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Featured 3/3/2017!

Everypony knows about a Cute-ceañera, the traditional celebration of obtaining a Cutie Mark. But there's one other tradition that some do not know of: changing your name to match your Mark. The CMC just found out about this, and are hungry to learn more.

A simple 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' style story investigating a common fan idea that I'm in agreement on. Hope you enjoy it!

In face it's not clear, the title is a pun on Mark of Shame.

Also included are many Development Gags and Fandom Nods.

Commissioned by http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/ !

Preview image by http://dasprid.deviantart.com/!

MLP belongs to Hasbro!

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Ok, so I noticed a couple of problems. The big one is that you like using ellipses (The "...") a lot. There's nothing wrong with using ellipses actually, it's perfectly fine grammatically. But it's like an embellishment. Using it over and over can be jarring as it tends to catch the eye and cause a literal pause in the readers mind. All that stopping and restarting makes a piece feel abrupt and grating. If you want to maintain the character's uncertain feelings, it's ok to just write something like "She said uncertainly" or something to that effect.

Everything else I noticed was minor. A far more nitpicky person might call you out on these things, but I don't think they're piece breaking problems.

Oh, and you had pretty solid characterization. Except for maybe Diamond Tiara, all of the characters felt true to the show.

I admit, this is something that has occasionally bugged me, so nice fic.

This is a very clever story.

This was a cute little story, not bad at all! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the writing dude!

“No, silly! Her birth name is Maude and her Cutie Mark name is Maud! She considered Mod, but decided that didn't make any sense! Her talent is rocks not computers!”

Okay, that made me laugh. Nice story!

This was a nice story and the first that I have seen that explores the idea of changing a pony's name after getting a Cutie Mark.

It's nice to find someone that shares this headcanon

Revan #9 · Mar 3rd, 2017 · · 1 ·

This was a very nice story, with a reasonable explanation for one of canon's mysteries.

This was a very interesting exploration of this concept and one handled in a remarkably and plausibly non-traumatic way.

I'm not sure but I doubt Griffin laws are similar to Equestrian laws. I'm pretty sure that a Griffin is only allowed to change their name by Royal Command or if they return with the requisite heads of fifty enemies.

Hmm... I never thought of this idea before... I kinda like it :twilightsmile:

This was really cute and enjoyable! Definitely faving this!

7993209 How was Diamond Tiara out of character? I felt she was in-character.

Finally got round to reading this...
WOW is all I can say.
Well done. Hope to read more from you in the future... :twilightsmile:

Nice story! I love the idea! :pinkiehappy:

7994594 pointed out cutting down on the ellipses, as did 7993209, and I agree with them. However, I'm also that nitpicky person that AuDragon mentioned. :trixieshiftright:

Like I said, the story was great, so I'm not giving you any flak for it, but there were quite a few grammatical and mechanical errors scattered throughout. I don't have time to point them all out, unfortunately, but I figured I would confirm that we nitpickers do notice. I would find yourself an editor so you can turn this little gem into a masterpiece. :twilightsmile:

Oh, also:

“...Ma was carryin' yah before she named yah?”

Oh, childhood innocence... :derpytongue2:

This has been more or less my own head canon for years. It's nice to see somepony else has similar ideas on Equestrian naming conventions. Name-change theories explain so much of the merchandise vs. show naming! :twilightsmile:

I said maybe. I felt like she wouldn't be that unintentionally malicious, as her song "The Pony I Want to Be" hinted at. But she didn't feel that far off and I could accept her characterization as it is in the story currently.

A good explanation and let's fannon names exist with out contradicting cannon ones. And yea the crusaders have kind of vague marks so changing their wouldn't really fit. Got a felling Gabby might just legally make her name Gabby instead of just her nickname if given the chance. Does make me wonder do non-pony equestrian citizens change their names? Some species might have violent naming conventions, a griffon named say Bloodbeak might change their name to something more friendly.

I imagine it's just tradition that Griffins names ALWAYS start with G.


Oh, childhood innocence... :derpytongue2:

Thanks a moment for it to sink in with us the readers. And it is sweet. Reminds me of a fanfic where the CMC ask RD where foal come from, only to reveal RD herself doesn't know as a mare! (It's a comedy.) It leads to the mane six thinking RD is pregnant until Twilight has enough of the nonsense going around.

7995300 My own headcanon is that it's a familial generational/era thing with griffons. Gilda's generation and the two above her all start with a G. I'm writing a story where Gilda has had a daughter, and her name begins with St, as does the daughter's son, while another family all starts with the letter T. I like to think Gilda would be the one to break the tradition in her family. :rainbowwild:

7995307 Actually, I think I've read that one, too! :rainbowlaugh:

It was delightful and thought provoking. One part that confused me was that when they were discussing Spoiled Rich's original name, you seemed to flip around Spoiled Rich and Spoiled Milk a few times.

I love it! I love the explanation, and I love the birth names you gave to lots of ponies. The only thing I would disagree with is Maud, just from her siblings I suspect Maud was her middle name at birth instead of her first name, and she changed it to her first name at birth. I think my favorite one is Touchdown. :raritydespair:

Oh and Spoiled Rich was named Spoiled Milk at birth because her family was a bunch of dairy farmers, insecurity about being nouveau-rich explains rather a lot about her.

