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This story is a sequel to Breakfast at Twilight's

Twilight’s newest friend is from the human world, and knows almost nothing about Equestria.

Fortunately, Twilight has given her books.

Unfortunately, Twilight gave her books yesterday.

Additionally, said newest friend is also prone to nightmares, and does not know who the other princesses are yet.

Nothing can go wrong with this.

(Chronology Note: this story takes place between seasons Four and Five.)

(Content Note: sexual themes are discussed and explored. Contains no underage sex.)

This timeline continues in Cupid Mark Crusaders.

Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.

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I started reading this before class and I'm still cackling. When Twilight brings the princesses around for a social visit, there's going to be a very red Sunrise...

:rainbowlaugh: Oh, this is already fantastic. The look on Sunrise's face when she sees Luna in the waking world... Darn it, I shouldn't have already used the laughing Dash emote.

In any case, lovely start. Interesting to see that Sunrise picked up lucid dreaming. Makes sense; her continual quest for magic would've pointed her in that direction. Looking forward to her further self-reinvention.

Oh Luna, you absolute troll. Sunset is going to explode in the fire of her own blush once she realizes she just hit on one of the Princesses of Equestria.

.........Part of me wants her to not read the book for the farce to go on for even longer. Love the story, looking forward to the next one.

Seriously, how the fuck did these people grip anything with hooves?

The frogs of pony hooves are obviously universal grippers... :rainbowlaugh:

Oh don't worry Sunrise, the compliments were well appreciated. Truly.

Like the pause after a lightning stroke, early mornings were a moment of introspective calm before the light suspended in the sky’s canvas was interrupted by an explosion of nerve-jarring noise.

Or, by bureaucracy.

There's a difference?

In any case, lovely to see Luna's reaction to Sunrise's advances. Now if someone can just assure Sunrise that she's not about to be banished to the moon for lese majeste, this should go very well indeed.



*nods* Luna was in a position to appreciate Sunrise’s intentions, and therefore was far from offended. But while Twilight will of course reassure her about what kind of pony Luna is, Sunrise is still going to be a wee bit, um... tense. :raritydespair:

At the same time, many people (Sunrise included) might not take kindly to a first encounter that includes having someone walk around you and appraise your butt. :pinkiegasp: So, while mistaken, I think Sunrise’s freak out is also understandable.

Soon, they shall meet again. We shall see what happens. :scootangel:

“Dreams are real,” Luna said. “And I am dream, as well as nightmare. And shadow. Even as my sister is light and fire. And yet, I am also flesh and blood.”

Given this, I can't help but wonder what Cadence and Twilight might one day become. To say nothing of Flurry Heart...

An excellent resolution to the misunderstanding. I think this is the start of an adorkable relationship. :twilightsmile: Thank you for the story.

“But in dream, thou had—”

Hmm so in the dream Sunrise HAS a cutie mark?

I'd wondered what that was about.

I was surprised with the intensity of Luna's reaction.
It became clear as the two resolved the misunderstanding, but it still seemed rather vehement.
Guess I never thought of Cutie Marks in that manner before.

I like how this story ended, and I'm happy you have more planned for this narrative.

Yes. So apparently, on some subconscious level, this is knowledge that Sunrise has. Yet, she does not see her cutie mark on her dream self, so apparently it is not something she is ready to see about herself yet.


...but it still seemed rather vehement

*nods* It was. Luna thought for a moment that she’d been making out with someone who was way underage.

Her response was not necessarily a rational one, I grant you. But in her shock I think it was understandable, especially considering her own inexperience and her dedication to protecting others (especially foals). And in her defense, she recovered quickly, and was ready to help Sunrise through her pain however she could, :twilightsmile:

*nods* In my canon, there is some evidence that, as one becomes more inherently magical, one kind of becomes what one does. Or, it may be something that happens over the course of aeons, as one evolves according to the truth of one’s cutie mark. There have only been two alicorns until very recently, so there has never been a good sample group to base any studies on (much to the irritation of the Two Sisters: “Great, so what are we, again?”).

And, indeed, what might the other three become one day? This is something that concerns Twi, Shining, and Cadence in both timelines, and I think that concern will be shown in future stories.




You are all forgetting one question. Who is going to tell Celestia that Luna is now dating the "Sister" of her "daughter"? Oh wait, that last scene. LUNA just did. This might get awkward. Heh, can't wait.:pinkiehappy:

You know, I really hadn’t thought about that. Hm.

On the one hand, one might argue that when one becomes so ancient, such social mores become less powerful.

On the other hand, one might argue that this is her dearest sister and an alternate version of Sunset, each of whom comes with a whole carnival of emotional weirdness due to past traumatic events.


This may bear consideration.

Really hope to see the next part soon. 'Sunrise' and Celestia interacting is going to interesting... she mentioned she met her before talking to luna... Makes me wonder how surprised celestia was to see her. Anyway, celly finding out luna is dating her alternate reality ex-student.... sorta daughter?... depends on how you look at it... will be interesting, toss in a paranoid/panic inducing Twilight and should be alota laughs.

Well, it’s probably going to go smoother than if Celestia had never met her at all... :trollestia:

Ok, this was adorable. My face right now: :twilightsmile:

I can't wait for the sequel, this story is amazing.

Bureaucracy is less of an explosion, and more of an insidious, patience-wearing, nerve-wracking susurrus of turning papers, scratching pens/pencils/quills, and clacking typewriter/keyboard keys. With the occasional hard thump of a stamp landing, to add an arrhythmic beat that only further unsettles the listeners.

The moans and screams of the damned, along with the sadistic laughter of their minders is all in your head.

Luna’s freak out was the cutest thing I’ve ever bucking seen.

I’m glad I got around to this. Sunset/Luna has always been massively underrated. I’m surprised this doesn’t have a romance tag.

Thank you; I think they’re underrated, too. :twilightsmile:

My initial thought was that they would just be together for a little bit, separate amicably as often happens, and then stay friends. But they’re doing much better together than I had expected, so who knows? :pinkiesmile:

That certainly sounds promising. 👀

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