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Who is the Dark Knight, The Shadow Sleuth, the Caped Crusader of Canterlot?

How does he patrol the night, protecting those who cannot protect themselves?

How can he dare pit himself against such threats as Conundrum, Feline Fatale, and Madame Frost?

How is it that he and playboy layabout Prince Blueblood have never been seen at the same time?

And what of Sparrow? Where does she come from? Where does she go? Whose daughter is she? Will we ever know?

Read on to find out, in Detective Pony Comics Present!

(Part of the DPCP Continuity)

Chapters (4)
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Can it be a Adam west style batman, a finally a batman taking after my second favorite version of the character after the batman the animated series/justice league series batman.

I'll be honest; I don't generally like Batman. Too grim and brooding, and too up himself to boot. There have been two exceptions to my distaste; the cheesy TV series and the Leto variation. This story marks the third exception. It was funny and well paced, and the characters are charming send-ups of the originals without being entirely parodic. I'll certainly be watching for more-- from the shadows, of course.

The very best place from which to watch. Thank you. :twilightblush:

I like the whole Series of Unfortunate Events chapter-naming convention. I suppose that means there will only be thirteen chapters?

I'm not certain, but it looks likely. I have three villains in mind for Vol. 1, with a possible fourth in a Vol.2 .

Than again, my initial plan was to have two chapters per villain, and I've blown that idea out of the water already. :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome chapter! can't wait for more:pinkiehappy:

I am honestly so glad this has been updated. I was having a bad day until I saw there was a new chapter up, and this has lived up to all my hopes.

I am so glad you enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

My initial idea of two volumes, as you can see, has also altered itself. I think I'm looking at one volume per bad guy now (Conundrum was one, Feline Fatale will be two, Madame Frost will be three, and so on).

Oh, well. Plans are lovely things, and it's always fun to wave at them as they go by. :twilightsheepish:

Hope you enjoyed the ending, such as it was. More is on its way. :pinkiegasp: :raritystarry:

Oh, sugar me sideways. The metaphors! The alliteration! The justice-themed descriptions! The... other... descriptions! The... wait, is that an Emperor's New Groove reference?

Oh, there are references all over the place. I would love to read different readers’ thoughts on the various salutes to be found in DPCP here and there.

So very glad you enjoyed reading it. I am composing the second installment even now, slowed down slightly by other projects and RL events. :twilightsmile:

There are no words to describe how amazing this is. XD

So, who wants to tell Bluey that being Celestia's nephew is going to make him an eligible bachelor no matter what he does?

And after all, punk is nothing but death, and crime, and the rage of a…

:rainbowlaugh: You wonderful madman, you actually went there.

Huh. And I thought Pinkie was just playing along to give Blueblood some sense of purpose. Ah well, this clearly isn't a story made for deep analysis. It's here for fun! And it most certainly was. Thank you for it.

And yes, what about Naomi? :duck:

:rainbowlaugh: A moral imperative. I apologize for nothing. :raritywink:

Hmm, I going to use Diedrich Bader Batman voice of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. That and the Adam West Batman fit the best in an MLP setting.

*nods* That makes sense. I had imagined Christian Bale for Batmane, and Adam West when being Blueblood. But ultimately, they should sound like whatever works best for the reader. :twilightsmile:

I strenuously object to the premise that bats are cooler than Foxes. Foxes are the coolest...except for Skunks.

Rarity in the Catpony get-up? I...uh....

brain.exe has stopped working.

Well, of course skunks are coolest. That goes without saying.

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