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Nopony ever said the friendship between Fluttershy and Discord would be an easy one. The difference in their life expectancies doesn’t help, but that’s a problem Discord can fix with a snap of the talons—that is, until Fluttershy finds out. Discord isn’t one to give up easily, though. He’ll do anything to keep his one and only friend. Anything.

Inspired by the image by C-Puff.

There is now a video review! And still another video review! And Russian and French translations! And there are dramatic readings from Joehighlord and Dr. Wolf! But wait! There's more: Dr. Wolf has collaborated with Meb90 and a team of other talented artists to produce something amazing.

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Brilliant! Loved every word. Also, may have cried a little. :fluttercry:

Beware of pro-immortality readers raining on your parade though.

Hmmmm... I liked it! A couple little gripes here and there, but all together good. Fluttershy and Rarity were very much in character, and Flutter's reaction to her 'gift' seemed realistic, as was Rarity's answers.

Discord was a little... off though. I understand that he's supposed to be reformed now, but I don't think that would have caused him to become as completely mellowed out like he is here... but that's just my two bits. Everyone is free to their option, and mine is by no means the 'proper' one :twilightsmile:

The only other thing is that, overall, this feels a bit rushed in places. Where it mattered it was slow and well thought out, but in other spots things were kinda pushed forward quickly (like how in that brief argument with Discord, Fluttershy was convinced this was a good thing pretty quickly, only for Rarity to completely change her mind for her shortly thereafter)

Still though, none of that takes away from the overall experience nor the overall message. Great job, and keep up the good work :raritywink:

a very pretty story, but I don't think discord (or the princesses) would ever willingly give up their immortality. sorry for "raining on your parade" lol

:fluttercry: crying man tears :fluttercry:
SARGE: My eyes are leaking. Grif what did you do?
GRIF: Nothing Sarge
SARGE: SHOTGUN:flutterrage:

I like the minor touch-ups to Rarity's speech you've added. The Cafe scene really made me fall for this concept. I can really say that while it was unfortunate, this ending is decent. Fluttershy's passing felt more emotional then before.

Great job. I look forward to more from you, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, extra-forms-of-implied-suggestive-meanings-towards-possible-future-endeavors. :raritywink:


Thank you, sir. Remind me to have you write the book jacket blurb for my first novel. :twilightsmile:

I know that there will be people unhappy with my interpretation. Umbrellas are on order for everypony in my parade.


Well, as long as they're only little gripes. :pinkiesmile: Thank you for sharing both the good and the bad.


Not to worry. I'm wearing my galoshes. :raritywink:


Oh, dear. Would you like a hanky? Or a tourniquet? :fluttercry:


Thanks for the assist. I couldn't have done it without you. :heart:

My feelings :fluttercry: You did a very good job writing this story. Discord giving up his immortality just to be with Fluttershy. I could see that happening. Being immortal doesn't mean much when all the ones you care for have passed and you continue on for eternity. It makes since that Discord would remove his immortality so he could be with Fluttershy in this world and the next. Hang on feelings coming again...:fluttercry: Great story! I will be curious to see what else you write in the future.

We may have cried. (Don't tell anypony)
Thou hast written an emotional and deep story incredibly well. We are very impressed with thy writing style and look forward to any further scrolls.


Thank you both for your kind words. I ain't the fastest writer in the world, but it's comments like yours that spur me on.

Pylons #10 · May 15th, 2013 · · 1 ·

This seems relevant!

This is so sad, also so beautifully written. Its a bit of a tear jerker also.:fluttercry::raritycry::facehoof::applecry::pinkiesad2:

>>>What happens when the land fills with old minds in young bodies? >>>

*cackles* Discord is soooooooooooooooooo right! Ponies have such cripplingly limited imaginations!

An immortal mind is IMMUNE TO THE EFFECT OF DECAY. It remains as plastic as a young person's, endlessly capable of learning and re-learning! And what's more, no dementia, no brain tumors, no worries of stroke or head injury. Fatigue? Mental burnout? Things of the past! The products of mortal minds incapable of sustaining such high levels of activity without accumulating damage! An immortal in the truest sense posseses a completely undamageable mind... and unlimited mind.

Poor little ponies; perhaps one day they will learn how to comprehend that which is eons beyond their current state. Until then, most are fit only to end up in the glue factory of one Krastos. :trollestia:

Very interesting concept here ... Good exploration of canon. Definitely worth a thumb up and a fav.

2581550 I think the question is less about literally what happens to the mind biologically, and more about how the older generation wouldn't and/or couldn't make way for younger generations to forge their own path.

Not gonna lie: I cried a bit.:fluttercry:
You, my good sir, have earned a favorite and a watch.

Excuse me, I got some liquid emotions leaking from my eyes

That was beautiful.
A simple story about ones mortality, you hit every nail that needed to be hit.
I can simple stand in awe for your incredible talent for writing, I hope I some day I can even grace your level of perfection.

We all seek answers during our lives, but sometimes the answer we get is not the answer we wished for.
The real question is. Would you rather fumble in the dark or be blinded by the light.

