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This story is a sequel to Reunions and Laments

Black Rainbow is a unicorn shock rocker with a tempestuous reputation. So, when the CMC wanted to attend one of his concerts, Sunrise volunteered to chaperone. Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight all thought this was an excellent idea.

They had all forgotten that, even for someone from another world, Sunrise has an unusual perspective on things.

When the concert ends, the discussions begin. Suddenly, the jury is out on just how excellent that idea was. Sunrise’s explanations may or may not be helping her case.

(Content note: narcotics, or “bad alchemy,” are discussed by the main characters but not used by any characters directly depicted.)

Artwork by Sixes_and_Sevens. Please check out their excellent artwork and stories.

This continuity continues in Back to School.

Chronology Note: This story takes place at the beginning of Season Six. In this timeline, Starlight is not Twilight’s apprentice.

Part of the Sunset Rising Continuity.

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Is this story anthro? The constant references to 'feet', 'elbows' and just the general tone in the first few paragraphs is kinda what makes me wonder. . . .

No, but I can see the confusion.

The ‘feet’ mention was a typo (now corrected to ‘hooves,’ thank you for catching that!), and the use of ‘elbows’ simply refers to the arm-like structure of ponies’ forelimbs. :twilightsmile:

Great think piece, this.

Oh goodness, I let a Coyote story sit for almost two weeks. How silly of me.

As the little earth pony fell on her butt, Scootaloo grinned at her. “Lightweight.”

Hmm. Now I'm wondering if pegasi are better equipped to handle whiplash given that they have to endure higher G-forces.

“Besides which, who do you think makes most of the substances in question, especially among the school-aged? Unicorns.

This point actually cuts the other way in the specific case of the Crusaders. Remember, Apple Bloom's accidentally dosed herself with a bad batch in canon.

And this is certainly one way to prepare against the worst. It does provide relative safety and oversight even in the worst case, but I think seeing the chemical husk on stage will do quite a bit for keeping the Crusaders clean. And it's not like Cheerilee has photos of organs ravaged by recreational drugs on file. All told, an excellent addition to this timeline. Thank you for it.


This point actually cuts the other way in the specific case of the Crusaders. Remember, Apple Bloom's accidentally dosed herself with a bad batch in canon.

Very true. I’d thought about having Rarity point out the degree to which Apple Bloom was the most likely of the three to become a cook if anyone did... but I decided that Rarity would likely err on the side of diplomacy on this one. And it’s not as though Applejack didn’t connect those dots herself. :raritywink:

So very glad you liked it!

Watching my uncle's rolling disaster of a life was more affecting than all the years of DARE. This is a man who shot himself in the foot, went through three years of surgery, got wasted at a party, attempted to demonstrate the 'awesome story of how he shot himself in the foot', and did it again. Same foot, same gun, same room, same chair.

Equines do have feet. Hooves just wrap around them, being nothing more than giant evolved finger- and toenails. So using “feet” is perfectly okay.

Fetch #9 · June 16th · · ·

“Can you picture that?”

I see that line, and I know exactly who that opening act is.

You are so right! :twilightsmile:

One of the great influences on me growing up, in fact.

My mom made me the same offer when I was a teen. I never had to take her up on it, but just knowing it was there helped to break some of the "breaking the rules" attraction that drugs can have.

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