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Twilight bounds into her castle's kitchen one morning, and interrupts Spike's breakfast with exciting news.

"Exciting," in this context, is used incredibly loosely.

(Originally written for The Writeoff Association's "The Twilight Zone" prompt, and submitted under the title "Twilight Sparkle Seeks a Zoning Permit". Wisely retitled for FiMfic.)

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Nice addition from the original entry, it smoothen the transition between comedy and feels.

"I wouldn't ask if I didn't. Besides, if you don't tell me now, it'll knock around in your head, soaking up all your crazy until it's just a big dust bunny of insanity, and you start acting out. That never goes well, so..." He poked her in the side. "C'mon. Save us both the time, and spill."

I, the author, could go for fifteen chapters about Twilight anxiety, the difficulties she had to talk with Spike and how their realtionship have changed with time but you don't want to read that.

Nothing much to say that hadn't already been said before.
Ah yes, upvoted.

Majin Syeekoh

Posh, good sir.

After having read this story, you’ve given me no choice but to give this story 8/10.

"Rarity made out of ice cream. Two great things that're even better together."

Spike is either developing a fetish or carnivorous instincts. I'm not sure which one Rarity would find more disturbing.

Anyway, this was nice.

:ajsmug: Apples
:fluttercry: Bananas
:pinkiehappy: Cherry Cimichunga
:rainbowhuh: Skittles?!
:raritystarry: Ice Cream?
:twilightsmile: Grapes?
:moustache: More like egg head plant
:duck: Spikey my whine!

Your consistency is distressingly destressing.
Where do you get the mental energy from for the diligence of your rarispike posting on literally everything i've seen you read?

7970521 It was supposed to be a reference to this. I wasn't sure anyone would get it.

So far, no one has...


Apologies for that. If it helps, I didn't even know that story existed until just now. It was a nice one, so thanks for that.

Isn't there a rule on here that a story has to be at least a thousand words long? Beyond that, this is not bad at all.

7971191 To get published, yes, a story needs to be a minimum of 1k words. FiMfic counts this one at 1100+.

7971194 funny, it says 888 words total. Maybe that doesn't include the author's notes etc., (<-- I hate abriviations when they are weird like this) but qualifying to be posted does? I don't know, so weird.

Comment posted by Anonymous Critic deleted Feb 23rd, 2017

7971205 I have no idea how that discrepancy works, yeah.

This is very, very nice. I like it a lot. :twilightsmile:

7971275 weird... I wonder... What happened to that bowl of cornflakes? That's the biggest mystery of them all, right?

Seriously, did Spike finish eating it or did it just sit there... Maybe Pinkie stashed it somewhere in case of a cereal emergency.

Or maybe the soggy cereal fairy came by to eat it... Who knows, it is such a big mysterious mystery...

Cute as hell

Bravo, Posh!

Wait, Spike dreaming about Rarity made out of ice cream?


Someone needs to write that.

*Ahem* I was thinking more of a scenario which it ain't a dream...or something...?

But thanks for the link, I mean, whistling!

D'aw factor increased by 40. Initiate friendship cannon. :pinkiehappy:

Sweet and funny. I love it.

Aww. This was sweet. :pinkiesad2: I liked how natural it felt with Spike over his cereal with his quips at the ready, and Twilight all enthused about something, and then how it all culminated into a nice gesture and the promise of reliving old memories. :pinkiehappy: I enjoyed this. Thanks for the read. :twilightsmile:

Great story, you really nail the kind of relationship I wish Twilight and Spike actually had in the show, not to mention the nostalgic melancholy of something loved and lost

Rarity made out of ice cream. Two great things that're even better together.

All I can picture from this is that weird advert of some dude made of ice cream eating it off of his own head... It being Rarity only makes it more distressing lol

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