• Published 27th Aug 2018
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When All of Your Wishes Are Granted... - Coyote de La Mancha

Twilight’s newest friend is from the human world, is prone to nightmares, and has no idea who the other princesses are yet. Nothing can go wrong with this.

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...Some of Your Illusions Must Be Stripped Away

It was another beautiful morning in Canterlot. No meetings to attend, no documents to review, no audiences to grant, no appearances to make. Not yet, anyway. Like the pause after a lightning stroke, early mornings were a moment of introspective calm before the light suspended in the sky’s canvas was interrupted by an explosion of nerve-jarring noise.

Or, by bureaucracy.


But for now, it was still calm and quiet. Celestia hummed to herself as she set the long table. Pancakes for her, pancakes for Luna. Knives. Forks. Spoons. Glasses. Juice. Fruit bowl. Windows open, chairs at the ready. The breeze that wafted through smelled of early blossoms, and carried bird songs from nearby trees.

Maybe, maybe today?


It had been a wonderful sunrise. For the last few months, Celestia had taken to playing music while she rose the sun, conducting the colors of the early morning to match the works of the great composers. Wolfgang Amadeus Pinkmane, Ludmane Von Beetroot, Friesian Mendelssohn, and of course Danube Ingram and Will Andalusian. It had added a new joy, not just to the act of rising the sun, but the sunrises themselves.

But this morning – or perhaps late last night – somepony had slipped a record of improvisational jazz onto her gramophone. Not to be outdone, of course, Celestia had gamely worked the sun’s ascension around its structureless beauty. Even now, she smiled at the thought.

How utterly and unexpectedly delightful.

But more than that, if it was who she hoped it was – who it almost had to be – then the record’s portents were even better. For in that case it meant that, after so long, that same somepony was starting to play again!

Celestia knew she would have to do something in return. One dares not ignore such an invitation, or there might never be another. But what? Something mild, certainly. Luna had been so withdrawn ever since her return, except for her excursions out for Nightmare Nights…

The Princess of the Sun paused.

Then again, it might have been Twilight, she considered. Hm.

Such a thing was unlikely, to be sure. Twilight almost never played jokes; it simply wasn’t an interest she had. But just the same, best to be certain before planning any return pranks, no matter how gentle.

Meanwhile, the pancakes were extra yummy. Chocolate, with Luna’s favorite berries on their faces. In the hopes that maybe, just maybe, today would be the—

The massive doors opened easily as her sister entered, exhausted as always.

Celestia felt her ears and tail droop, but only for an instant. With the practice of centuries, she became chipper again.

“Good morning, dear sister!”

Luna managed a tired smile. “Good morning.”

Celestia stared.

Luna’s bleary eyes focused on the table for a moment. “Oh, pancakes!”

“Yes,” Celestia said, barely daring to breathe.

“Chocolate and snozzberries.”

Celestia was beside herself with glee. “I… just wanted to remind you how special you are to me.”

Luna’s smile was exhausted, but genuine. “Thank you, dear one. But I need no reminding. I know.”

“And it is my pleasure to show you,” Celestia smiled eagerly, sitting down.

Luna seemed uncertain. “Oh, I, well…”

Celestia’s smile faltered.

Luna glanced at her, and quickly sat down across from her. “I suppose I can manage to share pancakes with you,” she smiled again. Then she sighed, still smiling, as her head drooped slightly.

Celestia raised an eyebrow. “Sister?”

Luna’s head jerked up. “Oh! Yes. Forgive me. Tired.”

“You know, if you really need to sleep…”

“Not… not at all,” Luna said, shaking her head to clear it. “I am certain that a few moments spent with my sister over the breakfast she prepared for me will not be remiss.” She raised a forkful to her lips in the glow of her magic, took a bite. She closed her eyes and sighed with contentment. “Mmm, that is good.”

Celestia beamed. “Oh, I’m so glad you think so—”

Luna’s face hit the pancakes with a resounding splat!


Celestia glanced around them. The room seemed empty. Then she leaned towards her sister again.


Softly, the Princess of the Night began to snore.

