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Once again it is time for the Grand Galloping Gala but this year the Smooze is not Discord's plus one. Instead, he's bringing his new marefriend, Fluttershy. Their friends, however, have no idea they've started dating.

Day Six of #FluttercordWeek2023: Dance

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Your characterization of everypony is spot-on as always! I appreciate your portrayal of character dynamics and friendships underneath the obvious romantic elements. (All the callbacks you made were a plus, too!)

I would really like to gush about everything I liked, especially how well you showed Fluttershy's courage and anxiety despite knowing her friends that will encourage her in the end. I also really enjoyed reading your interpretation of how each friend would react. Everyone does it a little differently, (I feel like AJ is the biggest 50/50 and everyone pretty much writes Pinkie the same way, but I love Pinkie for it), and I always enjoy reading different perspectives on that.

So yeah, I'd really love to express all of that and more, but all I really wanna do after reading the end of the garden scene is stomp around going ,"Oh hohohohoHO" with a doofy grin on my face.

Oh hohohohoHO~!

:twilightoops: Fleur, What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be inside with the others?
:pinkiehappy: Oh look a Bushmaster with a cool scope!
:ajsmug: going hunting?
:rainbowderp: Camo stuff too. . .
:raritycry: Fancy! Your head exploded ?
:moustache: Well that escalated quickly
:trollestia: Nothing to see here move along, Politics as usual... Drinks on the house
:ajbemused: and blood on the floor
:moustache: Rarity? I know the timing looks bad. . .:duck: Come Spike we have better things to do the get involved in a palace coup
:twilightoops: A case of coincidence?
:trollestia: Could be just a little chaos
:derpytongue2: You're such a stinker
:yay: Oh Discord,!

Oh ho, even if they didn't go back to the party, sounds like our favorite couple still had some fun~

This was very nice! I liked how you had even of their friends react to learning about these two. Especially how Twilight and AJ were more confused and miffed at being left out of the loop than anything else. But I'm glad everyone quickly accepted them, and how they had waited to tell them--even if Discord needed to give them a quick glare to encourage them.

Fluttershy dug her hoof into the floor. “So, are you okay with it? With us?”

The marble floor? I've always said Fluttershy was terrifying!

Nah, seriously this was very fun, mega props!

(FWIW, songs usually have chords, not cords)

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