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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.


Dinky Hooves goes out with a flawless plan for Derpy’s Hearth’s Warming gift. She has only to make the perfect pastry present a reality. And along the way, she’ll find an even better one.

My entry for the Secret Santa Jingle-Off.

Cover art by Novel-Idea.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

And now there's a reading on Neighrator Pony's YouTube channel!

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Comments ( 26 )

A really cute story.

I love the repetitive story elements in this. Makes it feel really lighthearted; I could see this as an episode.

Feels like what the show should have done for a holiday special.

Wait, you can get featured on EqD without even passing moderation (yet) at FiMfic? :unsuresweetie:

6816938 Sure. Most stories on EqD are hosted here, but some are on GDocs, some get submitted on DA, etc. Passing moderation here isn't a requirement. I wait until I know it's accepted to EqD so I know I won't have to edit it any further before I submit it here.

That was adorable.

Awww! Starbucks has some interesting coffee-flavored pastries...Pinkie and the rest could have tried there. The name doesn't even need to be changed. StarBUCKS is perfect for a pony world. :pinkiehappy:

This is just too adorable and I love how far Dinky went to try and get something for her mother to take along with her during her travels to work.

You never fail to bring a smile to my face, or a tear to my eyes. Your writing is always absolutely fabulous, and I greatly enjoyed this story:twilightsmile:

The repetative elements really helped give that child-like air to the proceedings. Nicely done.

Loved it, instafave

the cutest fanfic ever!!!:rainbowkiss::heart:

This was a really sweet story. Quite cute, Dinkie is best little filly :twilightsmile:

Gorgeous. And the perfect starting point for the adventures of... the Elements of Edibility!

This story would make a perfect episode.

This was very cute and adorable.

Dude, I wanted to cry at the end of this! It's woderful and delightful! It reminds me a lot of all the stories my dad used to read to me when I was little. Thank you, truly, thank you. :twilightsmile:

Wonderful story, captures the holiday spirit and the relationship between Derpy and Dinky greatly.^^
And of course Derpy gets snuggling with her daughter on the couch at the end..... I'm so jealous.

The only gripe I have with this story is that Dinky didn't realize that Gustave's suggestion was exactly the status quo she wanted to change, as well as that Gustave made it in the first place, even though he knew what Dinky wanted to do and why.
Dinky may be a filly, but she's a smart filly, so this seems off.

7817032 I just saw it as Dinky focusing on what's changed since the last iteration and not the big picture, since Gustave fixed what was wrong with Mulia's solution, plus Gustave is so enamored with his trendy concept that he wants to employ it without giving it that much thought.


I see. Brain block because of getting caught up in excitement, I guess that fits to a filly.

I wonder about Derpy eating donuts..... Did you let her eat donuts for breakfast because you wanted to bring Donut Joe into the fic or did you decide for the donut breakfast first and then got the idea to have Donut Joe as a character?

7820823 I honestly don't remember what order things came to me in how to have the story go. I probably picked them just because I'd thought of that title.

Author Interviewer

That was spectacular. Where did this even come from? I'm so jealous.

7834949 Are you referring to the story idea or the reading when you wonder where it came from?

Author Interviewer

The story. Also, maybe check out my userpage...

7836339 Aww, it knocked "In Bloom" off. :pinkiesad2:
As to the story, DarkDarsi just requested a Dinky story in that secret Santa exchange, so it was natural to do a Hearth's Warming story, and I'd gotten it in my head to write a children's style story. I don't remember exactly how I put it together, but it expanded to the number of helpers based on me wanting to fill out the segue rhymes, and for some reason, I'd fixed on a donut before remembering Derpy would prefer muffins, but I already had the title by then, so...

I think I originally was going to have Pinkie end up solving the problem after trying several different things herself, but then I figured it might be better if nothing worked and Dinky learned a different lesson. It was lots of fun to write, and if I ever get a good idea for another story in this style, I'd like to do it again. I loved coming up with the occasional rhymes and rhythms, and I like using all the whimsical hyphenated terms, which were kind of a melding of aggrandized childlike thoughts and something like a kenning, which I've always thought were cool.

A truly terrific and touching tale featuring Best Filly. Magnificent work. Thank you for it.

Hands down the most adorable story I've ever read here. Bravo!!

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