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With the new princess and her Friendship Council firmly in charge of Equestria, Filthy Rich decides that it's time for him to step aside and allow Diamond Tiara to take over Barnyard Bargains.

Now what?

My entry in FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest with the theme of Abdication, this story didn't reach the Top Seven.

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Retirement can be such a shifting of gears. When my mother retired, moved off the farm and into the town, and stopped farming, she shifted up. LWML member, Red Cross blood donation coordinator, making her backlog of rugs, all around town doing Meals on Wheels, driving other little old ladies around, etc...

I've got about a decade to go before that. Scares me at times.

An absolutely pitch-perfect little story. Very well done.

Ri2 #3 · Nov 6th, 2019 · · 4 ·

So FIlthy's still married to that...creature? Poor man.

Though it's an open question who would've been more disturbed it he'd wandered in a few minutes ago...

Definitely the couple. Randolph's a professional.

When was the last time I tasted the lawn?

This is one of the reasons why I love this setting. Where else but Equestria can a character ask this question while soul-searching?

Magnificent stuff, from the awkwardness after passing the torch to Randolph's oh-so-innocent suggestion to the bookends of settlers arriving to a land of promise, even before there's a there there. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

Maybe he knows a side of her we don't? Or maybe Diamond's defiance had a bigger impact on Spoiled that the show was able to show us? Just cause we saw one dimension of Spoiled Rich doesn't mean that's all she has, Diamond Tiara was more than just a bully wasn't she?

Ri2 #6 · Nov 7th, 2019 · · 1 ·

I dunno, she still seems kind of awful here, and Filthy seems aware the face she shows him isn't the one she shows everyone else.

What a great send-off for Filthy in his old age.

This is a wonderful story. Very heartfelt, and paints an excellent picture of Ponyville--not to mention the Riches--in transition. You do a lot here to develop these two-dimensional chatacters into real people, and it's a joy to read!

There's so much story potential in the Riches, and so few authors who give them the love they deserve. Great job, AugieDog! :twilightsmile:

I love every single thing about this. This is the most healthy I've ever seen the Riches, and gosh darnit Filthy loves his wife and his daughter so heckin' much I'm so happy for them AUGIE MY HEART CAN'T HOLD ALL THESE FEELINGS.

When was the last time I tasted the lawn?

Best line of the whole thing. It works in a way no other setting could pull off.

This was wonderfully done. The Rich family is not one I often think of as having potential for stories such as these, but I'm glad to find that I was wrong.


Thanks, folks! As soon as I saw FoME's note in the rules for this 2nd contest that CEOs qualified as sovereigns, I know I had to do a story about Mr. Rich's retirement.


I figure mine's closer to 15 years away. But then I also figure they're more likely to carry me out of here in a pine box than anything else...


Filthy and Spoiled's relationship, let's say, is something other than commonplace. Like Gomez and Morticia Addams except, y'know, completely different. :scootangel:



Filthy and Spoiled's relationship, let's say, is something other than commonplace. Like Gomez and Morticia Addams except, y'know, completely different. :scootangel:

But Morticia and Gomez love each other!


In my mind, Filthy loves Spoiled because she finds the most wonderful problems for him to solve, and Spoiled loves Filthy because she knows she can count on him to fix all the problems she finds. Symbiosis! :pinkiehappy:


I have a very soft spot for Diamond Tiara and her family, but even if I didn't, this story would have been a wonderful find. Those emotions are so tangible I've got chills. Even though they're natural, and not really negative: it's not a stage of life to feel sad about, yet it's one that often catches people (and apparently ponies) by surprise.

The relationship between Spoiled and Filthy comes across so well here as well. Both of them more rounded and realised than the show has given us, yet consistent with what we've seen there. Filthy Rich gives a great model for anyone living with a touchy family member they love.

...I'm having trouble putting words into this post. Suffice to say, this fic was very good. Thank you.


You're welcome!

The hardest part of this story was trying to keep Spoiled from sliding into caricature while still keeping her in character. I'm glad that it seems to have worked!


I think this is probably the best Filthy Rich-centric story I have ever read.

Also the only one I’ve read, but still. I really enjoyed this.

That last scene in particular was so very sweet, with how it showcased the various dynamics between the family members. Especially the way it talked about how Filthy and Spoiled get along, this story did wonders to convince me that the two of them actually fit pretty well together.

Nice work, thanks for writing!

I wrote a critique/review of this story. It can be found right over here.



It's always fun taking these less-dealt-with characters and trying to deal with them. :twilightsmile:


Author Interviewer

Dang. :D

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