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What do you do when given the choice between your existence, and the lives of your friends? What would you give up? Your happiness? Your life?

Your soul?

Twilight Sparkle embraces oblivion for her friends, and awakens the Soul of Hope.

Formerly known as The Harmony League.Hero Souls: Awakening FAQ

1. I enjoy writing fight scenes, so this story will be more violent than most MLP stories you'll find... I think. It won't be grimdark violence, but still.

2. This is an Alternate Universe story. The content within this story may or may not match up to canon.

Chapters (54)
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Comments ( 921 )

Badass Superpowered Twi? Sign me in.

HELL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huh a super man fic huh thats new some how i see her more as a bat man kida chick


... I literately walked away from my computer for half a day. Just twelve hours. Did some work, played Terraria on my PS3...Then I logged back on. My Alerts box freakin' exploded. You guys are awesome.

6903200 I debated long and hard on that very question actually. Twilight certainly would have the brains... but she's not really detective material. She's smart, ungodly so, but put her in a situation that requires accurate leaps of logic and she'll flounder. I present to you exhibit A as proof: Lesson Zero. Leaps of logic was where Batman shined. He could see those tiny small links that brought the mystery together neatly.

6903323 and twilight did that with the mmm fiasco

also it must be mighty confusing for twilight considering she used to be a guy in another life

6903323 also my headcannon is that she was still a little wacky for the discord incident

6903335 I'm not saying Twilight can't make a leap of logic, but she relies on whether or not it's written in a book to determine the validity of knowledge, whereas Batman thoroughly investigates every single aspect of a situation before he acts on the knowledge he has. He was a beast like that.

Besides, Batman has trust issues and has never let anyone fully into his heart. Something tells me that would royally screw with the Elements of Harmony if I made Twilight Batman's reincarnation. He also would never agree to the idea of turning an enemy into a friend. If Batman was in Equestria during Nightmare Moon's return, he wouldn't even hesitate to put Luna down permanently because of the very real global threat Eternal Night represented.

Superman on the other hand would exhaust all other options before he would even contemplate the idea of killing an enemy.

And you better believe Twilight is going to have issues with the memories. It doesn't matter who you are, suddenly having memories of a life as a completely different species is going to screw with you.

you know i always found it strange that twilight was different then any other unicorn since her cutie mark represented magic but now i know why.:rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:


Hey there. Thanks greatly for getting this story started. I have to admit, the idea of Twi being the reincarnation of Superman is pretty good (and, given his soul is merged with a particularly powerful unicorn, I'm guessing Kal has much more resistance to magic than he traditionally does). I'm also guessing that, at least for the time being, only the other Element bearers and the Princesses will know Twi is Supermare (if you choose to go that route). Though, I will freely admit that both are just guesses and I COULD be wrong.

At any rate, excellent work on the action, emotional content, exchanges and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

So well the hero souls be only from DC or will we get some Marvel heroes in the mix. I can see Applejack getting Captain America, Rainbow Dash getting Iron Man, Pinkie being Deadpool, Fluttershy and Rarity I cannot figure out anybody have any suggestions?

Overall this was an enjoyable story and I look forward to the next chapter!

6903370 batman has a no killing rule traditionoly actualy

6904633 Yeah, Batman DOES traditionally follow a "no-killing" rule (but he would still have no qualms with going all out against an incredibly powerful immortal with the fate of the world at stake [okay, even fewer qualms than MOST super-heroes under those circumstances]), but he STILL has too many "trust" issues. And, yeah, I'm a huge Batman fan myself, so me admitting that is saying a lot.

6904524 Good question on if there will be other comic book universes besides DC in this. However, I respectfully think Pinkie would be more likely to be Spider-Man than Deadpool (Spidey is - considerably more inspirational) if there ARE other comic book universes mixed up in this. However, this could very well BE a "just DC" deal at this point. We don't know yet.

So Twilight is Supermare then who are the last six founding members of the Justice League?

This is a really interesting start to something potentially great. Can't wait to see more of this and how Twilight and her friends will handle the other villains now that she has these powers.