Celestia cocked her head, examining her sister carefully. I… think we should start doing this earlier, somehow, she decided. Perhaps you can take an hour’s break from the dreamers once a week or so, and I can interrupt my sleep to meet you.

She sighed. All this time, I thought you were simply ignoring me. When in truth, I just never realized how exhausted you must be by the night’s end. Curious that I never saw that before. Yet again, my self-centeredness made me blind to your needs, my dear one. Foolish, foolish Celestia…

More snores. Soft, petite, ladylike snores.

Celestia chuckled. Gently, lovingly, she lifted her sister’s head, wiped the confection from her face.

Even under such ministrations, Luna scarcely stirred.

Celestia shook her head, a gentle smile playing across her muzzle. “Oh, Celestia, you greatest of all fools,” she whispered. In a flash of light, the sisters were both in Luna’s chambers, the Moon Princess being carefully lowered into bed by the glow of Celestia’s will. Luna rolled over slightly, curling into herself, even as a golden glow covered her with blankets. Then, another flash, and Celestia was back in the breakfast hall.

Sitting down to her own meal, she considered the day’s happenings. The jazz record. And then… still exhausted, yes, but still in a much better mood than I have seen her in such a long time, especially in the morning hours. She smiled, took another bite. She’s healing, Celestia thought happily. At long last, Luna is healing. She isn’t emotionally hobbled from what I did, at least not forever. She blinked away the tears, then gave up and let them fall in sheer relief from a fear she had barely allowed herself to acknowledge. Oh, my dearest! I didn’t scar you. I didn’t destroy your heart. You’re going to be alright!

Sooner than she expected, though, she ran out of tears. I must find a way to thank Twilight! she thought. Whatever happened last night to bring this on, surely she must be at the center of it. She smiled at the thought of her beloved friend and former student. Indeed, who else could it be?

“Are you sure you don’t want my help?” Twilight asked eagerly. “You know, the cataloguing system is probably different than where you come from. I’d be happy to help you find whatever you need!”

“Not yet,” said Sunrise. “I’m reading what you gave me first. I just set up here because it’s a library. Best place to read.”

Twilight gave a delighted grin. “Oh, it so is!” she exclaimed. Then, “Okay. Well, in that case, Spike and I have some business to take care of. And if you’re sure, then while we’re out I’ll let everypony know you’re ready to meet them.”

Sunrise smiled. “I’m sure.”

“Okay! Well, we’d better get going. We’ll be back in a few hours, let me know if you have any questions then.”

Sunrise nodded to the table where she’d set up, with books stacked next to a notepad and pencil. “I’ll make a list.”

Twilight grinned. “Perfect! I’ll see you then.”

They said their good-byes, and Twilight and Spike (seriously, a dragon hatchling, how cool was that?) took their leave. Once the library doors had closed, Sunrise contentedly trotted back over to her table, then paused. Then frowned. Just how the feathering fuck was she supposed to take notes with hooves?

After a moment, she shrugged. Screw it, she thought. We’ll just discuss everything when she gets back. Including me asking for magic lessons. She sat down, staring at her hooves. And hoof lessons. Because, God damn.

Still, she was learning. She could flex her hooves enough to hold a book, turn pages. Taking the hint from her unconscious, she picked up the book on recent history.

“So, what do you think?” Twilight asked as Spike opened the palace main doors.

He gave a magnanimous smile. “Yeah, she can stay.”

No sooner had they begun to cross the threshold than they both heard the unmistakable voice of Sunrise Shimmer from behind them:

“What the actual FUCK?!?”

Without a word, Spike leaped upon Twilight’s back as she teleported back to the library. There was Sunrise, standing on two legs, back against a bookcase. Before her, a copy of Recent Events and Important Figures of Equestria was open and face-down on the floor. Her chair was upended beside her; on her face, a look of sheer dismay.

Cautiously, Twilight took a step forward. “Sunrise?” she asked. “You okay?”

Spike peered at her, equally concerned. “What’s wrong?”

Sunrise stared at them. “I made a pass at Princess Luna last night,” she whimpered. “And not in a good way.”