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When All of Your Wishes Are Granted... - Coyote de La Mancha

Twilight’s newest friend is from the human world, is prone to nightmares, and has no idea who the other princesses are yet. Nothing can go wrong with this.

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…A Few of Your Pedestals May Crumble

Sunrise paused, apprehension seizing her anew as she walked through the great hall towards the throne room. By day, the palace had been inviting. Sunrise had been presented to Princess Celestia as a new citizen of Equestria, had managed to bow without looking too awkward, and then they’d even chatted a little afterwards.

Then Sunrise had stayed and toured the place, with Twilight playing the delighted tour guide in the ultimate living, breathing museum of Equestria. Every now and then, Twilight had also dropped idle comments about how fair and understanding Luna was, what a great pony she could be, and so on. So by the time they’d left, Sunrise had been feeling almost relaxed about seeing Luna again. It would be a chance to apologize and explain herself. And in the abstract, it had seemed pretty plausible that Sunrise could just straighten things out between them, and they could start over.

But now, it was night.

The palace had changed with the setting of the sun, not that the changes were bad. The stained glass, devoid of daylight’s illumination, had deepened from brilliant pastels to gorgeous jewel colors. Most of the interior lighting was through an ambient magical light, giving the stone corridors a comfortable, soft feel. Sconces full of fresh lavender lined the hall, complementing the assortment of banners, heraldry, and works of art to be found throughout its beautifully sculpted corridors. The palace had changed its face, becoming if anything more soothing, more inviting.

There were also fewer ponies about at night, something else Sunrise didn’t mind. There were occasional pony guards walking as sentries, nodding to Twilight and her guest as they passed one another, search lights mounted on their helms for when they patrolled hallways unused during the night. Even the guards stationed along the main hall seemed just a little more chill somehow, even at attention.

To Sunrise, there was exactly nothing about the palace that was sinister or intimidating at night. If anything, it practically begged to be explored all over again. By day, it may have been the world’s most awesome museum… but now, at night, it felt like a home. A massive, intricate home, full of enough memories to last a hundred lifetimes and enough discoveries waiting to be made to last a hundred more.

But in a sense, that was the problem: it wasn’t her home. It was Princess Luna’s home that Sunrise was venturing deeper and deeper into. Sunrise had been dreading this meeting for days now. And with every reluctant step she took, she was becoming more aware of just how much an intruder she truly was.

Until, at last, the entryway to the throne room itself stood before them.

The massive double doors had been open throughout the day. There had been so much traffic, there had been no sense in closing them. But by night, they were kept closed by default. They were only opened for a pony who arrived for one of Her Dark Majesty’s rare audiences. Then, to allow privacy, closed after them.

Sealing the occupants inside.

“Wait, I… Twilight, I don’t think I can do this!” Fidgeting where she was, she glanced at Twilight with every sign of a mare about to make a break for it.

“Sunrise, relax. It’ll be fine.”

“Easy for you to say, you grew up with these people!”

A few of the younger guards lining the walls glanced her way. But only for an instant. Then, their gaze was forward again, ever at attention.

“Ponies,” Sunrise amended. “You grew up with these ponies.”

“Not Luna,” Twilight pointed out. “When we first met, we were kinda enemies, actually.”

“Enemies?” Sunrise squeaked.

“Long story. She got better.” At Sunrise’s dubious look, Twilight put a hoof on her withers, adding, “Look, you’re just nervous. It’ll be fine. And besides, Celestia liked you. And you liked her, right?”

“Well, sure. Celestia’s awesome,” Sunrise said sincerely. “She’s a peach.”

A few guards blinked. Apparently, comparing Her Bright Majesty to peaches was unusual.

“…Sooooo?” Twilight prompted.

“So, I didn’t sexually harass all over Celestia! I did on Luna!” Wincing, she covered her face with her hooves. “Christ, I must have completely humiliated her. I can only imagine how embarrassed she must have been, and she was there to help me… hell, she did help me, even though I was being a total douche canoe…”

Twilight looked upwards, feeling a little uncomfortable. “Um, Luna doesn’t humiliate too easily, actually—”

“It still wasn’t cool!”

