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Time Travel - The act of traversing time in a direction other than "Forward". It is widely considered impossible. But that won't stop this pony from unlocking its secrets.

These are the tales of Small Changes, and how they can have large impacts.

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Starswirl the Bearded you foal. Why do I think he will only make darker timelines by his incessant meddling. I wonder what he would think of Starlight Glimmer's attempts?

Very interesting. More pls :)

Not much I can say beyond great job on the start of this story. I have to admit, some of Starswirl's rants were fairly funny (particularly the one about Surprise [who is almost definitely a VERY distant ancestor of Pinkie Pie] and the ones concerning the nobles) and, I also have to admit, some of the other entries were appropriately emotional. All in all, I am definitely going to be looking forward to seeing how Starswirl ends up messing up the time line. That should have a good mixture of action, humor and emotional content in all the right places. At any rate, while I'm certainly curious as to where this story will be going, I am also willing to wait. After all, I get that time and inspiration are not always easy to come by.

This is an interesting concept.

Let's see where it goes.

Took quite a while, but was WELL worth the wait. Starswirl's journal entries were quite well done, particularly depicting his travelling much too far into the past and his first meeting with Twilight (first meeting to HIM, that is, NOT to HER). Plus, at least that meeting when considerably better than his CANON first meeting with her. . Yeah, I CAN see all of this happening in a slightly alternate universe (which this IS).

I will most definitely be looking forward to more of this, but am extremely willing to be patient.

I am sure that the diplomatic mission was more Celestia and Luna get out of here til he is gone so we do not pollute the timeline from this jumping mad stallion.

The missions were real, but you are correct in assuming they left primarily for those missions to not be around when Starswirl arrived. Much like The Doctor's own time travel adventures, it gets confusing as F:yay:K when personal timelines don't necessarily sync up.

I think he is going to be fixing what went wrong. I wonder what he needs to do or what his previous actions wrought?

Well, this was certainly an intriguing chapter. It took a while, but was QUITE well worth the wait. LOVED Starswirl's admission to the level of combat magic he was using as well as the reaction to the fact history was changed to cause the dragons to win a war they once lost.

Anyway, REALLY looking forward to the next installment.

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