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A week after moving into her new castle, Twilight's still sighing. But when she sees Applejack and Granny Smith at the site of the former library tree, she learns that there's still some magic in Equestria she's unfamiliar with. It's an earth pony town, after all, and tall oaks from little acorns grow.

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My addition:

To the ephemeral world of "library tree fics."


Awwwww. That was sweet. :twilightsmile:

Ha, Granny Smith's awesome :twilightsmile:
Lovely little story you've written here.



I mean, the original tree had to get there somehow, didn't it? :scootangel:


4390273 Nah, it was magi—oh, wait. Never mind.

Granny Smith is awesome and this story is awesome.

I really like the idea that Twilight being an alicorn means she gets to contribute her earth pony magic towards growing the new library.

hi hi

This story still leaves me with one unanswered question. Is Applejack or Granny Smith best pony? :applejackconfused:


That darn magic:

It gets into ev'rything!



Granny had to have been there when they put up the first library tree, after all, so if anypony's gonna show Twilight how it's done, it's gotta be her.


I'd say it's:

Half of one, six dozen of the other. No, wait--that doesn't sound quite right to me...


"Meat on them bones" next thing you know Granny Smith will set Twilight up with a stallion or mare.


Species doesn't matter:

Grannies are the same in every corner of time and space.


Lovely little piece of worldbuilding you've got here. I'll bring a watering can by. :raritywink:

Now that was a sweet little schtick. Nicely done!



My brain seems determined to find the "happily ever after" in as many situations as it possibly can. "Evil, immortal monster blows up your tree? Yeah, we can fix that!" :eeyup:


Short, simple, effective. Spike feels a bit more mature than usual, but not enough to be out of character, and the banter between him and Twilight was entertaining. Granny Smith, on the other hoof, feels so perfect, and interesting, I'm tempted to look for other Granny Smith fics to read :twilightsmile:

I think something similar has a chance to happen in canon. Specially because (potential S5 early spoiler) one of the episodes in Season 5 will deal with where Twilight will live, according to a tweet.

And it makes sense when I think about Twilight's personality. She doesn't want to be seen as better than her friends, so I'm not sure she would enjoy living in a castle while her friends live in common houses.



I tend to make Spike act a little older than he ought to...though now that I think about it, I haven't really written all that many scenes with him. Reckon I'll hafta put him on my list. :eeyup:

And yes, I saw that item on EqD about the potential season 5 episode. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they do!


I'm liking Twilight's first active Earth Pony magic after ascension.

Finally, a good and proper tribute to Golden Oaks. Thank you.

And with this I'm reminded once again just why the Apples are my favorite ponies.

Hm, where did I put the watering can nowagain?

you know i'm pretty sure twilight could proably learn some of there magic if she tried, anyway good to see the lybrary coming back.


Well, there's something for me to think about for the next several days.:eeyup:

NEVER enough earth pony magic stories. Granny was a bit grating, but...eh. Old folks get set in their ways, and not much for that. :twilightsheepish: Certainly she knows what she's doing.

I still enjoyed watching her eat her own hooves for a bit though. :derpytongue2:

Great story, but why did you keep saying "hoofs" instead of "hooves"?

Thanks for the awesome story! I think you nailed Granny Smith. Spikes part was well written as well. Thank you again!

most of your real personal stuff still had the fire-proofing magic on it from when I was a hatchling,

Headcanon accepted!:moustache:

4410762 She almost certainly could. Faust once said that it was her headcanon that alicorns combined all three tribes' magic, and it was later confirmed in the book "The Crystal Heart Spell" by G M. Berrow:

She was officially a part of a special breed of pony called an Alicorn. This meant that Twilight was now able to harness the magical powers of the Unicorns, the flight abilities of the Pegasi, and the strength of a good, true heart of an Earth Pony.

So it's as canon as it gets without being explicitly said on-screen. :ajsmug:

I wonder if Twilight knows that she's now part earth pony.

And I've always said that the sapling that grew from the clump of dirt AJ was holding in the Hearth's Warming Eve play wasn't a stage prop, but an actual demonstration of Earth Pony Magic™, in that case, biomancy.