Keep the awesome work coming and always remember that your awesome!
With love Asabrasa. :heart::raritystarry::heart:

This....this was....so incredibly beautiful on so many levels....I'm quite literally crying right now.

This is a work of genius. A magnum opus.

And the best thing? You managed to use the 'sad' tag properly, no over the top, everybody left in a pit of depression and death in the end. Just a simple sense of peace and love.

And, on the same note, for some reason, I feel this is the perfect song for this story:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be sobbing.

:fluttercry: It's not tears it's liquid pride!!

No need to thank anypony. It is us that should thank you, for writing such... (sheds tear) It appears I'm sweating through my eyelids, just know that you have earned another stalker to your page.

This seems relevant.

"Tightly wrapped are the chains of immortality and heavy is the metal out of which they are forged; to live forever is the greatest gift and also the cruelest of curses; one that not even the Gods themselves would wish upon their enemies..."

Manly tears were shed.

Yup. We're all getting older - the very fact I thought of Fleetwood Mac says it all in my case.

Only niggling thing about this that I find is the implication that Discord had no friends outside of Fluttershy and never sought any. While I like the story, having Discord have friends outside of the one probably would have been better.

*my reaction to this fanfic*


I was just thinking about something like this yesterday! I'm glad someone made a fanfic about it ^.^

I kinda wish it was a little longer since it seemed to glaze over some things, but overall I loved it!

~Have a good one.

Flutters being offered immortality and turning it down I could take or leave.
Discord giving up his immortality is preposterous.
Not because he would never do it, he is chaotic after all, but because it should be entirely impossible. He is a spirit, a god, not a wizard. He is not "immortal" which implies any sense of mortality to begin with. He is eternal, which is a very different thing.
He might be able to mimic a mortal life with his power, but he could never have one. He could pretend to be mortal, age and even pretend to die. Allow his body to be buried and rot and refuse to recorporate. But he would still be there, he would never pass on and he could come back any time he wants. t would be a farce and would be much more poignant for him to choose to live alongside a mortal as an equal if he were still immortal. That would show he valued his friend truly, beyond their mere presence.

dis story is da best :raritycry:

Great. No dislikes, and it better damn well stay that way.

so does that mean that Rarity, AJ, RD and PP all outlived fluttershy and discord?

I don't dislike the story, even though I vehemently disagree with the message, because the ponies are in character - and reformed Discord is too much of an enigma for this to be out of character.


Now, as a reply to myself, who fucking downvoted :pinkiecrazy:

I, um... Er... Meuh... Hng... Feels...

This is really good.


It could be argued that he is merely the personification of chaos and discord rather than the abstract, intangible conceptualization of it. Either way, chaos personified, as the latter or former, is paradoxically inconsistent. He is, to a degree, organized and consistent in manner and severity of influence and powers. Look at his personality, mischievous, arrogant, misleading, confusing. While that resembles chaos it is still too organized to be chaotic. Therefore, the personification is broken down already.

If his being isn't entirely chaotic, who is to say the rules apply to him?

Take the Greek pantheon.

Thanatos, the Greek personification of Death (formally recognized as the God of Death). He isn't Death itself, the sense of loss and ending and destruction of conscious life and thought, but rather the catalyst to it. He perpetuates, governs, and applies death, but he isn't death. Discord could be the same, and Thanatos has often been.... manhandled by heroes, implying a sense of vulnerability and, potentially, death. With the Greek pantheon, mortality is like an on-off switch. Immortals are killed or fade away, Discord (applying the personification etc., etc., rule) should follow suit.

Oh... Oh, my. *collapses on bed weeping*

Finally, a story that blatantly deserves to be in the feature box...

Comment posted by JDPrime22 deleted May 16th, 2013

this fic is amazing. :fluttercry: who the hell downvoted? :flutterrage:

D'aw, touching. Good fic sirrah, bravo.


... THAT... is how you do a one-shot sad-fic... Could have been a little better, but this... is a great sad-fic... :pinkiesad2::fluttercry::raritydespair::fluttershbad:

Fantastically amazing. I've never seen any one-shot fic that can butter someone up like snap. Good on you!

Wow that was sad TwT :applecry: this deserves an upvote and a fave thank you for writing this sad fic.

When i saw the story pic i was like D'awwww! but when i seen that it said sad i was like awww really? well here goes...

i don't regret it great story.

wow what a masterpiece. seriously the ending was so beautiful, and well delivered. this is one of my favorites stories thus far great job man what a lovely story to read. :twilightsmile:

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. :heart:

2581683 But why would immortals need to reproduce? Tsk, just rid yourself of those silly primitive biological compulsions!

Quite useless to that which is eternal! (Alondro is already a Q, BTW.) :trollestia:

Amazing, just simply amazing. You've done a very good job with this story. It totally deserved the featuring that it received. Have another like and fav.

I shed a tear. A well deserved tear.

Short, great, teary eyed, just something else. Bravo, Bravo!

damn, feels, got me leaking liquid pride

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