I just wanted to put this out there; the rest of the Mane 6 will eventually awaken a Hero Soul... and maybe a couple of other ponies as well, but at the moment I have only the barest idea on who exactly will be reincarnated. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are already decided though.

If anyone has any ideas, you're more than welcome to present them in the comments. Just make sure you scan the comments first to see if you're idea has already been presented. Oh, and the characters to be reincarnated are not limited to comic superheroes. You can throw in anyone ranging from Naruto to Bugs Bunny. The only limitation I have is that the pony and the hero must at least have a similar personality. Not a perfect match, but something to work with.

EDIT: I've changed my mind regarding the personalities. They only need to be similar enough the make sense. I need difference if I'm going to make this interesting.

6904783 That's a good point, and a very good guess. If I had a stronger grasp on Peter Parker's personality, and if I knew more regarding the comic book, I likely would do that. But I have something special in mind for Pinkie. It'll require a bit of work before I can present it though.

6905214 Okie dokie. Thanks for the info. :-D

I can't think of much right now (personally, I'm thinking Mickey Mouse for at one of them, but I'm torn between Applejack and Fluttershy [depending on the incarnation of Mickey] on that one), but I WILL try. And I will definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.


Hmmm. Luna would be a good choice for the spirit of vengeance also know as the Ghost Rider. Since that power can be given and is not tied to any single hero. I would also recommend giving Applebloom the power of Shazam the mightiest mortal. Shazam is basically magic Superman and the power is traditionally held by a child, or she is Billy Bastion reborn. Billy is very optimistic and all he wants is a family, something that the Apple family has in spades. The biggest point is no matter how bad it gets Billy tries to see the good in everyone.

6905457 Luna as the Ghost Rider? Hmm... It is a power bound to the soul... but at the same time I wasn't even considering Celestia and Luna. Truthfully I probably wasn't even going to use them. Celestia and Luna are going to be the Mane 6's guides when it comes to the Hero Souls.

But now I can't get that idea out of my head. The only real problem I see with it, besides what I mentioned already, is the fact that death and reincarnation probably wiped Johnny's soul of the Hellfire curse that allowed him to change into the Ghost Rider in the first place. Any ideas?

Comment posted by badninja deleted Feb 12th, 2016

we need romance whit twi and celestia

Question : Do the Hero's souls will come from DC heroes only, or will they come from other universes as well ?
Edit : Because the fic title, a playword with Justice League, seems to imply DC Heroes, but how the Hero's soul had been described on chapter one, seem to imply that other universe's heroes coulbe there...?

Hey there. Thanks greatly for getting the next chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Once again, splendid job on the exchanges, emotional content and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I love the "similar to canon, but just different enough to be noticeable" approach you seem to be taking to the stories.

I'm guessing Rainbow's "Hero Soul" (whoever it is) will likely come to the surface during the "Sonic Rainboom" (since that WAS one of RD's most heroic moments), but I WILL admit it's just a guess.


I DO have a few possible "Hero Soul" ideas:

Applejack: Either Captain America (as someone else already suggested), ANY Green Lantern (AJ DEFINITELY has the willpower) or the Lone Ranger.

Fluttershy: Either Mickey Mouse (generally a humble sort most of the time, but still usually having a good heart and showing real courage when properly motivated. Plus, it might be cute seeing Fluttershy giving Pinkie a run for her bits in the Toon Physics department) or Scooby Doo (generally timid, but still good hearted and capable of some great stuff when properly motivated)

Rarity: Bugs Bunny (can be more than a little full of himself, but is generally willing to help somebody in trouble and relies A LOT on wits)

Your choice of the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Captain Marvel

Big Mac: Goku (unless you already have another pony in mind for Goku and/or you don't like the idea)

Doctor Whooves: well, Doctor Who (this one is probably the easiest; in this particular instance, the Doctor's most recent regeneration just happens to be a sentient pony)

Zecora: the Martian Manhunter (a stranger in a strange land, but still having a good enough heart to fight for what's right simply because it IS right. Plus, since the Martian Manhunter has most of the same powers as Superman at levels either equal or near-equal to his own, the Martian Manhunter would make an excellent friendly sparring partner between adventures)


In addition, I have a question: If there are "Hero Souls" are there "Villain Souls" too (i.e. reincarnations of the greatest villains from each reincarnated hero's original home universe, who had such fearsome reputations that they even scared other villains and had evil too formidable for even the Infernal Realms to hold permanently)?


