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I was born at a very young age, love pokemon, fnaf, and making my bros laugh, am awesome in every way, and am easily distracte

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I do short animations sometimes


Just so ya know, I am an amateur digital artist, and I love to do OC s! Here are some pieces of info about ME!

Call me Monchy
I'm in middle school
I am efnp, so watch out!:derpytongue2:
I wub roleplay
Pokemon, fnaf, gravity falls, and art are the things my life revolves around
Bros are the key to happiness
I only have 7 people in my entire grade level in my school
I live in Texas
I am the definition of awesome

OC bio

Name: feather quill
Nickname: Monchy

Fave color: RAINBOWZ!!!
Personality: Badass, but nice... kind of. (Looooooooves Pokémon
Story: Grew up in a small vineyard near LubBUCK Texas, Feather loved her life. She was normal, sensitive, and happy. Then, as she turned nine years old,her life took a hard turn. After her parents got a divorce, she became different. She created a facade of harsh, cruel feelings and shunned everypony, even her therapist, who only seemed to make her more depressed. Many years later, she decided to accept her life once again, but was never truly happy. Then, one day, she moved to a smaller house in SanFillyisco, where she met Page Turner ,Fallout Shieldhunter, and Raincloud. Those three ponies became her most treasured friends. A year later, on a trip to Manehattan, she met Scythea, a rather interesting dragon/ pony hybrid from another dimension, Meatball, a highly emotionally scarred pony who also had a great sense of humor, and Midnight, who was very much like feather herself in many ways, and also came to like very much. After getting a bit more than tipsy at a bar, she made a terrible gamble, which put her in so much debt, that she has to adopt an illegal fight club in her rather successful brother, Sharp Quill's old rubber band factory. Midnight was the one who helped her out of that rut. With all of her friends, collecting a few along the way; Root Beer Drinker, Heartie, Dr. Rainbows, Kitty, and many more, she began to break out of her shell. She was still a Badass, though.:rainbowwild:

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Do you use vectors as well?

2104646 -_- ........ No one's allowed to be a smart ass other than me. :raritydespair:

2104645 the sky, the moon, entropy.

2104643 Ah, I see. :rainbowlaugh: So, what's up?

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