So they have biomancy (the Apples) and petromancy (Maud). I wonder what's the extent of geomancy (Pinkie can dig using her mane)...

I'm pretty sure the castle sprouted in the spot the tree used to be but other than that great fic.

Comment posted by Xanni deleted May 19th, 2014

This is why Granny Smith is so awesome:rainbowkiss:


Earth pony magic:

Is something I've had floating in the back of my head going all the way back to Half the Day is Night, now that I think about it. In that story, it was more that earth ponies had really sharp senses and tended to notice things that other ponies didn't. Lately, though, I've been deciding that's there's a "will power" component to it as well. So if an earth pony sets her sights on doing something, then by Gadfrey she's gonna do it! :pinkiehappy:



My Grandma:

On my dad's side of the family is now departed, alas, but she was the one who taught all us kids to play poker, and she never took it easy on us while we were learning, cleaning us out of our chips with a twinkle in her eye while explaining what "bluffing" means. And on my mom's side of the family, when we would go to Illinois to visit, there were something like eighteen families related to us by blood. So the Apples? Yeah, I know them...:eeyup:


Oddly enough, either one's acceptable in American English, and when given a choice, I tend to opt for whichever's shorter. :twilightsheepish:



It just seemed:

To fit. I mean, with a baby fire-breathing dragon in the house, Twilight of all ponies would certainly take precautions! :twilightsmile:


I haven't had a chance to rewatch the episode yet, so you could be right. It just looked like a different cluster of building off to the side than in the standard shot of the library tree. :twilightblush:


The library sits in front of the train tracks with two buildings close on either side. The new castle sits in a large field with no close neighbors, no train tracks, and no remains of the former library in sight. If DHX intended them to be in the same location they mucked it up pretty badly.

This was a wonderful read. I had it hard not to cry over it. :fluttercry:

I came to the chapter via a direct link, so I read it before I knew who wrote it. When I finished I was all excited to maybe have found a new author to follow, but instead I find it's an author I already know adding to their already great list of works :twilightsmile: - Well done

Haven't read the story, just wanted to say that the picture combined with that title made me think this was going to be a crossover with the squirrel from Ice Age. You know, the scene where the little guy pushes the acorn into the crack in the ground and breaks it.

4415910 Yeah I rewatched the scene and it is in a different place, which is a shame.


Just like earth ponies live ridiculously long lives, their magic is more subtle and long-term. Yes, they can bring great power up at once for "unicorn-style" spells (Maud being able to drill into solid rock with her bare hooves), but most spells are simply your garden-variety (literally!) magics that help grow the crops, help shift the seasons, and help bring ponies together.


4416329 That's a beautiful piece.

What would be awesome is if the replanting and growing of the tree was a measuring stick for season 5, where it starts off with the planting of the acorn in the first episode, and the last is the re-opening of the library.

I don't typically partake in the world-building that the show's developments open up, but this was a sufficiently short and interesting story with...I believe the fandom calls them "feels".

Spike was spot-on, unlike what Silent Strider believes. He's typically more mature than Twilight and has always been more so than some of the mane six. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy to be precise. His role as the voice of reason was one of his most talked-about traits during the earliest seasons.


I saw that:

The other day at EqD, but at the tiny sizes cover images get around here, I'd only be able to use that central bit with Twilight sitting beside the sapling. Besides, I'm just too enamoured of the phrase "tall oaks from little acorns grow"--which I learned from Laurel & Hardy's film "The Music Box" rather than from the actual poem--to abandon the giant acorn image. :twilightsmile:


Thanks! I'm glad folks enjoyed this!


Now I'm picturing sabre-toothed ponies...


Now I'm picturing Maud and Granny Smith sitting on the front porch of Sweet Apple Acres without saying a word or even glancing at the other for an entire day and each remembering it ever afterwards as one of the finest times of her life.


I would support this wholeheartedly.


Thanks! That's always a problem as children become adolescents: they seem to lose a fair amount of their reasonableness.




Every day is Arbor Day! :scootangel:


Aw, that was a really good story. I really like the earth pony magic, and that ending was really sweet.

and headed for home.
But I thought you'd lost your home, Twi?





What had been lost:

Has now apparently been found. :eeyup:


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