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Discord and Fluttershy share a dance after Twilight's coronation ceremony. Fluttershy feels relaxed, content...and ready to share her feelings.

Day Six of #FluttercordWeek2023: Dance

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Accepting this as canon real quick.. :rainbowkiss:

I personally think this might be your best work for this year’s Fluttercord week! Thanks for being consistently amazing at what you do!

I liked how you wrote this confession. It was simple and sweet, and I could see it happening this way, with his eyes closed by her request and simply saying it softly in his ear. It is such a lovely and romantic picture in my ear. I want someone to draw it.

But the best part of was course Discord's reply. Threatening to give her a horrible, sloppy, messy first kiss if she doesn't give him one? A stroke of genius! I wouldn't have ever thought to write that! I'd be way more generic, like "I may just keel over" or something like that. Yours is so much better!

Also! A tiny little thing that confused me is that I think you used the wrong pronoun at the part when he closed his eyes at his request. It says "her" and for a second I thought that he closed her eyes. And since it's Discord, I honestly could see him doing that to be funny! :rainbowlaugh:

“…Fluttershy,” he said, making her slowly pull back, opening her eyes. His were still closed. “If you don't kiss me right now, I'm going to give you a sloppy, embarrassing, messy one. The absolute worst first kiss.”

I laughed so hard over this! So well done! I really loved how you expressed Fluttershy’s anxiety of confessing. Closing her eyes and focusing on Discord was perfect. I also loved the sudden appearance of the band, haha! Job well done!

Awwww this was so heartwarming! And very much in character, for both of them. Especially since I’ve always thought that Fluttershy has gotten a lot braver and open with Discord as her friend. All around lovely read :heart:

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