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Garnet Shield

Greetings, my name is Garnet Shield and I have returned from the pit of college to express myself once again through magical, colored, horses.

My Bio

Age: I am 23, about to be 24
Name: Just call me Garnet
Location: I live in the U.S.
Favorite Pony: Trixie is best pony all hail her glory
Second Favorite Pony....uh creature: Is Chrysalis! mwahahahaha and I despise the newer changeling designs so don't expect to talk about those here.

Favorite of the Mane 6: Detective Rarity, Darling

Art credit to racoonsan on derpibooru check him out here

I attend college every week but I will always try to be around when I can. except on Wednesday nights I attend gamer's club so I will not respond then
My favorite passion is gaming. I'm a huge gaming fan. I play pretty much everything, and
I will be making modules for the little things I like so you can get to know me better.

My Current Mobile Game Addiction

Currently my biggest addiction is the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, essentially you the summoner use your special laser gun to shoot at a big stone to summon heroes from across the Fire Emblem franchise to do your bidding and vanquish the forces of evil

Why I play
Fire Emblem Heroes keeps my interest and sets itself apart from other mobile games by allowing you to alter your heroes' skills by sacrificing other heroes for them. it effectively lets you build any character into what you want and turns even trash tier heroes into devastating weapons of destruction. The community is fantastic and it's definitely a game I will keep with me till it dies. I will probably be posting frequent blogs about it just for funsies.