“She’s actually a very understanding pony—”

“I mean, I totally sexualized her!”

“And I’m sure if you just take a step back—”


Sunrise’s voice echoed perfectly throughout the great hall.

Twilight stared.

The guards stared.

Then, with difficulty, the guards pulled their eyes and faces forward again. We’re at attention, their demeanors seemed to say, we’re at attention, we’re not listening, not one word, because, holy crap, we are soooo at attention right now…

“That’s… an interesting image,” Twilight managed.

Sunrise rolled her eyes. “The point is,” she said, “I already screwed this up. Why would she even want to see me?”

Twilight shrugged. “She didn’t seem upset at the idea. If anything, she seemed pleased.”

“Right, the princess who’s been ruling since before recorded history has poise. I’m shocked.”

Twilight’s look became thoughtful. “Alright,” she said patiently. “Let’s take this from a different angle. You go through those doors. You talk to her. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Worst case scenario? She’s so angry and hurt that she doesn’t want to ever see me again, but she’s obliged to because I’m a new citizen. So my being here just rubs it in. And I just make everything worse by forcing myself into her space in a closed throne room.”

“Aaaand best case?”

Sunrise’s head dropped. “She incinerates me with a bolt from the blue.”

“Um, yeah… Luna doesn’t do that.”

Sunrise looked up at her, eyes pleading. “Maybe she could make an exception?”

Twilight chuckled, put a wing around her friend, and began gently guiding her towards the throne room doors again. “Come on,” she said. “You’ve put this off long enough. Besides, she’s got royal duties, dreamers to guide… you don’t really want to keep her waiting, do you?”

Sunrise sighed again. “No…”

Mercifully, there was no fanfare in the Court of Night. The door guards simply opened the doors for the two mares. Then the pair entered, the portal closing silently behind them.

Still, it was a long walk to the throne. Longer than it had seemed earlier that day.

Sunrise kept her head down for most of it, trying to put together something, anything to say to this magnificent mare. It wasn’t until she heard Twilight Sparkle say, “Princess Luna, please allow me to formally present Sunrise Shimmer,” that she realized she had reached the dais and was out of time.

She bowed. “Princess Luna.” Meanwhile, her mind raced. Think, you fool, think…!

“Of course,” she heard Luna say. “I am glad to see you again.”

Out of sheer reflex, Sunrise looked up, and immediately fell into those sapphire blue eyes. Her breath caught in her throat. Every carefully constructed phrase she might have composed flew away from her.

Don’t just stare at her! Sunrise thought. Say something, you idiot!

“Me, too,” she managed.


Twilight, meanwhile, was looking from Luna to Sunrise, and back again. Seconds passed, and no one spoke. They just kept… looking at each other. What in Equestria was going on here?

After careful and methodical consideration, Twilight cleared her throat. “Um, Luna, would you excuse me please?”

“Of course,” the monarch said distractedly.

Twilight made her withdrawal as unobtrusively as possible.

“I was hoping to speak to you again,” Luna said as she descended at last. “But you have had no need of me in your dreams of late, and I did not wish to intrude.”

“Yeah, about that,” said Sunrise, looking away at last. “Look, I am really, really sorry. I totally should never have said those things. It’s just that I thought I was still dreaming, so I wasn’t thinking of you as a person, and wow, that is seriously not how I wanted to say that—”

“Sunrise,” said Luna gently. “Please, do not apologize. If anyone should be sorry, it is I.”

Sunrise cocked an eyebrow. “Um, as I recall it was me who was being all creepy and stuff.”

But the alicorn shook her head. “Nay. You spoke from the heart. Without knowing who I was, nor what role in praxis I hold, you praised my beauty in the most sincere and heartfelt manner possible.” She shrugged a little. “I grant you, your phrasing took me aback somewhat…”

“Then, you’re not hurt?” Relief flooded through Sunrise.

“Whyever would I be?”

