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I used to write on FF, but I stopped and become just a reader. Then I moved to Fimfiction, where I began reviewing stories. Now I've decided to jump back into writing.


Five hundred years ago, Celestia passed on leadership to a council of ponies, trusting them to lead them in her stead. Then she vanished.

Today, the world is vastly different than what it could have been. Magic is a dying art, technology is at an all time high, and Canterlot is full of crime.

Good thing Twilight Sparkle's on the case.

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Finally, someone ponifies this!:twistnerd::yay:

This looks good. I also imagine the this Blueblood was chomping on a cigar throughout his conversation with Twilight. Now I wonder what happened to Cadance in this universe?

This looks like it could have quite a bit of hidden potential and I'm quite interested in the story so far. The things that I was let down by was with the lack of description that doesn't really get the imagination going. As well as that, the low word count means that the chapter feels too fast paced.

Due to a lack of magic in the environment to properly start the apotheosis, Cadence never became an Alicorn and is still a Pegasus. Beyond that, I ain't telling.:ajsmug:


Calling it she is a hooker with a heart of gold. Hay if Gunsmoke could get away with Miss. Kitty's profession I am sure you can pull it as well.

is twi gibs plz tell me twi is gibs


Dunno. Beyond that blurb about Cadence earlier in the comments, I really have no idea what to do with this story.

I don't know, with the background story given she seems to be a fusion of Tony and Gibbs.

Thank you very much for getting the story started. Admittedly, I've only seen bits and pieces of the show, but my roommate is a big fan, so I HEARD a lot more than I saw. Still, I WILL admit the idea has A LOT of potential. And yeah, I could DEFINITELY see Twi being a composite of Tony and Gibbs (Tony's police background [and possibly pop culture knowledge depending on how many books she has read and how many movies she has seen] mixed with Gibbs's more serious demeanor)

and yeah, like somebody else mentioned in the blog describing the general idea for this story, I could easily see a somewhat older Spike (who hatched naturally and was raised in the dragon empire while being, more or less, the same age as the Mane Six) as Zee, Rainbow as a mixture of McGee and Tony (well, it WOULD be a lot easier to visualize Rainbow being a wise-cracking stallionizer than Twi) and Pinkie as Abby.

Beyond that, as I said before, excellent job on the intro chapter and I will definitely be looking forward to more. However, I WILL be willing to be patient.

yeah i made my comment before reading the story

Looks interesting :twilightsmile:

Well i am liking and tracking this story.

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