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In a remote corner of the Solana Galaxy lies a backwater planet called Veldin. Nothing important ever happens there. Nothing exciting, either. Ratchet, a Lombax with no idea of his origins, is beginning to grow bored with his life, and dreams of excitement. He wishes on a falling star for some excitement to find its way into his life.

The falling star answers by crashing into his home in the form of a basket carrying a tiny creature with a horn, a pair of wings, and four hooves. The name on the basket reads "Twilight Sparkle".
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by the amazing G_Haze
Video Consultant/Technician: m2pt5 (he provides the infobot videos and similar.)

Edit: Game Timeline
Ratchet and Clank: Done
Going Commando: Done
Up Your Arsenal: Done
Deadlocked: Done.
Size Matters: Done.
Tools of Destruction: Done.
Quest for Booty: Done.
Crack in Time: Done.
All 4 One: Done.
Into the Nexus: Done.

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My question is this:
Will Clank appear at all in this story? :scootangel:

If you have played the "Ratchet and Clank Future" games, that question has been answered.

If not, the answer is a spoiler.

The explanation for this is gonna be a doozy. Obviously it's interdimensional, but what the heck did this?

There seems to be an extra quotation mark after the second "himself"

"Then the lombax swore to take care of the baby alicorn, and that's how Equestria was made!" :pinkiesmile:

"Pinkie... That makes absolutely no sense!" :facehoof:

"Bwahaha! Exploding milk!" :rainbowlaugh:

"Well, Ah say it speaks well of this Ratchet feller's character that he took baby Twilight in like that." :ajsmug:

"Especially after the colonists had been so mean to him! Leaving him out to starve like that!" :fluttershysad:

"Well, I think it's very sweet." :raritywink:




And now that I've read both chapters, hehehehe. Dis gonna be goooooooooood.

Jeez, I haven't read Phule's Company in a long time.

This is awesome, well done!

Glad to find another fan of those stories.
My favorite characters were Tusk-anini and Flight Leftenant Qual. Along with Beeker.

........ Did I read this right?

..... Is this a Ratchet & Clank Romance Crossover? ......
............. Okay- WHO ARE YOU- AND WHY DO YOU SHARE MY CHILDHOOD??? Like- seriously! First Teen Titans- Then TF2- and now R&C ?! XD
You are writing every mlp crossover that I would have been capable of thinking of when I was 12. Only- with the actually English capability of a professional writer. Keep it up man! XD

PS So- what next? Megas XLR ??? X3

Why does everyone assume this is a romance crossover? Where's the Romance tag?

And I actually have been considering an MLP/Megas XLR crossover. Just not sure how to do it.

Oh. I assumed so because A) Tara Strong also voiced one of Ratchet's past love interests in the games- involved the daughter of an adventurerer who's name eludes me. and B) I was hoping for an actual Clank And Twilight conversation- the two being complete nerds and all..... Also- Please don't say you swapped out Clank for Twilight.... I'm still reading it.

....... I was kidding about MEGAS XLR.... You and I should Pm later tomorrow- when I'm on my laptop. I'd love to help you figure it out.... If you'd like me too of course. It'd be AWESOME if you could make that. Although I like A good story- I'm better at coming up with ideas, then putting them on paper.

A) Talwyn Apogee was voiced by Tara Strong? Huh, that's going to be interesting later on.
B) Here, Ratchet is raising Twilight. Of course there's going to be some nerdy conversations between them.

And I'll look forward to PMing over the Megas XLR one.

...... Did Twilight Test the Dimensional Spell On HERSELF Now? XD I'm Trying not to think about how this looks familiar- but I can't help myself. X3 It WOULD account for the wings since Twilight was born a unicorn and whatnot- if she traveled through Dimensions AGAIN - and turned herself into a magical Alicorn Foal.

A ) I know right? I only just recently learned that myself. However- if you play the game again abd listen to her- you can immediately tell it's her.
B ) GOOD. Clank was always my favorite Character of the Two, since he was always the smart-alec robot, with the good sense of humor. (Plus- who could ever forget secret agent Clank? XD )

As do I - I'm a bit of a RAM processor if you get what I mean. I know a lot of things when it comes to the stuff I like, it's all just a bit random and lost on me though, until I - or someone else- is in need it again. X3

when the Gadetron vendor had arrived,

I believe it's spelled Gadgetron.