“Um,” Sunrise paused. Explaining why what she said was dickish was not a place she wanted to be. Still, Luna had asked. Sunrise took a deep breath and said, “Well, where I come from, talking to a female like I was, especially if you’ve just met, it’s… not a good thing. It’s, um, considered a form of assault, actually.”

Luna’s eyebrows rose. “Indeed?”

“Yeah. It’s a recent understanding, but… it’s like you’re demeaning her, treating her like a sexual object with your words. From a guy especially, but a lot of times even from a female.” She ran a hoof along her mane. “In fact, if it’s from a male, even basic compliments can be hurtful unless they’re among friends, just because certain words and phrases have been weaponized by assholes for so long. Either to intimidate, or to imply that a female’s looks are all she’s got.”

Luna was nodding. “I think I understand. Twilight once shared with me a little of what your home world is like, and the position that females held in that society for so long.

“However,” she smiled, “I think it safe to say that Equestria is in no danger of becoming a patriarchy. Moreover, while I do not doubt that such verbal attacks may happen here, they would seem to be quite rare. And I assure you, they have never happened to me.”

Sunrise gave a sheepish smile. “Yeah, I guess they wouldn’t.”

“So, now is my turn, I think. Unless there was more?” When Sunrise shook her head, Luna continued. “Very well. When you first spoke to me so freely, and identified me as a construct of your dream, I had at first thought to correct you. Yet, I did not. That was a deception on my part, and a poor way to begin our friendship. Moreover, I now find that because of this you have labored under the misconception that you had done me harm. I therefore sincerely apologize. For the deception, and especially for your needless concern. I am truly sorry.”

Sunrise tilted her head slightly. “Then, if you don’t mind my asking…?”

“Why did I allow the error to continue?”

Sunrise nodded.

“Put simply, I didn’t want you to stop.” Luna’s smile was sad as she went on, “When has anypony besides my sister seen me, not as a princess, however terrible or just, nor as some great shadowy creature to be feared, but simply as Luna? Only in the most recent of times, and rarely even then. Further, when has any made bold to even have such thoughts as you did, unfettered by my station or power? Much less given voice to them as two ponies might speak to one another, heart to heart, as equals?”

The princess shook her head. “Once. Once only, when I was young enough that by today’s standards I was still a child. When chaos was king, and magic ran loose in the world.”

Sunrise took a tiny step forward. “What was his name?”

Luna shrugged. “I don’t think I ever knew. It didn’t matter, really. I was young, and in any case uninterested.”

“How come?”

“He was male.” Luna smiled again. “My mind and eye have always been drawn to the beauty of a mare, never a stallion.”

Sunrise blinked. Then swallowed.

“Still, though I allowed a deception of circumstance to continue,” Luna went on, “Please, do not think my duplicity worse than it was. I did not lie. I am dream.”

“Wait, I don’t understand,” Sunrise frowned “You’re… real. I mean, you’re standing here with me now.”

“Dreams are real,” Luna said. “And I am dream, as well as nightmare. And shadow. Even as my sister is light and fire. And yet, I am also flesh and blood.”

“I’m… yeah, sorry, I still don’t understand.”

“And I have no answer to give you,” the princess said softly. “In sooth, there may be none. My sister says I was born from mortal womb, as she was. Yet she and I were born different from other ponies, and only became more so as the years went by. Even from each other.” She looked away. “But it remains that I never meant to deceive you. Truly. I just…” She lapsed into silence.

After several moments of uncomfortable quiet, Sunrise spoke.


The alicorn looked at the floor.


Mustering all her courage, Sunrise went up to Luna, put a gentle hoof on her withers.

“Hey. I didn’t lie either,” she said gently. “Any of it. I meant every single word. I just wish I’d said it better, is all.”

When Luna didn’t move, Sunrise took another half-step forward, bringing them closer. “Listen, there’s a play where I come from, about a king and his family during Hearth’s Warming Eve, and, well, there’s a part where he looks at Eleonore of Aquitaine, the most legendary woman of his age, and says something like, ‘The most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and I walked right up and touched her. Where in the world did I find the courage to do that?’”

