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In their youth, Mr. and Mrs. Cake traveled from one end of Equus to the other, and they saw a lot of strange things. Now they’ve settled down in Ponyville, and the strangeness comes to them.

So, welcome to a place where other dimensions not only touch, but know each other’s safety words. Where pastry magic is as powerful as the magic of friendship, the stars are merely raindrops looking for a place to fall, and “canon” is just what you do in the daylight.

Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s Crosstime Bakery.

Here. Have a pastry.


Inspired by Spider Robinson’s Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon and an offhand comment by FanOfMostEverything.

This anthology is not part of my other continuities. That being said, it touches on a variety of verses, and guest spots are possible. As is usual with my stories, all episodes (aside from most of Season 8) are part of this canon unless directly contradicted.

Finally, I have no plans for this collection of little tales to be finished, so there’s no sense in waiting for it to be “complete” before reading.

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Comment posted by Ilikechess deleted Nov 29th, 2020

Very serious spoilers
no really, wait for the probable reveal in-story
Granny Pie went from pink to blue with age. This is probably hereditary. Cheese Sandwich has a brown mane. The makeup is for the cutie marks.
The implication is Carrot and Cup Cake are future Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie.

Though it doesn't help Pinkie's own memories are starting to distort because of her own experiences

“Quick!” Carrot Cake yelled desperately. “Somepony play some polka!”

It's amazing what makes sense given the right context.

Poor Carrot got his head caught in an automatic rice picker, years ago.

It also does a number on ears.

Oh. Oh wow. So not only is this several fascinating bits of time travel intersecting at a given point in the timeline, it also appears to begin with Friendship is Witchcraft Pinkie. Truly fascinating premise. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with it.

(Also, which offhand comment sparked the inspiration for this one?)

If it helps any, that was her having trouble keeping track of details involving her timeline, as opposed to the details of timelines of which she is also aware.

Once she finally got some rest, she was right as, well, PInkie. :pinkiesmile:

Third chapter of Reunions and Laments. You made the comment,

:rainbowlaugh: At first, I thought this wasn't Mrs. Cake's first brush with the wider multiverse...

And I responded with,

Heh. Coming soon: Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s Crosstime Bakery. :raritywink:

Which, I then started thinking about... and, behold! Here we are! :rainbowlaugh:

And the stranger’s horn was only a crimson color at its base. At its middle length it was orange, fading further to an amber color at its tip.

... You didn't.
:rainbowlaugh: You did!


(sigh) "Is it more hate?"

Fascinating connection between the two... well, multiverses, really. Now I'm wondering if human Sombra is alive, and what he's like.

When she’d chased Sunset into Gaea, years ago, she’d started out studying creation myths and ancient history, working her way forward to present day. Which, at the time, had seemed completely logical. But she also had to admit that approach had also left her with huge gaps in cultural norms, vernacular, and even table manners for most of her first visit.

I'd love to see this in far greater detail. We got a little of Twilight's adjustment period in the movie itself, but this has so much more potential. (And imagine Sunset's adjustment period!)

Definitely one of the better crossovers of its ilk that I've seen. I do have to wonder if you'll follow up on this given the anthological nature of the story. Whether or not you do, lovely work here. Especially Karkat's complete lack of volume control.

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