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This story is a sequel to "Teach Me Goodness"

Summer vacation has come and gone, and school's back in session, only Diamond Tiara isn't interested in attending if Cheerilee isn't standing at the front of the class. Her solution? Hire Twilight as her teacher.

Except it's not Twilight she runs into at the castle.

(Winner of the Pinkie Pie award for Scribblefest 2017!)

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Majin Syeekoh

but Starlight wasn’t sure what the rules were where minors were concerned.

You magnificent bastard.:ajsmug:

Also I spotted a reference to Discourse on Fillies, too.

Expected doughnut brawl, did not deliver. Very dissapointing. 8/10 :derpytongue2:

8001672 You simply MUST remove your mind from that gutter.

Did you gloss over the Solving for Death reference?

Majin Syeekoh

8001717 oh my god I completely missed it the first time.

that’s fucking great

Well, I told you I had high expectations after Teach me Goodness. Guess what? You got them all!

The slow connection between Starlight and DT? vVry neat. Spike sarcasms? Funny. The ending? Top t...-Wait, it's over? It's already over? That's cruel.

Upvoted nonetheless and I hope you intend to continue this. (please?)

Hillbe #6 · Mar 6th, 2017 · · 2 ·

:unsuresweetie: Diamond Tiara has
:applecry: nothing on
:scootangel: the Cutie Mark Crusaders


:facehoof: Diamond Tiara hasn't done any property damage either.

:moustache: The CMC are up to $4.567.837.890.92 bits

8001742 Scribblefest has a 6k word cap, which even the final draft is kinda pushing.

There was another scene after the last one, where DT and Starlight arrive at the schoolhouse and meet the teacher. It was cute, but added little, and Oro in fact remarked that he felt surprised the story didn't end sooner. All that in mind, it ended up on the cutting room floor.

I'll probably post it to my blog later, if you're curious about what it looked like.

EDIT: I do have another sequel partially written, though that one's about Cheerilee, rather than DT.


I wasn't saying that this one-shot should have ended later (or even sooner) and I think Oro was right. It's just that I want to see more about the characters you've written, be it DT, Cheerilee or even the CMC. And I'm pleased to see a sequel is on its way.

Oh lookie, a new Diamond Tiara fic. And it's already in the features box. Guess I better read it... :twistnerd:

30 minutes later...

Well, that was fabulous, dahling. You've captured Diamond's personality just the way I'd like it to be displayed in the show after her redemption (if she ever stops being a background character again), nicer but still with a caustic wit. Starlight Glimmer has also grown on me considerably since her underwhelmed backstory in season 5, and you portray her social awkwardness and guilt just perfect. Even Spikey-Wikey in his little cameo comes across as fully fleshed out and personable. Whoever did your proofreading did a great job too, as I spotted nary a mistake anywhere, and the whole thing just flowed together brilliantly and was a pleasure to read. :raritystarry:

8/10? :pinkiegasp: Don't undersell yourself. This is a 9/10 at least. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the great story, and keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:


And it's already in the features box.


Well, shave my cat and call me grandma...!

8002001 It's great a) It encourages good fics that AREN'T clop and b) It gives more attention to one of the most underrated characters in the franchise. Revel in the praise... you've earned it. :duck:

You know, after that fork incident, I don't think Twilight lets Starlight set the table any more.


Starlight's non-flattering awkwardness and actual success as a pre-reform bad guy are two big reasons why I like her so much. I embrace the comparisons and (false) choice between her and Sunny D, because she's like the more believable and less waifu version of a similar archetype.

Therefore I give this an 8/10 (with bonus fun fork) for capturing those aspects of her well, and for framing up a compact little slice of life that does a great job of using them alongside the interesting qualities of another reformed baddie.

8002766 I really wonder what all the people reading this who aren't hip to all the dank writeoff memes must think of all this 8/10 and fun-fork talk.

The prize is an old dustbin full of mud samples. It has a lot of sedimental value.

Bad pun is bad.... Good story is good though, lol. I enjoyed it. :heart:

8002902 I suspect that everypony who doesn't get the joke is sad. Either that or they set aside Time Enough For catching up on them. :derpytongue2:

8003127 Never go full Pinkie Pie, just throw parties. Everyone who ever whined about a Queen calling herself a Princess knows why those wings fall off. :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::rainbowderp:

I have been looking for Diamond Tiara and Starlight Glimmer fics for a while. I can see them bonding and having something similar to Scootalo and Rainbow Dash. Heck in the derby episode i was kinda hopping Diamond Tiara participated with Starlight and actually won one of the ribbons.

The interactions between both have so much potential for stories.

You can't just break in here and expect Twilight to—

Make you her student? It worked out well enough for Starlight.

"You want to talk to Twilight?" Starlight frowned. "Whatever for?"

Diamond Tiara looked into Starlight's eyes.

"I'm going to ask if I can be her personal student."

Huh... I'm just imagining the prospect of an Alicorn Diamond Tiara....
:pinkiegasp:.....The point between rage and serenity.