And, when you get to the Mane Six's first encounter with Discord, maybe you could reveal that Discord is basically just the alter ego Mxyzptlk uses on Equestria. After all, Dizzy is so similar to Mxy in both power and personality, that they might as well be one and the same. Honestly, the biggest difference is that Discord is JUST smart enough to NOT play by a "vanishes for ninety days if you get him to say his name backwards" rule, and THAT could be explained by Mxyzptlk/Discord simply having tangled with Superman enough times to finally learn to NOT play by that rule.

Of course, if you don't like any of these ideas, I profusely apologize for wasting your time and still look forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Great chapter! Good to see how "Clark" can influence Twilight to see what her friends where actually after and get them rewards that fit with their goals.


The only bad part about any Lantern Corp is that they get chosen by the ring. She could be one of the lanterns but unless she gets a ring she would have no power, which would be sad. Maybe a ring could show up and be like Alan Scott's ring, but that ring had a vulnerability to wood if my memory serves me correctly. Still just about any lantern would be cool.

6906668 Good point on the Lanterns.

Yes, a good thing to do early on would be to establish if we can source "Hero Souls" from DC/Marvel/Classic heroes only, or if the gates are just open to anyone we can justify as heroic. If that is the case, I may have a few ideas...

The Star Warrior: Kirby-shy (or Flutter-kirb, if you prefer)
I just like the image of Fluttershy's jaw unhinging and becoming huge as she swallows an animal or pony whole. She could get either animal qualities (gills, claws, fire-breathing, stone gaze, etc) or if she eats a pony, use their special talent. Then when she takes damage or is done with the ability, she just spits them out perfectly unharmed.

Monkey D. Pinkie
Pretty closely matching personalities: Fun-loving and outgoing, but gets serious to protect friends. Plus hours of rubbery fun!

Alright, perhaps Rarity isn't the best fit for Commander Worf, but it would be quite interesting to see her struggle to overcome her Klingon instincts, and turn her battlefield bloodlust into... I don't know. Something to do with fashion. Aggressive business tactics maybe.

Codename: CMC
I think this one is pretty self explanatory, though we'll need an additional two foals for the remaining two souls from Sector V.

Kwai Chang Apple
Either Big Mac or Applejack could host this soft spoken master of the martial arts. (It's Kwai Chang Caine from Kung Fu if you don't recognize the name).

And a few bonus "heroes" I can't think of fitting ponies for: Danny Phantom, Sailor Moon, Dexter Boy Genius, Sam/Clover/Alex from Totally Spies (good alternative for CMC), Aquaman (B:BatB version), Fred Weasley, and Lyra Silvertongue.

6906668 Yeah. I wanted to try and make it clear in the chapter itself that Twilight knew what to expect from the Gala thanks to Clark's own experience as a journalist, but I couldn't really make it fit anywhere. So I just left it out and prayed no one called OOC... even if that's kind of the point of the story.

6906209 I've explained this in a comment, and then went and completely forgot to put it in the Q&A. My bad.

But yes, this story will involved multiple universes, and ideas you guys can throw out can range anywhere from Looney Toons to Star Trek... though I ask that you not suggest Looney Tunes. I don't like working with toon physics any more than I have to.

