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If you've had enough of people's suicide blogs this is the place for you. This is a place where we can discuss people's problems and attempt to find solutions. Absolutely NO bashing of other users or you will be kicked. Any complaints come to me. ~ Thunderbolt Sentinel

We're also keeping score,
anonymously, don't be shy.
unless you ask for your name to be on here, then we'll put it up, but other than that, we operate with 100% anonymity on your status.

People we know that need help ~
(unknown variable, alot? yeah, here. let's try this)

People we know that are being helped ~
midnight muse

People who've been helped, and are now better.

(have an update for the list? PM an admin, and we'll get it updated, have a wonderful day, and keep breathing ~Midnight)

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Sure, let's see where this goes.

403144 as long as it fits the theme and has a general anti suicide message. :derpytongue2:

403130 Of course, as long as the story is anti-suicide.:scootangel:

This anti-suicide effort is very relieving to see. Count me in! I'll be promoting this group :twilightsmile: To the future and safety of others!

I approve of this.

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