I like the possibilities this pairing offers, as I never expected such a pairing, but it works well. While a sequel wouldn't really make sense, other stories could come from this, with Diamond's new found perspective, I imagine Starlight taking a mom role for Diamond at things like the Sisterhooves Social and the Running of the Leaves, things that are too peasant for her mom. Plus if you subscribe to the idea that Twilight's family being minor nobility, I can picture her playing up how these things will improve her relationship with a minor noble to her mom. All in all, this could lead to some interesting stories.

8005213 I would really enjoy to see them both in the sisterhoove.

I refuse to touch a single chapter before the following words.

Thank you.

Now, let's. Fucking. GO!

Proceeds to read.

Done. You know, I feel like this ended too soon. I feel like this should be expanded on. It has... that irritating thing that I can't help but always notice in a good story that is far, far too short.

It has potential.

You are a fool for not tapping into it, please do that soon. 10/10 otherwise.

...Why haven't I followed you yet?! Quality feels like these are too good to pass up!

8005391 I appreciate the sentiment, and I might do more with DT and Starlight in the future if the mood strikes me, but as far as following up on this specific idea, I think I'm tapped out. If anything, this story's already an epilogue to an idea that played to its conclusion in "TMG."

But I have at least one more sequel to that story in mind (with Starlight, but without DT) that would carry over some of the same themes you're seeing here. If that strikes your interest, then I hope you'll stick around and check it out when it goes up.:twilightsmile:

8001717 Oh good, I saw that and went 'N'aww, that can't be deliberate.'


I feel like there's a theme going on around her
derps 6.9

Spike and Diamond Tiara do make a cute couple.

Somehow, I was actually expecting a twist ending where it turns out Starlight was the new teacher all along.

Still good, though.

8012431 DAMN, I wish I'd thought of that...!

Diamond tiara, the most hated pony in the show until you met her mother.

8012431 That.....that would have been BRILLIANT!

8012586 Mayyyybe still possible?

8016354 It's a cool idea, but I like to keep my stories in continuity with one another, and I've already planned out at least one more Glim-Glam story where she is not Ponyville's schoolteacher.

Besides, I think it would have ended up being too much of a contrivance.

Hey there! I've reviewed your story here. :pinkiesmile:

This story deeply understands Starlight Glimmer in a way most others don't. It didn't touch me as deeply as the first story, but it's still a great successor.

These are my notes from round one of judging. Nothing's decided yet, but this one's still in the running!

I don't know what award to give this one, but I absolutely love it. Excellent use of language, impeccable timing, masterful and subtle connections between characters. This story is funny in all the right ways, and it's hearwarming in all the right ways, too. Like, favorite, follow. -SF P.S. I changed this one to AJ because it sticks the closest to the best parts of the show.

8080986 It took me a moment to realize the context for this. So, yay, thank you. :twilightsmile:

This is a well written slice of life. Starlight is characterized well, but I felt DT is a bit back and forth in her attitude. I also like that there's a good moral to the story. My one problem though, is that it seems to dismiss its own premise. Why couldn't DT be Twilight's student? That's never really answered to my satisfaction, as Starlight just 'assumes' on Twilight's behalf. Otherwise, quite good though!

"It's the first day of school," said Diamond. "Summer's over.


I'm really lazy when it comes to writing, but you're inspiring me to starting typing some horse words of my own, Posh.

8195481 "Horsewords? Ferb Posh, I know what we're gonna do today!"


"Glimmer, I'm going to tell you something, and you need to listen very carefully."

"Yeah, Sunset?"


"Good plan."

Some nice stuff here. I like Starlight and Spike's sparky exchanges and (later) Glimmy's with DT. I think my not having read the prequel (deliberately, given it was a contest fic) may have hurt it slightly -- for example, Cheerilee's actions seem weird coming to this cold. Still, that prequel is now on my RiL list, which has to say something!

Author Interviewer


Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

 "Guess I owe Silver Spoon twenty bits..."

Oh my god, what are these fillies learning in school? @_@

I can't help but think this story is aptly titled, because you're gonna be hard pressed to top the original. :B Is still good, tho.

Thanks to Oroboro, who gave the first draft a read and a lofty score of 8/10, and to Editor Man, even though he didn't edit this one and probably won't even read it, since he has a visceral gag reaction to the mere mention of Starlight Glimmer's name.

There can be no possible redemption for you after this. What you have done is unforgivable.

The prequel definitely left me wanting more, not for lack of completion, but just 'cause it was so good! This was an engaging read, and it was nice the way Starlight helped Diamond Tiara sort things out, listening with an empathetic ear and relating her similar experiences to let her know she wasn't alone. The story had some good little bits of humor in it too - one of which actually made me laugh out loud! Overall, I'd say this was a worthwhile read. :raritywink: Thanks for sharing. :pinkiesmile:

10528669 's review made me see that I never commented on this and now I feel guilty :P I read this back when it got posted, I just read it again now and it's still great, and I'm not just saying that because I got a reference in it.

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