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Hero Souls: Awakening FAQ · 5:01pm Feb 11th, 2016

Most Recent Update: 3/15/2018

Q: Are the rest of the Mane 6 going to awaken a Hero Soul?
A: Yes, as will maybe a few other ponies. I'm not entirely sure yet.

Q: Who will be reincarnated in other Hero Souls?
A: That... is a secret! Play the guessing game in the story comments if you want.

Q: Will there be romance/sex in this story?
A: Romance? Yes, and I even already know of one couple I'm hooking up. Sex? Nope. I'm uncomfortable writing sex scenes with humans, let alone with ponies.

Q: How closely will you adhere to canon?
A: Close enough to be recognizable, but I will definitely be trying to make it as unique as I can without venturing into completely original territory.

Q: Can I make suggestions?
A: YES!!! Please! I have absolutely no qualms admitting that I am not good at this. If you have an idea, mention it in the comments. If I think it can work, I'll PM you and we can work it out. I will happily give a shout out for everypony/dragon/griffon/thing that helped. Also, bear in mind that I can be very emotional at times, so if I take a while to respond, I am merely letting how I feel about a suggestion run its course before I can look at it in an unbiased manner.

Q: What are the rules regarding suggesting heroes?
A: The rules are fairly basic and simple. The biggest one that I seemed to be asked about is whether or not this will be focused on DC and Marvel only. No, it will not. I will be pulling heroes from any show, comic, game, or story. Hell, if I can figure out a way to do it, I may even try and get permission for a hero from another MLP fanfic if it gets asked for enough. Also, keep in mind the heroes that are already in the story. I will only be pulling one hero from each universe. So to those of you looking forward to some Superman and Batman stuff, sorry.

Oh, and don’t suggest heroes for Luna and Celestia. They will not be getting a Hero Soul, as I have other things in mind for them.

I would like to ask… ask, not demand… that you try not to suggest a hero that’s from a cartoon that’s heavily invested in toon physics. I really don’t like working with toon physics. My inner scientist dies a little every time I make a scene for Pinkie Pie as it is. If, however, you can make a good argument for why it would work, I will consider it. I care more for the quality of the story than I do my own comfort here.

Q: Since there are Hero Souls, will there be Villain Souls?
A: I’d like to tip my hat to Comickook for this question, as even I hadn’t considered that until he said something. This is why I asked you guys to happily make suggestions and throw in ideas you have. I’m not very good at coming up with my own ideas, but choreographing pre-existing ideas? That I can do easily.

Anyways, to answer this question… yes. You're welcome to make suggestions, but again, remember the ones that are confirmed and revealed already, as the same rules for Hero Souls applies here.

Q: What are the rules regarding guessing at what heroes are being paired with what ponies?
A: At first, not any, but I was forced to reconsider this when I started getting large lists of guesses. So! There is a limit to how many times you may guess, taking effect when this is posted. Each of you may only guess four times, once per comment. You must specify not only what hero your guessing, but also which pony they will be reincarnated as. If you get it wrong, I will not tell you which part you got wrong, only that you were wrong. If you guess correctly then I will say you are right.

Q: You don't know the series I suggested? Will you use it if I show you where to find info on the series?
A: No. In order for me to consider my knowledge of the series good enough, I have to watch at least two seasons of the series, played two games, read two books, or seen the movie at least twice. As you can guess, that will eat at a lot of my time and prevent updates for a while.

EDIT (3/15/2018): Furthermore, with my new job, I have even less time to research new series'. Sorry.

Q: Will there be a Batman Hero Soul to compliment Twilight's Superman soul?
A: No. I will only be pulling one hero from a universe, no more. No exceptions.

Q: Will you use hero types, if not the heroes themselves? For example, the Green Lantern Corps, or the Sailor Scouts, or even the Power Rangers?
A: As a matter of fact, yes! I already know two ponies who will be attaining powers similar to that of a Hero Soul, but not actually be a Hero Soul.

Q: Will the story be serious, comedic, dramatic, or any mixture?
A: I assume what this question means is how will the story focus itself? If that is the case, I'm aiming for a mix of drama and comedy. With a very small splash of romance.

Q: How serious will the story take itself? Will it adhere to physics and the laws of nature? If so, to what degree?
A: Well, first keep in mind that magic factors in fairly heavily in the MLP series, especially the concept of turning Friendship into a source of magic. (AKA, The Naruto Uzumaki Effect)

With that in mind, I like throwing science into a lot of the stuff I do, but at the same time I'm not really all that smart. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm pretty ignorant of how the world works. The biggest example of this is Chapter 23, where I have Fluttershy blocking a fairly strong hit from an Ursa Major. Going back over the details, and seeing just how utterly huge those things are in the only know picture in canon... I can confidently say I done goofed.

So expect some things to not make sense once in a while. Usually this is because I'm firm believer in Rule of Cool, and just can't help myself.


I will update this as needed, so check back periodically.

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Comments ( 2 )

Nice to have this in a central location. I would recommend that you have this blog linked to in the author notes as FAQs. It should help drop the questions and you can point to this blog for answers.

3748007 Agreed. I'll throw it in the next update.

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