I have a few suggestions for possible hero soul match ups, but first, some heroes that I'm NOT going to mention:
The Flash: if Rainbow Dash DOESN'T have some connection with "the fastest man alive", even in regards to her hero's soul just KNOWING the guy, I will eat my computer...
Batman/Iron Man: EVERY team has there own version of this in some form or another (but I'll leave it up to you on which version of him/them you pair up with whom)
Spider-man: does anyone ELSE think that Pinkie Pie is practically him already, even WITHOUT a hero's soul?
okay, now that I've gotten THAT out of the way:
Fluttershy: either Hulk or Ghost Rider: the former because the shows already made some allusions to it; the latter because "The Stare" just SCREAMS, well, this:

Applejack: Captain America or Wolverine: besides the obvious reasons, I can't be the only one who'd pay money to see the pony tossing around a shield or producing bone claws from her hooves...
Rarity: while part of me is tempted to make her Storm after seeing Magical Mystery Cure, by the same token, I'd think she'd be better suited to playing the part of Batman/Iron Man (no pun intended)
CMC: I could see them as being the Marvel/Shazam family, for numerous reasons; here's a link if you don't know what I'm talking about...
everypony else: eh, I'll leave it up to you...

I just want to see a Iron Man... I kind of like the idea of RD being Tony due to her... unique... learning style. That and the fact that her personally fits really well.

6908153 It's been done, for the most part, by Tatsurou already. I respect him too much to try and take an idea for myself he not only pioneered, but made great. I know I couldn't hit his level if I spent a decade trying to refine it.

6907600 oh yeah twilight makes an awesome iron mare forget batman pfft sparkle has the snark to pull of iron man


That is a good point, it would be cool to show how Clark's previous life is influencing him now. Probably one of his closest friends was the Worlds Greatest Dectective and nobody would put it past for Superman to have picked up a few pointers from his friend.

Wait... stories fail moderation, here? :rainbowhuh:

6908718 All sites that host stories have at least the bare bones rules regarding what can and can't be posted. Fimfiction is rather lax about that for the most part, but there are some very clear lines, one of which I failed to recognize. Author's notes must remain in the designated author's note box. That includes little snippets that you throw in in the middle of a chapter to explain something. It took me a minute to realize that was what had me failing moderation, but I fixed it and resubmitted it, this time passing.

Would Natsu Dragneel work for Rainbow Dash?

6909151 If I didn't already have a plan for RD? I... don't know, actually. The personalities are similar, but different enough to give me plenty to work with, and the very idea of a fire wielding, fight-happy Rainbow Dash just tickles me pink. I can see Gilda shitting bricks already... *daydreams*. And, of course, I'd have to completely override my plan for Pinkie to give her Gray Fullbuster's soul, if for nothing else than to watch them go from awesome friends to heated rivals at the drop of a dime.

But like I said, I already have a plan for RD.

...Hell, now I want to do this. Maybe something to toy with as an Omake when writer's block is screwing with me.

Wonder from Wonder over Yonder

A crazy idea: the Machine, from "Person of Interest", for Fluttershy...

6912006 I'm sorry, but I don't know what that is. Thanks for the suggestion, though!:pinkiehappy:

Undertale, huh?


I'm betting on Undyne, Sans or Frisk. Or perhaps Gerson? Maybe Asgore? Nah. He did too many bad things. He's a pretty nice guy, went through some horrible things, but he still did some pretty bad things.

One piece?

I'm putting my money on Luffy or Zoro. I haven't actually gotten that far into the anime, so I don't know everyt character.


Probably Spiderman, Iron Man, an X-men or one of the fantastic four.

Sonic The Hedgehog?

Cream. Definitely Cream. No doubt about it. Although... What about Silver? NO! Vector the Crocodile.

Just kidding! It's probably going to be Sonic. Even Knuckles has a slight chance.

Hey there. Thanks greatly for getting the next chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Excellent job on the exchanges, emotional content and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

And also, thanks for liking my question enough to incorporate it into a later story.

I already have a pretty good idea who the reincarnated Sonic and One Piece heroes are, but I won't spoil them for the other readers, and I'll freely admit I could be wrong anyway on at least one of them.

At any rate, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

As for my suggestion?

Lemme think for a moment.
Link from Legend of Zelda for Applejack. Her new ability? Only being able to yell and to go HYAH!

Nah. Link is to regular. He relies too much on weapons and other objects to save the world. He does it pretty well, but he's not exactly superhylian.

