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Commander Shepard was ready to sacrifice her life to destroy the Reapers, so she was quite shocked when she didn’t die, but awoke in a mysterious forest. Without knowing how she got there, she was stranded on a distant planet. There she met a new species: The Ponies. A kind people, who offered her help to get back to council space. But what exactly happened to the universe in Shepard’s absence? A new danger arose on the horizon ready to extinguish the one, who defeated the Reapers, and everybody she loved.

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’So I installed myself into your Omni-tool

Nigh impossible. EDI run on special quantum computer called a "blue box". It'd simply can't run on anything else. Quote from codex:

An AI cannot be transmitted across a communication channel or computer network. Without its blue box, an AI is no more than data files. Loading these files into a new blue box will create a new personality, as variations in the quantum hardware and runtime results create unpredictable variations

Commander, my translation is at 37%

I'm pretty sure that translators don't work that way in Mass Effect. As codex says:

Newly discovered or obscure races don't have machine translation available until the linguists have had time to study them.

You can't simply "analyse" complety new language that you know nothing about in spans of minutes.


Shepard was wondering, if a year in Equestria was shorter than the earth year, because no organic creature could live that long

Um, Celestia rise the sun for 1111 years. It's cool and all that but krogan Drak in Andromeda is 1400+ years old.

Thanks for pointing all that out. I hope you can still enjoy my story despite my creative liberties.

I always love a good crossover:pinkiehappy:

Can't wait to see what you do with it:heart:

So far so good. :raritywink:

Cant wait to see what you write next. :3 yeah you took a few liberties here and there, and sometimes the codex doesnt help you with much when you wanna flesh something out in ME, but you did the best you could. I think this story has promise. Dont lose hope :heart:

Hey, No Problem :pinkiesmile: I'm always happy to encourage more FemShep/Liara Pairings. :rainbowdetermined2:

That's my OTP:pinkiecrazy::ajsmug:

Uh oh. Not good! I wonder how Barbara will take it if Shepard Ever makes it back and bitch slaps her across the face XD :ajsmug:

Aliens are just as good as Humans. :rainbowdetermined2:

Yau!:pinkiegasp: I cant wait for Shepard to see her Daughter!:pinkiesad2:

You know that they would have also brought Starlight at this point in the TV series, right?

Yeah, you are right. To be honest I simply forgot about her. I wanted to focus on the mane 6. Starlight doesn't have an important role. That might change when the story progresses.

A little too fast, would have loved to see more of the fights between the exiled and the ponies.
They where able to slow down the exiles, despite being outgunned and outmatched. I would have liked to know how the ponies fought to allow for this, and also to have a base for their future development.
Equestria has been introduced to the galaxy in the most brutal manner possible and still managed to survive, even showed that they have the weapons for the future.
Now we'd like to see how Equestria develops and prepares to go out into the galaxy

‘’’What do you mean? Speak more clearly!’’ Pickett demanded. Before Shaza could reply the tower shot at a frigate, destroying it in one blow. ‘’What just happened?’’ Pickett asked.

‘’We lost the frigate ‘Canary’,’’ Shaza reported.

‘’What? How could that happen?’’ Pickett screamed.

‘’We don’t know. The tower is firing again!’’ Shaza jelled. A heavy blow shook the ship. ‘’Our shields are down. Heavy damage at the crew’s quarters. We won’t withstand another hit.’’ Shaza read out loud the readings.

Pickett frowned. ‘’Retreat!’’ He said shortly.

‘’Sir?’’ Shaza asked unsure.

‘’You heard what I said!’’ He jelled at her.

‘’All ships retreat. I repeat all units to retreat.’’ Shaza gave through his order. The ships changed course towards space. ‘’We lost frigates ‘London’ and ‘Snake Head’.’’ Shaza informed the fleet Commander.

to pretty much sum this whole fight this here video(the ships destroyed are this criminal and the BIG FUCK OFF MAGIC CANNON is the cops)

honestly have to call her lack of getting apples out of the tree into doubt given her strength was not only cyberneticaly but geneticaly augmented by cerberus, pretty sure she could do it.

well at least in theroy with magic and pony labour and EDI guiding them, they theoretically have the materials to make a ship now.


IT LIVES!!!:pinkiegasp:

I cant wait for the next chapter!!! ^-^ :pinkiehappy:

This has HOW MANY views? Only 276? Fucking blasphemous.

‘’Not in the slightest,’’ Shepard answered honestly.

:rainbowlaugh: I just died of laughing after reaching that.

It's probably a matter of magic instead of strength. Someone once calculated the force required to shake apples from a tree... Well... Let's just say the amount of force required would snap it in half and send it flying

EveryPony agreed and Shepard decided to go along, so they went back to Ponyville. Shepard was relieved. It seemed this first contact wouldn’t end in a disaster.

"It seemed this first contact wouldn’t end in a disaster"
"wouldn’t end in a disaster"
Shepherd has no idea.😊

Shepard should have told the ponies that they would niot be giving them tech because that would be uplifting them.

Yeah it does change it. They would have been ignored in order to not uplift them. But shepard has made it noteworthy.

Luna is a bitch.
They were attacked by her guards brutally.

ponies are to mary sue.
Twilight would not be able to repair the ship at all.

‘’Just great, I am stuck on an uncharted planet,’’ Shepard sighed. That was just her luck. Couldn’t it have been easy? Just this once?

Kiff: "It's not uncharted. You just lost the chart!" :trollestia:

Chapter nine is the best so far. It's a decent story, though I think you leaned a bit much on pchn00's commander of shepherds for the set up. Still, it has some very promising aspects that I'm interested to see how you develop. I recommend finding an editor.

Interesting premise but marred by dreadful writing, naive story and complete disregard of physical realities.

It is. Look at when the author of this story was last online.

Barbara mason sounds racist and I can't stand racism

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