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I was born at a very young age, love pokemon, fnaf, and making my bros laugh, am awesome in every way, and am easily distracte

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Derpy is a loving sister, a sweet marefriend, and over all a nice pony. She loves the Doctor, and all of his inventions. One morning, she 'accidentally' activates a spying device, and temptation casts its spell on her...

Join Derpy as she sees the princesses, the mane six, and all of Ponyville when they think they're alone... :pinkiehappy: Mwahaha...

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Dear Diary,
Today was mine and Lulu's 5th and 4th Birthdays. As a present, our mommy gave us magic diaries, and only we can open them. Daddy got us sparkly pink and blue magic horseshoes, he says they'll glow whenever he thinks of us, but they haven't stopped glowing yet, so I don't know if they really work or not...
Mommy is a multicorn, and so is daddy. Mommy has a shiny white coat, like mine, and three unicorn horns, along with great big translucent butterfly wings, a mane of fire, and deep green eyes. People call her Queen Solara, but Luna and I call her mommy.
Daddy has a mars black coat, blue eyes, and a silver mane with grey spots, like the moon. They take turns spinning the earth, mommy during the day, and daddy at night, they also use magic gems to even out the movement and intensity of their celestial body, they're in their chest plates.
Mommy is telling me to get ready for bed, goodnight diary!


Dear Diary...

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