I was bored so I made a group.

Once I get enough members I will post a thread thingy. Whoever is the most awesome person (or whatever, I haven't planned it out yet) will become like a guard for the group. They will be the one/ones who get sure everybody is obeying the rules. They can also add other responsibilities to their plates if they want 2.


No mature rated stories with the following tags:

  • sex tag
  • non-con
  • fetish

All other mature stories r alright.
Put things in the right folders. I'm a forgiving person so for all of these rules imma do a 6 strikes and ur out kinda deal.

Another thing I gotta say, if u have a concern regarding this group and how it's run (or any other concern) don't hesitate to pm me, make a thread, or comment down below. My only requirement is that u keep it T rated. No gross stuff pls.

And the last rule: be nice to each other! If you wanna start cussing each other out, take it to the pms pls.

Btw: I'm lazy so I might not check on this group (or any of my other groups) much. For this group imma try to be less lazy, but I might still be pretty lazy. (if that makes sense)


Update: Just so ya know, if you have incomplete stories u can put them in the "everything else" folder unless they're dead, of course.

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I am pony person people ponies fan.

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