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336442Dex, attunment build? Thats rough bro.

Thats the thing. Im a dex/attunment build. My best shield is a +3grass crest shield with gold trimmed robes from the demon lair. Im just rounding up warriors and attacking all at once.

334423You are having issues with sif?
He is easy mode. Just get a shield that doesnt eat your endurance, and you will be fine. Just stay as close to sif as you can, and he will have trouble hitting you with anything. Try to stay underhim. As for sens fortress....that place is just evil. Good luck man. Try not to die TOO many times.

Sorry about the wall post. Phones being wierd. But i am far past the Taurus demon. Im having trouble on Sen's frigging fortress and the great grey wolf sif... over grown mutt...:trixieshiftleft:


I took longer this time!

And thanks, I appreciate it. Good night (evening, afternoon, morning).

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