How about the protagonist from Persona 3? Being able to summon supernatural monsters to fight for you seems like a neat superpower. And his character could influence the pony. Because his defining characteristic is that he lacks character. Which causes the pony to become much calmer and more calculated. Could create a creepy pinkie pie.

6912057 I think that would fit Pinkie Pie better, with the Pinkie Sense, you know? Not ideal, but better.

So, before i comment the chapter for himself, i wil try to play "Guess' Who?" !
Okay, So... For Marvel, i can't guess for the moment, but i can already say, with your A/N, it will NOT be Deadpool. Because you don't like physics breaking pinkie, and having Deadpool thrown into the mix would make you sepukku.
Sooo, Undertale... i didn't went far into the game, so i don't know a lot about it, but... I dunno if you'll take the MC or, one characher that encountered, one of the fandoms favourites : Sans ! Actually, it would be a good candidate for Pinkie... or it can be somepony else too, if he's not pinkie, he will like to have somepony as... Humerous as him ! *get beaten up*:pinkiecrazy:
Or i could be totally wrong and you would take a character i haven't encountered yet.
For StH... I too, will not say anything. Nope, nothing to see there ! Gotta go fast ! *flees*
One Piece ? Hum. Strangely, i don't see you taking Luffy... or maybe that just me hoping that you take one of the females members of the straw hat's crew... Okay, and outside of that, i have a crack idea, that will surely not be the decision you took, but... that would be the paroxism of irony : Usopp... as Applejack. :pinkiecrazy:
...Yeah, i know, the door is out there. *get out, then get back*

Okay, the chapter in itself, was interesting... we've already seen that having two sets of memories was not sunshine and rainbows, but there, we see the risks if it come too far... and if that's the inner conflicts for Twilight Kent, i can only immagine for the other, especialy theses who will have more moraly grey heroes soul (seriously, Marvel in itself shoul be called the grey zone... and even the highre morals heroes are treated like shit in this universe).

Actually, i have a suggestion of character... i dunno if it has been proposed already, but i would propose for Fluttershy... Hata No Kokoro, from Toho 13.5 : Hopeless Masquerade. I feel a good synergy between the characters... Fluttershy, who like to sing, but who is shy, reserved, affraid of her own shadow... Hokoro, who like to perform, but who is also quiet and reserved... when her masks are under control. Actually, that would be an interesting inner conflict for fluttershy, that despite her life as an (relatively) emotionally stable pony, and the after-HM Kokoro's ability to have her own emotions without needing every time her masks (she have 66 of them to have a complete spectrum of emotions), the after-effects of the souls awakening would cause fluttershy to seeks masks to keep her emotions under control... or to cause a mini HM incident in Ponyville... And she will not be a pushover coming to her powers... two words : TOHO. CHARACTER. And her special ability is to control emotions... ironically fitting, for an element of kindness, that canonically can inspire terror in a DRAGON.

Edit : sorry if a was a bit overenthusiastic, but when the flutterkokoro went in my head, just couldn't stop... :twilightsheepish:

I love the idea of the story and I enjoy reading it, even though I've only read one chapter. However, I will point out one issue with the story that no one seems to be addressing: punctuation in dialogue. SvenBjorn, you do a good job with it except when someone is talking normally, and by that I mean where a period would be at the end of whatever they're saying. Question marks and exclamation points are used well in the dialogue but I see no periods in the dialogue when someone finishes talking. Let me give you a few examples:

'…I’m still alive, and relatively unharmed'

Good, but no period after "unharmed".

“It’s a long story girls, one even I don’t quite understand”

Again, no period. Finally...

“Stay here and guard Rarity and Pinkie. I’ll take care of this”

No period after "this".

This is just from the first chapter. I skimmed the other two chapters that are up now and noticed the same problem.

I know this is extremely nitpicky, but sentences without proper punctuation turn me off from a story. I want to read the story, I really do, but until you can add the periods in quotes at the end of dialogue, thoughts or spoken, I will not be reading the rest of the story. Note that I am not giving the story a downvote; it's good, that one problem just needs to be fixed.

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