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A crossover between the original Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Whilst facing the legendary psychic Psycho Mantis in Shadow Moses, Solid Snake finds Mantis using a strange psychic power
to seemingly transport him to another universe, completely different from his. What's happened to Mantis? Why are there brightly coloured ponies everywhere? Is this all real, or is it just in Snake's head? And how will Snake get back to Shadow Moses and complete his mission?!

Rated Teen for some mild violence and swearing.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 211 )

As a big Metal Gear fan, I don't know how friendly this is to anyone that doesn't know the story, but I personally enjoyed it. Snake is perhaps a bit too sarcastic at points (not to mention an incredibly heavy smoker if he's on his fifth one in about twenty minutes), but I've always found him to be a pretty hard guy to keep perfectly in-character. I think you're doing pretty good with him.

Speaking of Snake though, I don't remember seeing a description of him in here. You don't need much, but as the main character, you'd probably want to paint a quick portrait of him anyway.

No spelling or grammar errors were particularly glaring at me. Sometimes the shift from first- and third-person got a little jarring, but I think I see why you're doing it. Not bad, though! I'll follow along with this story for awhile. Snake chilling with ponies is too beautiful to miss.

All I can say about this story:!

Yeah, I realised that this first chapter could be a bit off-putting to non-Metal Gear fans, but I figured that it would be better to try and take things slowly and build up to it rather than have Snake be like "Meryl and I headed down a corridor... and then I was in Equestria!". My hope is that this first chapter will be engaging enough on its own that new fans to the series will be able to get through it. I can see what you mean by he's a bit too sarcastic though... part of that was me trying to be a bit too humorous, I suppose.

*Facehoofs* Crap, you're right! I'll put in a description next chapter ASAP. (Because really, I hate going back and editing stuff unless it's incredibly glaring).

Thank you for your constructive criticisms and comments - this is my first fic!

Pretty good story, at least it seems Snake's in character. Keep up the good work.

lol at Twilight shouting Snake's name as if it was a game over :rainbowlaugh:!

I clenched my hands into fists, feeling like punching something. I didn’t care who this Princess Celestia was, why Twilight was sending her a friendship report, or how Fluttershy was feeling. I just wanted to get out of here, and return to my mission. All of the ponies in this town were crazy!

That is correct they all have "The crazy". Be careful or you might catch it!:trollestia:

I'm trying very hard not to crack up at the sight of Snake being dragged across town by Pinkie

You know you're gullible when you're Trolled by Twilight.:trollestia:

Well, when you spend a life fighting Running Men, Metal Gears and invisible Cyborg Ninja, hiding in cardboard boxes, and discussing ancient Chinese proverbs every time you try to save your game, you start to lose a lot of your skepticism.

Since when did Twilight got herself a codec ?



this better be worth the read, I'll write a follow-up once I'm done.

I wonder how Snake will react to Zecora... Meh probably the same as meeting ponies,bunnies and dragons.

Snake, you created a time paradox !

... You know, it wouldn't hurt to put his mug on the front cover...
Or hell, even a video would do it.


That box is like his kid.

Good point. I was planning on putting it off until I either drew a cover image myself or found someone willing to do one for me, but your idea is better. I've got an image of Snake up now.

And I love comments like this :twilightsmile:

Seriously, that means a lot to me!

I do like the change in the name and the new picture coupled with the chapter. Keep up the good work!!:pinkiehappy:

Colonel!!! How is singing Winter Wrap Up a punishment?!?! :flutterrage:

Oh your talking about Snake's part of singing? I guess I can agree to your opinion.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_unsuresweetie_flip.png

Why are you advertising products here? I don't think that's very prudent.

1781229It's not. The author should delete comments like that.

Still, tone-deaf from being near too many grenades.:rainbowlaugh:

Well I for one would like to hear snake sing.
Random Batman video... with singing.

In school? Sounds like a good use of time to me.:trollestia:
Do they block Youtube, or are your screens being monitored by the staff remotely?
Also, what OS are your computers running? Windows XP or 7?
My school's library/computer room had people who were watching our screens to make sure we were on task.

1781797Supposedly, they block youtube. Well, only the actual youtube. I can still access google Youtube.

pinkie pie laughing at being called an octopus... Laughing Octopus reference?

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the only Metal Gear Solid game I haven't played, so I wasn't even thinking about this when I wrote it (although I have heard of the character). I'll retroactively claim that I was though, that's a nice point you make! :raritywink:

Snake singing?
This is my new favorite story.
The "I need scissors! Sixty-One!" line just guaranteed the favorite.
Wanna what Snake singing actually sounds like? Then watch this

If there's one thing I love doing, it's putting in plenty of allusions! My biggest fear, however, is that I'll end up going overboard some day and have someone say "Yeah, it's okay, and the references are funny, but they're not really that important, are they?" Still, thank you for the kind words! Also, I did check out that video, and you win +5 internet points for the day.