It seems we flux point in effect

1. It seems we have a flux point in effect.

... Onwards to chapter 2... Too bad I never played the first Ratchet & Clank:fluttercry: I played the rest though. Save for those not on the PS2:fluttercry:

The milk was flowing up ward
with three possible matches fro creature type

1. Upwards, one word.
2. For.

Now time to just wonder how much this will actually diverge from the main verse... And how far it'll go since well... Ratchet saved the galaxy at least 4 times (though one of them was more like a jail break).

I also have to wonder what would happen if Twilight met Captain Qwark, would he try to make her his honorary sidekick? We shall see... I had a lonely childhood where I played R&C:Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal and Gladiator with all weapons to 99... The Weapon Mods, they are just too numerous!

Twilight is probably going to be disappointed in the future... but so would Ratchet about Quark/Qwark. Never did see anyone stick to one spelling choice for him.

4947121 I believe that it is actually Quark.

I also believe that both Twilight and Ratchet are in for a disappointment if they ever find out the truth behind Captain Quark. He does redeem himself, sort of, eventually, but only after a few more seriously boneheaded schemes.

Then again, as this is a divergent timeline, who's to say what changes take place?


Eh, I don't know. Ratchet seems to be a bit off canon considering his personality here. Although once we get to the action, I'm assuming this little nitpick will fly out the window.

This is pre all the games, after all. He's out for himself in canon, and here for himself and Twilight. That, and he's a legal idiot.

The official description of the bomb glove IN Ratchet and Clank is that it was given away one-free-to-each-customer as a way of promoting the effectiveness of Gadgetron weapons.

In this story, retroactive publicity decision.

4955709 ...All I was trying to say is that you made a whole complicated, canon-breaking reason for nothing.

Still, I like where this is going.

And you NEED to include the line, "The exact center of the universe... Give or take fifty feet."
Best line in the entire Ratchet aeries, followed by, "Can we still be evil?"

Who knows if it actually is off canon. Having a kid, whether through adoption or the normal means, changes a personality. In the games, isn't he pretty much all about the action and only curious about the things that affects him? I know that makes him sound pretty selfish, but in all of the games I've played, he was pretty much looking out for himself and Clank the entire time and saving planets was just a convenient side-effect.

Random engineer/warrior anthro cat-lizard raising a somehow de-aged but fully potent Alicorn Twilight and nobody has an unexpected mustache yet?

The first line has already been included, although not spoken.

The second...well, no spoilers.

My Little Lab Tech...
My Little Lab Tech...
I never new what fun inventing could be! :twilightsmile:

My Little Lab Tech...
My Little Lab Tech...
Gadgetron gave me the Opportunity! :twilightsmile:

Big Explosions! :ajsmug:
Plasma Guns!:rainbowlaugh:
Technical Manuals! :fluttershysad:
Lots of Targets! :raritywink:

My Little Lab Tech...
My Little Lab Tech...
I do not know how to end this so~ong! :facehoof:

...with a giant robot?

4958245 or explosions everywhereeeeeeeeeeee!

You're not actually gonna try to make this make sense, are you? Just full steam to adventure.

And we're back onto an alternate canon... sort of.

So that's how you're doing this. I like it.

Make what make sense?

All this so far has taken place before the first game.

In the first game, Ratchet was 16. Here, he's 15.

(Yes, he became a father at 10.)

4961053 My point is made. I don't imagine his ship, despite looking like it was made with duct-tape, chewing gum and wishful thinking, was something he made overnight.

Nope. It'll take him the rest of the next year to make it...

Or, until the next chapter.

4961166 I'd like it if you included my description of the ship as a wise-crack from Twilight when it gets to that final miing piece.

But...but Twilight's going to be helping build and design it! She wouldn't insult her own work...would she?:fluttershysad:

4961322 I'd imagine Twilight would design it, Ratchet would build it, keeping it covered until it's nearly done and surprise her with it.
Seems right for their personalities.

Ratchet: *unveils ship* Here she is. Not the prettiest ship, but should do the job.
Twilight: ...It looks like it was built with duct-tape, chewing gum and wishful thinking.


A watch, really?:rainbowhuh: ponies don't have watches.:trixieshiftleft:

4964331 We've seen pocket watches, who's to say they don't have wrist watches?


HHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn............................Guess so!:trollestia:

What universe? What do you mean?

4976791 umm...basically what game/movie/story/comic is Ratchet from?

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