“And what did she say?” Luna whispered.

“She said, ‘In my eyes.’”

Hesitantly, Luna raised her eyes to meet Sunrise’s.

Sunrise smiled. “Yeah,” she said. “Those eyes, right there.” She sighed, gently touching Luna’s cheek. “God, you are so beautiful.”

Despite herself, Luna smiled as well.

“As art thou.”

Neither of them had intended to move. And for a moment, neither of them did. Technically, Luna was in motion first, but not by much, and they both met one another in a rush of forelegs and wings.

For a time, they simply stood in a tight embrace, holding one another, pressing against one another. Sunrise could feel Luna’s heartbeat, could feel herself sway, lightheaded, as she and Luna held one another for balance as well as…

Almost against her will, Sunrise nibbled gently on Luna’s neck. The alicorn made a small noise, squeezing her tighter.

“Is this okay?” Sunrise asked into her blue mane.

“I… think so…” Luna breathed.

“Should I stop?”


Another nibble. Another little noise. Still holding one another, their hooves began to wander.

“Mmm, wait,” Luna sighed at last, gently pushing on Sunrise.

Sunrise took a breathless step back, landing again on four hooves. “Right, stopping.”

“Nay, I only mean…” There was a gleam in Luna’s eye as she reached for the clasp on Sunrise’s cloak. “Thou hast me at disadvantage, with so much of thine own beauty yet concealed.”

Sunrise stood, eyes closed, heart pounding, as Luna gently undid the clasp. Slowly, slowly, Luna guided the cloak down her back. Sunrise could taste Luna’s breath as the leather fell away from her, Luna’s forelimbs caressing along her sides, her hooves reaching Sunrise’s flanks.

Then, Luna’s startled gasp.

Sunrise snapped her eyes open to see Luna, her own eyes wide with shock, stumbling back.

“What, no, it can’t—”

“Luna, what—”

“But in dream, thou had—”

Realization and dismay struck Sunrise as one. “No, wait, it’s okay—”

The princess’ breathing was fast and terrified. “Nay! I wouldn’t have – I would never—”

Sunrise stepped towards her. “Wait, please—”

“No!” Luna’s rear hooves struck the stairs of the throne’s dais, and her wings instinctively unfurled to their full length for balance as Sunrise’s cry filled the room.

“Don’t leave me!”


Again, neither mare moved. Luna, at the very foot of her dais, wings outstretched, forehoof raised as if to retreat. Sunrise, several paces before her, one hoof reaching out to her.

As Sunrise saw the confusion and uncertainty in Luna’s eyes, so did Luna see the panic and pain in hers.

“I won’t,” said Luna. Slowly, her wings folded in again.

This time, it was Sunrise who broke eye contact. She moved her head aside and down, eyes squeezed shut.

“No,” she said in an uneven voice. “That was unfair. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. If you need to go, go.” She swallowed again. “Or, really, this is your place. I should be the one to leave.”

“I remain. Please, stay with me.”

“You don’t have to do this.”

“I choose to,” said Luna. “If thou allows it.”

Sunrise swallowed. Then, eyes still closed, she nodded.

“Please, Sunrise, how can I help thee?”

Sunrise only shook her head.

Luna sat where she was, ready to wait however long it took to be able to help, even if it was only through noiseless company. Several moments passed. Sunrise took in a long, calming breath, then released it. At last, her voice no longer shaking, she spoke.

“Okay,” Sunrise said at last. “Before we cover anything else, I’m eighteen.”

Luna frowned in confusion, but said nothing.

“I understand the freak-out, though. Seriously. I mean, when I was fourteen… well, there was another girl, about my age. We weren’t together exactly, but we liked each other and it had been a seriously bad time for both of us. We both needed it, or at least we thought we did.

