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Derpy is finally going to get rid of that old book on her shelf. The memories can go with it.

Lengthened version of the 12th-place finisher in the /fic/ mini write-off "Famous Last Words."

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Why can't I like this story? Fixed now. The tubes must have been blocked.

Related note; why is my face leaking?

I haven't even read this, but I think it's already awesome...so, upvote!

Just as good as before. :derpytongue2:

6577797 Oh, were you around for that write-off? Time flies. I hadn't remembered.

6577808 I didn't participate, but I did read a lot of the fics.

a truly heartwarming and beautiful story. derpy does deserve all the happiness in life. for she is one of the sweetest ponies ever! bravo and well done to you on your fine story!!!

Heartfelt, and enriching. A good story elicits an emotional connection to the main character, and in that respect this is a great story.

Plus, you made spring cleaning interesting and enjoyable :pinkiegasp:

This is very well written. The sentences stream along ahead in a rush. This story is exactly right for itself.

Nicely done. I feel very happy for her that she's moving on!

Oh this is heartwarming.

We must find the stallion that abandoned Derpy and Dinky and do unspeakable things to him! :flutterrage:

(It was Blueblood!) :pinkiegasp:

I love me the melancholic/bittersweet Derpy tradition. Nice!

I don't remember this one from the writeoff, which isn't surprising if it was a minific round. I barely read a fraction of those.

Derpy I think is a good vessel for finding courage and fulfillment in the unfairness of life. There aren't really many characters you can say have unfair lives or who have been dealt difficult hands. Scootaloo is one, if you consider her a disabled pegasus or an orphan. But Derpy gives you access to an adult's perspective and their unique set of struggles. For instance, being a single mother.

So this is a nicely bittersweet story. I particularly liked the idea of the poetry gift book; I don't know at which point the father abandoned Derpy (likely early on in the pregnancy), but it's obvious she would have been wracked with anxiety and probably guilt. But the gift book gives the sense her friends didn't recognize this, instead treating the event with nothing but optimism and excitement and hope, most of which Derpy probably wasn't feeling. I imagine she felt robbed of the happy pregnancy the poems spoke of, only deepening her sense of failure. That kind of dichotomy is very true to life, in my experience.

6607500 I find her one of the more interesting characters to write, because she's set up to have all these problems in life, and yet she acts cheerful enough that she finds a way to rise above it, anywhere from being oblivious to it all to having a great mental state for getting through it. Or friends to help, of course.

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly how I feel about her. And I personally like to see her as intelligent and having that strong mental state as opposed to being oblivious. I just think it says more that way.

6611546 Yes, it always bugs me when she's bumbling comic relief or happy just because she doesn't know any better. I find her more compelling as someone who's just uncoordinated but tries to make the best of it, and who proves to be a good friend to those willing to give her a chance.

Ah! Compelling is the word I was looking for. Thanks. You know, something I haven't really thought about regarding derpy is any character flaws. I don't consider "accident prone" or lack of coordination to be one, which is the extent of all I've seen people give her. Imperfections perhaps but they have nothing to do with her character or moral decisions. I have to admit, I tend not to give her any flaws, because her struggles and how she acts in the face of them makes her interesting enough, I suppose. She doesn't really have to have them in the same way Luna might, but I do wonder now what some could be.

Thinking about, in the story here you could argue she's too trusting and naive, at least in her past. But I guess that's more 'too much of a good thing is bad' as opposed to outright vices, which in theory would seem to be more inherently interesting. Luna has vices like that. So do the rest of the mane six.

She certainly has been portrayed as a bit of a doofy klutz ("I just don't know what went wrong!"), but overall her ebullient optimism, and loving, nurturing care for her daughter is her most defining characteristic. As Significant Other mentioned, "I have always enjoyed that she has most consistently been attributed as a caring, competent, and loving mother par excellence by fans."

There is a reason she has her own [Equestria's Best Mother] tag on derpiboo.ru


Too bad that got lost in the "Derpy's character is mocking the mentally challenged!" spaghetti kerfuffle...

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.


As Significant Other mentioned, "I have always enjoyed that she has most consistently been attributed as a caring, competent, and loving mother par excellence by fans."

Same here. Though now I think I want to pen a fic where she's a poor mom, simply to see the reaction it gets. :trollestia:

That was utterly fantastic!

Is this really on Equestria Daily? Where can I find the first-place winner?


Is this really on Equestria Daily?

Yes, right here.

Where can I find the first-place winner?

This story is quite a bit changed from the original, which was limited to 750 words. Here are the results from that round.

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