“Teleport… spell?” I repeated, never having heard Twilight mention it. “…Are you sure that it could work?” This seemed too good to be true.

“Of course, Snake! There’s nothing that could go wrong with it!” Twilight leapt out of her seat and trotted up to me. “Snake, we’ve found a way to send you home!”

There’s nothing that could go wrong with it!
You had to didnt you?:trollestia:

what if the suit could not only be used to disguise oneself whilst in the snow, but to fit in in a more elegant location, such as a field of flowers by a nice quiet lake, perhaps?

And there’s only room for one boss, and one Snake.

So you haven’t ended up covered in bees or anything?”

You really like Snake Eater don't you

Who, me? :scootangel:

Actually, my favourite MGS game is the original Metal Gear Solid, it really blew me away, particularly with the storytelling. The only one of those references which I purposely worked towards was the "Only room for one boss, and one Snake". The other two I just thought of as I was writing, so I figured that I might as well throw them in.

My personal favorite always been Mgs2. I love the way they fleshed out Snake's personality in it and I really liked the message behind it. And honestly, I liked Raiden. I don't really understand what the hate is about.
Now if you'll excuse me.
(runs into bomb shelter)
I may need to stay here for a while.

MGS2 is definitely my least favourite, but I agree that it's not a bad game. I didn't really mind Raiden too much, although going into the game I knew that he was the real protagonist, so I did mentally prepare myself a little, I suppose. Have you read any of the analyses or the game? Here's one I was reading last night, as a matter of fact. It's a great comparison between the first two games and at some of the messages and such of MGS2.

If MGS2 is you least favorite then you've never played Snake's Revenge.
Imagine Metal Gear without the stealth and interesting characters and replace them with a generic shoot-em-up and stereo-types of several action movie stars. Seriously, Snake looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in it.

Nope, I haven't played it, although from what I hear of it, we're lucky that it's been declared non-canon. I've only played the first three Metal Gear Solid games, although I am seriously contemplating saving up for a PS3 solely to get MGS4.

Funny. MGS3D is the only reason I bought a 3DS.
Same with Peace Walker and the PSP

Are they worth looking into? I'm kind of interested in Peace Walker and Portable Ops, but I don't know how fun they'd be compared to the other games.

Peace Walker is pretty good but it uses more a squad style rather than single-man infiltration, although it does keep to the stealth style.
Plus you get to BUILD a Metal Gear in it.
It is canon and explains how Outer Heaven was built so it's probably something you would want to look into, especially if you plan on playing Ground Zeroes when it comes out.

Portable ops once again focuses on squad style gameplay, but this one lets you capture and recruit enemy soldiers. The story is a little lacking considering the standard for MGS games and it's been debated whether or not it's a canon game but all in all, a pretty good game that lives up to the Metal Gear name

Hmm, might look into them then. Personally, I wished that they'd remake the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 for today's consoles. I have nothing against 8-bit games, but if nothing else it would help to clarify some of the story elements (e.g. Big Boss telling Snake that he was his father, Grey Fox actually being shown as Snake's friend and mentor). Plus Metal Gear Rising looks silly.

Yeah, I don't really see what they're trying to do with MGR. It looks like a standard Hack-and -Slash game.
As for more information on Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, wait for Ground Zeroes. I've heard some rumors that it will cover the build-up to and part of Metal Gear from Big Boss' point of view

I've watched the trailer for it, but sadly it doesn't really tell us too much about the game... hopefully it'll be as good as past MGS games.

Only thing I learned from that trailer is that Big Boss is part of some group called the Diamond Dogs (:duck:) and that his Japanese voice is KICK-ASS!

Eh, David Hayter will always be the one true Big Boss/Solid Snake for me. The Japanese voice actors sound like generic action heroes; Hayter really manages to make the character feel like a soldier who's seen too many battles.

“… I am technically the boss here. And there’s only room for one boss, and one Snake.”
Given the fact that Snake is basically not in his own world , he could add.
" No... the world is better off... without Snake"

(Big Boss reference :yay: )

My headcanon is now that after the events in MGS4 , The Sorrow asked Mantis to send Snake back in Equestria. I should thank you for that , I think , as it is certainly an improvement. :moustache:

The only reason I like the Japanese voice ever is because in MGS4 Big Boss' voice was just awful. I expected him to still sound somewhat like Snake but he sounded totally different.

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