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I like writing. It's the thing that drives me. My goal is to reach others through my work and have a nice talk. He/Him.



The Accursed Alicorn Amulet. An item of great power, capable of giving any pony wearing it the power reserved only for alicorns. The power of a god among mortals. All of that, only at one price; your sanity.

Not an easy decision, isn't it? Sure, a mind is something precious and all that, but the temptation of having such a power can be too much for certain ponies. It was too much for Trixie, and she fell for it. It's a good thing that Twilight Sparkle managed to save her from a life of insanity.

But, what would happen if Trixie's sanity wasn't the only price to pay? What else could the Amulet take from Trixie?

Co-written with nightwalker

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more definitly :moustache:
A dark and mysterious chapter, you build us a whole tragedy to leave us with a (fucking question in the end)
to me She's either a ghost now and she saw that she had no reflection anymore, should explain how she slipped away so easily from her bed

OK kiddos don't touch the alicorn necklace at all:twilightblush:

I'm interested in reading more of this as well. It's got a strong start. So is Trixie a ghost or some other kind of spirit now since she apparently died from the amulet? Here's hoping that her death won't simply be THE END for her and she'll end up sticking around and making contact with everypony somehow. I know one version of her did with Big Mac in "The Empty Room" and played a major part in the story doing so as well as making sure Twilight lived due to some plot related things happening.

Okay you intrigued me with this story as well as writing style. Please continue it. :twilightsmile:

Could be an interesting story concept, that I have not scene done before.

First person writing from the perspective of an habitual illeist? That's an entertainingly novel idea on its own. :pinkiehappy:

First story I've commented on, but I'd love to see where this goes. Trixie-Lich type thing? Very interesting!

Maybe Trixie has to continue the rest of her 'life' without a body. In any case, I would like to read more.

I would like to read more, and I like the new style too.

Okay, first of all, before getting into the personal replies, I want to announce that I'm already working on chapter two, so feel proud that your comment brought a story to life. :yay:<(yay) Oh, and go here.

On it.

On it.
And although I would like to answer your doubt, I would like to keep the surprise to enhance the experience of reading, so I can't confirm or deny if she's or not a ghost. All i can say is that she's not alive.

On it.

Thank you, that's very kind from you.

Who said that dark fan's fictions can't bring up an Aesop?

It can't be the end if it's in the beginning, right? (unles you're listening that Smashing Pumpkins song).
I've yet to read The Empty Room (and don't have actual time to do so, sadly), but by the TVtropes page, I can tell you that the difference with this is that here, Trixie is the main focus of the story.

On it.

Well, I'll try my hardest to keep it interesting then. If this is truly a completely new idea, it deserves some hard work.

Thanks for that first comment, very appreciated. And to be honest, not even Trixie understand what she is, but she will find out.

Well, we'll have to wait for the next chapter then. Don't worry, I'm working on it.

Glad you liked the new style. It's kinda hard to abandon my old "action-crossover-scifi" one and start from zero again.

If you really must know, she's (not) a ghost/ghoul/Spectre/Deadmare/Phantom Strange/zombie/Black Lantern/demon/Deadite/Walker/Schrodinger's pony/something. Or maybe not even that. Or all of the above.


5952487 Interesting. Every end is a beginning, every beginning an end. Either way this shall be one heck of a ride for a story. And you should totally find time at some point to read it, even if it's 1-2 chapters a day or so. It's quite the read the original and rewrite in the progress. And I figured Trixie would be the main character seeing how it's focused on her.

I'll make an effort, but university and writing will be first.

This is quite the change in style for you. I read the earlier comments, so I know Trixie isn't a Black Lantern, but it will be interesting to learn what she has become. (Perhaps chaos magic is involved?)

Chaos magic, dark magic, evil magic. It can't be good if the Accursed Alicorn Amulet (I love the alliteration). No, is not a black lantern. No ring, no oath and not even she trying to eat sompeny's heart. For the spoilers freedom's sake, let's just say she's not dead, but not alive either.

I like the story. It's a bit tragic, just the way I like.

I was inspired to write a story about how Trixie died and contemplated her life's choices after her death. I began to write one but left it alone in favor of my other stories until I finish the majority of them.

Your story here, as it is, is a good/similar starting point to what I had in mind. Now if you don't mind me saying I loved the idea that someone might follow this step. Here's what I had in mind?want to see in this story if at all possible.

So Trixie dies. Done deal.

Now she roams as a disembodied form of energy that only Luna/Celestia/Cadance can see as she travels around the world to see what her death had brought upon other. When she does this she sees that the mane six actually miss her and didn't want her to die. Snips and Snails mourn her loss and try to raise a fund to have her buried at Ponyville with everyone's help they succeed.

Trixie then travels the world to see how her estranged family is actually affected by her death and the few friends she made are as well. Maud was to be a love interest in her and tried to take her life after she's alone. When Trixie witnesses this she cries out stopping Maud from killing herself and finds that she can actually manifest herself to those closest to her.

That leads her to find her ultimate destiny. She becomes a spirit guide. With the alicorns blessing she is gifted with the Spirits gift and becomes Maud's spirit companion, or something to that line.

That's how good you wrote this. You INSPIRED me to write another thing even though I'm swamped with what I have already. You sir are a good writer, this is a good start for I feel a great and tragic tale of Trixie.

Pease continue it. It would mean the world to me if you did.

Don't let this potential go to waste.

PS thanks for the watch. I'll be keeping my eye on you as well. :scootangel:


Santa madre de Dios.

