a MP3 player. It works, but it's not very practical to carry around, is it?

Nice. Saving to my personal collection for sharing/ rereading later.:derpytongue2:

The answer hidden away, inside the house, but Derpy knew.

This sentence felt awkward to me.

I was kind of wary about reading this story, but you did a good job with its expansion; I remember not being tremendously enthused about the write-off version of this story, but this actually almost gave me the warm fuzzies. :raritywink:

This is the type of fic that reminds me why I love a character like Derpy so much. Telling a story about background ponies is just so much fun because you get to fill in so many gaps that we'll never see filled in in the show. And something like this helps keep me determined to keep telling my own stories about her because it reminds me of just how many wonderful stories you can tell with her. Thank you kindly for writing this, it was a pleasure to read, and always a pleasure to find another author who sees the beauty in the lives of the little guys in the show and little stories like this. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by SIGAWESOME deleted Jul 4th, 2015

“I work at the post office. Front desk or sorting room, mostly, but sometimes I get to make deliveries,”

As someone who works in the same field as Derpy, please accept my thumb and my fave (delivered First Class, Priority Mail)

This certainly was a sweet little fic.

6166158 Because it's possible for things to shield you from both the sun and the rain, possibly? It'd be a pretty flimsy parasol that would disintegrate in the rain, Those two can certainly afford ones that would, and it's not like Derpy's going to know the difference anyway. She sees a fancy umbrella, she calls it a parasol.

6167706 Well, the point was mostly that parasols are meant to, you know, kindof stay where you put them. They're not the most carriable things.

This is a sweet little fic. Makes me wish that someone did this for me before I became who I am today. I have no smile to serve as an umbrella anymore. Still, this story made me smile. I'll give it a like, a fave, and you now have a new follower!

Hi,there!Well I'm a Chinese brony,and I really like this story,so may I translate it into Chinese and share it with more people?

My opinion on things like this is that MLP was't really mine to write a story about in the first place, so it'd be odd for me to tell other people they couldn't use it. Translate away! And please put a link in the comments if you post it somewhere!

I wrote a review of this story. It can be found here.

Parasoul = moderately important character in one of the greatest games ever created

Of course I will!Thank you!

Hello! Well, it seems that I am a bit late. Excuse me,I am a Chinese brony, too. (And a little brony!) After reading your story Let a Smile be Your Umbrella , I think it is beautiful and moving. So if you don't mind... I want to translate it into Chinese and share it. (Though somebody else has asked...)
If you allow, everyone who reads the translation will see: Cover Art, Writer and the link to the story. Also, I will put a link in the comments.
Just want to share a wonderful story:pinkiesmile:
Waiting for your reply~

6189109 Go ahead. I don't mind. Please link it in the comments if you do!

6189650 http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3901717703?fr=frs
However, I'm not sure whether you can visit the website in America.
Thanks again, your story is very sweet!

Wow, that was very good! Thanks so much!

I've signal-boosted in a blog entry.

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