“Anyway, um… humans wear clothes all the time, basically, and they have hair only in certain places. They have manes, sort of, and then when they hit puberty they get hair under their arms and over their genitals. For females, it’s fashionable to shave their underarms. And we both had. It was kind of a big deal for us, like a rite of passage. But, um, she’d also shaved her vagina. And I didn’t know that. Hell, I’d never even heard of it being done.”

“So, when you saw her unclothed…”

“Yeah, I totally lost my shit.” Sunrise pressed her hoof to her forehead. “I mean, yeah, we were both kids, but to me… that was the mark of a child. And the idea of having… well… needless to say, I freaked out, and we didn’t do anything.” She shook her head. “Anyway. If I’d been thinking tonight, I would have said something. Or hung up my cloak. Hell, one of the reasons I got the damn thing was so ponies would stop staring at my ass as I walked by.” She sighed. “Irony is a bitch.”

Luna gave a wry smile. “It is, indeed.”

“But I wasn’t thinking. I just saw you, and… well, anyway.” She shrugged. “Among ponies, I guess you don’t get extra hair or whatever else. You get cutie marks. Except that instead of indicating physical maturity, they show a kind of psychological maturity. When you get your cutie mark it means that, on some deep and fundamental level, you know who you are. More than just what you’re ‘supposed’ to do, more even than your special talent, though it’s that, too. It shows what, for you, gives your life the most meaning. One of Equestria’s ancient philosophers referred to it as ‘that which feeds the pony soul.’ Which I gotta say, is pretty awesome.

“But humans don’t get cutie marks. I never got one. Hell, I might never get one. Most humans go through their whole lives without ever gaining that kind of insight. But it remains, I’m of age. I just don’t have the mark to prove it. And if that’s s deal breaker, then, yeah, that sucks. But we’re still cool. At least,” she added, looking at Luna for the first time since she began speaking, “I hope we are?”

Luna smiled. “Of course we are.”

Sunrise’s shoulders sagged a little in relief.

“Look,” she said, running her hoof along her mohawk, “I hate saying this. I mean, I really hate saying this. But, maybe we took things a little too fast tonight.”

Luna nodded. “I think perhaps we did. Though in most ways it is difficult to regret this evening, I am sorry for the pain that I caused you.”

“Man, that wasn’t your fault. Like I said, I know what it’s like.”

“Just the same.”

They embraced again, though with a great deal less passion. Still, there was a mutual shudder as they parted.

Sunrise gave a mischievous smile. “So. You seeing anypony?”

Luna blinked. “No.”

“Would you like to?”

The princess took in a delighted breath. “Yes.” Her smile was radiant. “Yes, I would.”

“Tia, help me!”

Celestia bolted upright in an instant, horn glowing with power and fury, ready to defend against all comers.

“Who? What? Where? When?” she demanded, eyes still straining to focus. “Where are they? Alert the guards! Is Twilight—”

A frantic Luna was hovering her, wings outstretched, staring down at her with wide eyes.

“I have a date,” she said.

“Oh.” Celestia wavered for a moment between sleep and wakefulness, the glow in her horn subsiding. Her head hit the pillow for a second. Then her eyes snapped open, completely focused as she jackknifed up again.


“I. Have. A date,” Luna repeated. She landed on the bed in front of her sister, her voice a little unsteady. “After I am done guiding the dreamers, I am to visit her. She has welcomed me into her dreams each night, until we determine a better time and place to meet in person.” Then, grabbing Celestia by the shoulders, demanding, “Tia, what do I do? Thou has to help me!”

“What… but…”

“Do I bring gifts? Flowers? No, I can’t bring flowers, she’ll be dreaming…”

“Luna, wait, slow down…”

“Well, technically I could, but is this courtship? Oh, ancestors before us, be this courtship?”

“Luna, listen to me!”

“Am I courting her? Is she courting me? How do I know? Does she? What’s supposed to happen next?”

Laughing and exasperated, Celestia finally grabbed Luna’s shoulders in return, demanding, “How in Equestria’s name would I know?!?”

They stared at one another for a moment, and then collapsed into several minutes of mutual laughter.

“So, a date,” said Celestia at last, her head falling against a pillow. “As in… a marefriend.”