I... never expected that a fiction of mine would produce that kind of effect. All is left to say here now is that, whoa, I mean, that story not only sounds amazing (it does), but to think that I somehow influenced something like that. Just... wow.

All my support to your story, and be sure to tell me once you got it, for I really want to read it. And thanks, you just made my day.

On it.

5953996 I will! Once i get it done I'll let you know first. :twilightsmile:

5953488 I wholeheartedly support this story concept and would definitely read it.

I'd be very interested to see this continue. Also there are some typos in the description:

and she felt for it. It's a good think that Twilight Sparkle

5954209 well in that case I'll shoot you both a PM when I do get around to it! :twilightsmile:

That ending? You, good Sir, are a freaking tease.

Hope this continues because so far at least it was a bit short but interesting.:twilightsmile:

You think that's a tease? You should check the blog I posted about the next chapter. And yes, there will be a chapter 2.


Think I'll wait for the full version in that case, but thanks for the heads up. :twilightsmile:

Okay, tomorrow then. Thanks for reading.

Is Trixie perhaps a Vampire / Vampony?

Intriguing, I shall wait for second chapter.

That ending?

For although nepenthe has calmed me, I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men. This I have known ever since I stretched out my fingers to the abomination within that great gilded frame; stretched out my fingers and touched a cold and unyielding surface of polished glass.


I really like this story. The writing style is great. The flow of the story keeps a good pace and actually makes sense. And soooo many possibilities on what happened and what could happen now. I few ideas came to mind. :twilightsmile:

Did Trixie die the moment she put on the Amulet? Perhaps. It might have turned her into a sort of self aware zombie. If so, is that where the madness of the amulet comes from? As the mind dies or decays, perhaps she needs to replace the cells with fresh ones to keep sapient? The amulet is the origin of the Zombies eating brains mythos?

Perhaps Trixie is a Lich now, as she was a spell caster before, and the amulet is/was a Phylactery. The now effectively immortal Trixie now has to contend the countless ages, all while losing what's left of her mind. Trixie is now Simon Petrikov?

Trixie is now an automaton of some sort, possibly controlled/controllable by whatever force first created the alicorn amulet in the first place. Trixie's body, while no longer alive, isn't exactly dead either. More like, it's been taxidermied, although still able to move. It doesn't rot, but none of the organs or anything work any more, nor are they needed and Trixie becomes something like Sally, in function if not in look.

:twilightblush: I could go on and on and probably would if not for the mob gathering torches and pitchforks for going so long as it is.
So let's leave it with this: whatever Wave Blaster does with the story is gonna be good. :pinkiehappy:

If not tonight, tomorrow morning.

So, you gave the following options: Jason Voorhees, Ice King or Sally.

I'll be honest with you, I'm a fan of riddles, so here are my option to ad in that pool.
Scorpion: Trixie is no more a pony, but a ghost of one. The remaining magic on the amulet keeps the illusion of a normal pony, but Trixie's own talent let her see through this and what really is under the image; nothing.
Spawn: The amulet is symbiotic and grants it wearer of immortality in exchange of power. But the forced removal made the deal imperfect; Trixie is now a rotting corpse, held together only by the very darkness that condemned her.
Swamp Thing: That's not Trixie. That's a corpse thinking it's Trixie.

On it.

So...what the hell is Trixie??!!
It's now obvious that the Alicorn Amulet turned Trixie into some kind of puppet. Taking over and/or destroying her bodily functions. Now, without the amulet, she is just an animated decaying Pinocchio?
What is she?

5966206 A lich, with the amulet as her phylactery it seems that she needs to keep close to 'live'.


Well doubt that, because a phylactery is actually a piece of paper with the Lich name written on it. Sealed inside a vacuum lead container. As long as the paper with the name exist, the Lich is immortal.

Trixie is actually a rather unique case. I think in her case her own soul is trapped inside the amulet therefore it needs to be attached to her body in order for her to life, or this case life as the living death. If this is the case then there is hope for Trixie to get rid of her undeath curse though I doubt the writer would like to let Trixie walk the path of Alicornhood. :twilightsheepish:

5966411 Phylactery's have gotten a larger number of varied differences in fantasy beyond what you've mentioned, typically as a sort of 'soul jar' that a lich could create through whatever means they can, see trope for details.

Though for some reason when you put it like that I'm reminded of the Hebrew Phylactery.


Some things I noticed:
When someone is "speaking in their head through "thought bubbles" You either use quotes, or italics. Not both:

This abomination," she thought again. “Is it really me?

There were a couple sentences where it felt like it jumped from past to present tense, probably because of a missing word. Also, a few spots where the word flow... seemed odd. But, that last one could just be me: I'm kind of weird when it comes to how one word flows to the next and links one sentence to the one that comes after.

Overall, an interesting concept and I look forward to see how this plays out.

5966846 So, Trixie is basically a zombie with her memories intact. The Alicorn Amulet now acts as her 'soul gem' and it keeps her going. Isn't that dangerous since the Alicorn Amulet corrupts all who use it?

More and more curious. The Alicorn Amulet is a rather interesting item. It's less like your regular soul jar/phylactery and more like... an horcrux.

Also; you might want to take the completed tag off.

5967386 A good way of keeping its corruption to something is to make sure it would never be able to be removed, a good way of doing that is by substituting itself for your life.

Of course that depends on what the Alicorn Amulet fully does here, but it is a good way of keeping itself intact because not many would want to die.

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