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I wonder why no one else pointed that little blooper out... thanks for not making me look like an idiot. :ajsmug:

Herp derp, the connection between our names went straight over my head until just now. :facehoof:


Forgot this comment was waiting for a reply . . .

And I don't think I have ever met him or read his stuff, no.

It was more of a joke, given your usernames. I haven't read any of his stories, either, but if I remember correctly, he tags his posts with 'stay warm' or something like that.


Oh, absolutely. You know, I actually followed Celestia Sleeps in from about Chapter 3, but I got into this habit forever ago (and I mean like 8 years ago) of never using bookmarks or favorites. I'm slowly changing it, but for the most part I just remember the names of things I'm following and google them.

I still don't bookmark websites. :unsuresweetie:

And I don't think I have ever met him or read his stuff, no. I looked at his profile page, but sadly his stories don't seem like my cup of tea. I first got in to fanfiction with Ranma 1/2, so my tastes are really action oriented, but I love first contact stories like yours. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for favving Onto the Pony Planet!

Have you met the FimFiction user The PatioHeater?

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