“So t’would seem,” Luna affirmed, collapsing on the cushions beside her. “I confess, I am still contemplating the ramifications these events portend.”

“So, still processing.”

“I believe I said that.”

“Mmm.” Celestia glanced at her sister. “So, is she pretty?”

Luna buried her face in another pillow between them, curling up slightly. “Yes.”

Celestia rolled over, her eyes teasing. “How pretty is she?”

Luna held the pillow tightly, with even more curling. “Her loveliness is unparalleled.”

Tia’s look was amused. “So, more beautiful than me, then? I’m shocked.”

Luna peeked past the pillow to give her a knowing look. “Sisters have their own category.”

“Ah. I had forgotten.” Celestia leaned back contentedly, eyes closed.

Luna stared at her over the pillow, exasperated. “Have you truly no advice for me at all?”

Celestia gave a helpless shrug. “Take your time?”

“Yes,” Luna cleared her throat a little. “We… already covered that.”

“Then, dearest, I fear I do not. Perhaps you could read a book on the subject—?”

Luna made a frustrated sound, bringing her pillow down on her sister’s face with a fwump! “Augh. You sound like Twilight. Or she sounds like you.” She rose. “Regardless, you are both impossible.”

“So it would seem,” came Celestia’s pillow-muffled reply.

“In any case,” Luna said. “My own conundrum notwithstanding, I must yet guide the dreamers this night. Shall I see you in the morning?”

Celestia smiled as she moved the pillow under her own head. “Only if you’re not too tired.”

Luna walked towards the apartment door, pausing only to give a small prance of delight on her way. Celestia watched her with growing happiness until she reached the door. Then:

“So, does this mystery mare have a name?”

“You what?!?”

“I’ve got a date,” Sunrise repeated, enjoying the moment. “Unicorns do that, right?”

“Well, sure, but… with Luna?” Astonishment and delight continued to war across Twilight’s face, with delight slowly but inevitably winning.

“We’re meeting when she gets off work,” Sunrise explained. “I dream lucid, so it’ll be like stopping by my place on her way home. We’ll figure out other stuff we can do together as we go.”

With the initial shock wearing off, Twilight seemed even happier about the arrangement than Sunrise. “Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!” she exclaimed, happily prancing around her friend.

“Yeah,” beamed Sunrise. “Kinda my thought.”

“This is so, so, so awesome! I am so happy for you! Both of you!”

“Well, let’s not get carried away, it’s not like we’re sending out invitations yet…”

Twilight’s eyes widened. “Invitations?” she squeed.

“And she’s off,” Sunrise chuckled.

After several more moments of Twilight doing aerial loop-the-loops and bounding around the castle’s great hall like a foal, Sunrise broke into her thoughts again.

“So, um, I do have a favor to ask…”

With a single wing-assisted leap, Twilight was before her. “What? What is it? What can I do?”

“Well,” Sunrise demurred with a smile, “Gosh, I dunno, I don’t want to impose…”

Frantically, Twilight grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Tell me!”

“Well, I’m kinda new to this whole… ‘romance’ thing,” Sunrise admitted, drawing out the moment. “Sooooo, I don’t suppose you’d know anypony who, you know, might have a few books on the subject—”

Twilight took in a long, overjoyed breath.

“Yes!” She exclaimed. “Yes, I do! Well,” she amended as they continued walking, “I mean, I haven’t read any of them myself, which implies a whole category of research into relationships I’ve been neglecting up until now, come to think of it, but I’m certain I saw a few here and there, and I know some are pretty old, but some are more recent, and the older ones can help give a historical context to the current cultural norms and expectations—

“Oh,” she brightened even more, “and, you know what we can do? We can write a paper compiling our findings, composing a ‘works cited’ sheet of everything the library has on the subject – cross-referenced by date and subjects covered of course – and then I can order some more books as we determine what holes there might be in the data my library currently has available…”

Sunrise grinned. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

When they reached the great doors, Sunrise whinnied and pranced a little herself. When she saw Twilight watching her with a knowing smile, she blushed a little. Then, laughing, they crossed the threshold together into the outer castle.

