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Garnet Shield

Greetings, my name is Garnet Shield and I have returned from the pit of college to express myself once again through magical, colored, horses.


When you end up in the magical land of Equestria you find life is much better here than back on Earth you have new friends a steady job and a house in Ponyville to call your own. You had given up on relationships until a chance meeting with a misunderstood showmare renews your hope of finding love.

Big thanks to ClaudiaQH for letting me use her fan art check her and this picture out

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Comments ( 158 )

Oh great, a second-person POV abomination.

You have my attention. Let's see where this is heading. :pinkiesmile:


Dude. Seriously, there're a lot of polite ways to express your dislike of that format. They're also much more effective at conveying your point.

Instead of just calling it an abomination and moving on, I'm sure the author would appreciate it if you pointed out the problems and tried to help him fix them.

4649344 "Oh great, a second-person POV abomination."

"Oh great, a girly cartoon about sickeningly-cute ponies."

Not too far apart, hm?

This is good I really want to read what happens next.

So far so good....can't wait to read more!

I like this Trixie, plenty!:)

She is wonderful!:)

Yay, nice Trixie, more please!:)

I just noticed, in the pic she looks like she's drunk or stoned... maybe both.

Hey guys thanks for the support so far in this story

4649344 Well shit. Now I have to read it.

I always love it when ponies point out that Trixie is an entertainer, and as such wasn't in the wrong.

Loving this! :rainbowkiss: I also love the 'defending Trixie' scene, she really didn't do anything wrong, can't wait to see where things go from here :pinkiehappy:

When I saw the episode I thought Trixe was the unicorn version of Rainbow Dash except with less destruction and slightly more boasting. Dose anyone know why Trixe got punished for the Ursa Minor when they know that Snips and Snails are the ones who brought it into the town and they did not get so much as a scolding? That always annoyed me.

Love it! Keep up the good work! Now update already! :flutterrage:

(sorry ):twilightblush:

Good luck on the story.

-The Frost King

Dude i love it keep up the amazing work

4736916 thanks I kinda wrote that part from the heart. That's how I actually felt about her

4788404 i know what you mean. I absolutely love Trixie and AJ, guess it's no wonder that i love reading second person stories where the reader is paired with either of them. It's also no wonder that i love trixjack :twilightsheepish:

4788853 Trixie has become a rather recent love for me my opinion about her was changed now I'm trying to share my views on the pony I love and change a few Other people's opinions about her as well

4789071 well good, Trixie certainly needs/deserves some love :rainbowkiss: can't wait for EG 2 'cause i think we finally get to hear her sing :pinkiehappy:

4789158 I sincerely hope so # best pony and girl

4789688 now that is a hashtag we can all agree on :trixieshiftleft:

Also, if you're interested in reading some Trixie ship stories, i would recommend Quick Wit, he currently has a trixdash series and a trixjack series running, plus we're in talks of doing a series of Trixie based romance one-shots where we ship her with any pony we can think of (we call it Trix-shots :twilightsheepish:)

4789840 the Trix-shots sound awesome but I prefer human+Trixie romance most of all

4789930 yeah i know what ya mean, gotta love human x trixie. If you are looking for stories like that, i would recommend crowley, he has a series of second person stories, all of which fit together actually (though you can read them in any order), and one of those stories is for Trixie. Though if memory recalls the reader is a pony in the story, still worth a read though.

4790013 if you haven't read Show Stopper then you should because that's the fic that changed my views on Trixie and inspired me to write my own human+Trixie and I would definitely recommend checking it out


A lot of people don't see it that way.

4790031 i've had that story in my 'read later' section for a while now, i must get round to reading it at some point :facehoof:

4790281 it's definitely my favorite fic (besides my own) and is #1 on my romance list

4790339 Yeah I could already tell I was gonna love it, maybe I'll start reading it tomorrow (it's 6am here and I'm very tired :twilightsheepish:)

4790418 yeah I live in Mississippi so it's 5:00pm over here

4790439 heh heh, time zones :twilightsheepish: Oh, I meant to ask, when do you think the next chapter of this story will be out? :trixieshiftright:

4790575 heh, just got up and saw you updated, I'm gonna go read now :twilightsheepish:

Damn this guy is a bad ass.Can't wait for more :D

4791897 what can I say after playing several of the Metal Gear Solid games especially 3 my personal favorite the badass level kinda rubs off

In the pic Trixie looks like she's high on something, hehehehehe.^_^

4791983 dude ok you've already made that comment so cut it out she isn't high and doesn't look high

4792000 I did?


That's what I get for not checking the previous comments.

4792115 I'm just telling you one is enough so don't spam. do you like the story so far

4792133 Yeah, as a matter of fact I do like.

This Trixie is a very nice one.

I wouldn't mind dating one like her, she's nice/kind.^_^

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