Sunrise did not see the twin lines of guards behind them, exchanging glances of surprise and speculation. She only heard the massive portal close as she and Twilight left the great hall. Shortly thereafter, she was in the streets of Canterlot.

Sunrise stood for a moment, her friend by her side, looking out into a night filled with promise.

Then they exchanged another smile, and began their journey back to Ponyville.

Author's Note:

This timeline continues in Cupid Mark Crusaders.

And, of course, the seminal story that starts it all begins here.

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“Dreams are real,” Luna said. “And I am dream, as well as nightmare. And shadow. Even as my sister is light and fire. And yet, I am also flesh and blood.”

Given this, I can't help but wonder what Cadence and Twilight might one day become. To say nothing of Flurry Heart...

An excellent resolution to the misunderstanding. I think this is the start of an adorkable relationship. :twilightsmile: Thank you for the story.

“But in dream, thou had—”

Hmm so in the dream Sunrise HAS a cutie mark?

I'd wondered what that was about.

I was surprised with the intensity of Luna's reaction.
It became clear as the two resolved the misunderstanding, but it still seemed rather vehement.
Guess I never thought of Cutie Marks in that manner before.

I like how this story ended, and I'm happy you have more planned for this narrative.

Yes. So apparently, on some subconscious level, this is knowledge that Sunrise has. Yet, she does not see her cutie mark on her dream self, so apparently it is not something she is ready to see about herself yet.


...but it still seemed rather vehement

*nods* It was. Luna thought for a moment that she’d been making out with someone who was way underage.

Her response was not necessarily a rational one, I grant you. But in her shock I think it was understandable, especially considering her own inexperience and her dedication to protecting others (especially foals). And in her defense, she recovered quickly, and was ready to help Sunrise through her pain however she could, :twilightsmile:

*nods* In my canon, there is some evidence that, as one becomes more inherently magical, one kind of becomes what one does. Or, it may be something that happens over the course of aeons, as one evolves according to the truth of one’s cutie mark. There have only been two alicorns until very recently, so there has never been a good sample group to base any studies on (much to the irritation of the Two Sisters: “Great, so what are we, again?”).

And, indeed, what might the other three become one day? This is something that concerns Twi, Shining, and Cadence in both timelines, and I think that concern will be shown in future stories.




You are all forgetting one question. Who is going to tell Celestia that Luna is now dating the "Sister" of her "daughter"? Oh wait, that last scene. LUNA just did. This might get awkward. Heh, can't wait.:pinkiehappy:

You know, I really hadn’t thought about that. Hm.

On the one hand, one might argue that when one becomes so ancient, such social mores become less powerful.

On the other hand, one might argue that this is her dearest sister and an alternate version of Sunset, each of whom comes with a whole carnival of emotional weirdness due to past traumatic events.


This may bear consideration.

Really hope to see the next part soon. 'Sunrise' and Celestia interacting is going to interesting... she mentioned she met her before talking to luna... Makes me wonder how surprised celestia was to see her. Anyway, celly finding out luna is dating her alternate reality ex-student.... sorta daughter?... depends on how you look at it... will be interesting, toss in a paranoid/panic inducing Twilight and should be alota laughs.

Well, it’s probably going to go smoother than if Celestia had never met her at all... :trollestia:

Ok, this was adorable. My face right now: :twilightsmile:

I can't wait for the sequel, this story is amazing.

HELP, MY FACE IS STUCK :pinkiehappy:

Luna’s freak out was the cutest thing I’ve ever bucking seen.

I’m glad I got around to this. Sunset/Luna has always been massively underrated. I’m surprised this doesn’t have a romance tag.

Thank you; I think they’re underrated, too. :twilightsmile:

My initial thought was that they would just be together for a little bit, separate amicably as often happens, and then stay friends. But they’re doing much better together than I had expected, so who knows? :pinkiesmile:

That certainly sounds promising. 👀

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