I was kind of expecting at the end the CMC would give themselves a middle name of some sort, but this ending works too.

7995327 I imagine most griffons will just add a G to the front when pronouncing any new name for another griffon.

A very solid work. Well done.

This is a very good one-shot.

“No buts! I'm still on thin ice with Sapphire after that mess up with Trixie in Manehattan!”

Nice tie in to one of the more recent comic issues! :pinkiehappy:
I really enjoyed this one-shot, very cute and helps make a lot of sense for why ponies names fit their marks so precisely. Well done!

got most of the 'other' names right but 'Touchdown' is Rarity's Father's name (Touchdown Pass)

not sure if if its his old or new name but yeah
oh and the mothers Names are Pearl and cookie crumbles

The two heard somepony clear their throat and looked over to the wall, finding local Changeling Kevin glaring through the gate.

Who the heck is changeling Kevin? If you're referring to that changeling at Cranky and Matilda's wedding, I'm pretty sure that was actually thorax

“Uh...no offense...” Diamond said, rubbing her head.

Huh, I guess she's channeling Sunset Shimmer. Weird.

Yeah!...But I really need to get a pair of prescription goggles if we'll be doing this a lot, cause I can't see anything, Diamond...” Silver Spoon commented, squinting at the purple and pink mass she was looking at.

Been there, done that. Pro tip, echolocation is NOT all that it's cut out to be.

Diamond Tiara nodded. “Yeah...especially since they were still Blan-” The former bully caught herself. “Force of habit...I mean especially since they didn't have their marks when we became friends. If you told me that a year ago, I would've thought you were a Changelin-”

Ooh. Double ouch.

“Well...my birth name is...kinda...” the rich filly answered, her face growing a little pinker. “...I'd rather not say...”

Is it worse than any of the names of the stallions in your family?

“...Who names their kid Spoiled Milk?” Scootaloo asked.

Show writers trying to make a point.

“So...should we change our names?” Sweetie Belle asked as they departed the Rich household.

Cutie Mark Crusaders Name Brainstormers! Hooray!(this will never die!!!!!!)

“Of course! Who else would we ask?!” the orange filly replied.

Literally every other mane cast member. It went pretty darn well last time.

“...Yeah, but Rainbow Dash had the big 'bring them altogether story last time!”
“...That's a good point...”

...Fair enough.

Yeah, you see my name was already so awesome I didn't feel like changing it,” the cyan pegasus replied with a smirk. “But I know a few ponies that did change theirs. Like Bulk Biceps.”
“What's his birth name?” Sweetie Belle asked.
“Snowflake,” Rainbow replied

This idea is genius! It explains almost every single name discrepancy! And I'm somehow just now realizing this!

I'm sure Pinkie Pie knows somepony...she knows everypony. Like literally.”

Well, she does cheat a bit with the Party Cave. But still.

“...This seems really familiar...” Scootaloo pointed out.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

“Hello, Miss Fluttershy!” called Apple Bloom with a wave

Why they never say miss in the show I'll never know.

Okay, so only four ponies we've asked actually changed their names, the rest just already had oddly fitting names...” Scootaloo commented, as usual acting as the engine of their scooter and wagon they were naturally using as their main mode of transport.
“It's kinda weird...” Sweetie Belle commented. “Do parents just have some weird future sight thing?”

...Celestia forgive me.

“...Hey Pinkie Pie...What are you doing?” Scootaloo asked, eyes wide.
“Walking!” the pink pony replied as if her situation was completely normal. Then again, she was Pinkie Pie, so it probably was.

Its like plunger shoes, but with no ceiling!

As Derpy gobbled up the muffin and returned to...whatever it was she was doing before,

Muffin button.

“No, silly! Her birth name is Maude and her Cutie Mark name is Maud! She considered Mod, but decided that didn't make any sense! Her talent is rocks not computers!”

A text gag that realizes that characters can't see text is surprisingly rare in fanfiction.

“...What's a computer?”

Something your family is going to excel(pun intended) at making in a century or so.

“I think she means the things Button Mash plays...” Sweetie Belle said.

Or Schizo-Tech. That works too.

The mare started sweating a little bit and biting her lip. “Well...it's not important, darling! It just was a less fitting name than the one I have now!”

'Ere we go, 'ere we go!(Apologies. The commenter has become an Ork for no reason other than that it is really late and he's tired. We will fix this as soon as possible).

“Alright then...my birth name is...Touchdown!” Rarity spat out, acting like it was a horrible dark secret.

BWAHAHAHA-Actually that isn't that bad. I was expecting something like Plaid Stripes.

Sweetie Belle looked over at the Castle of Friendship.

For some reason, the sky grew dark and lightning flashed.

“I honestly felt the same way...” said Starlight Glimmer, naturally present seeing as she was Twilight's student. “But in one of our many...many...many...many debates on the subject...”
“She has a LOT of Cutie Mark related issues,” Spike commented in a deadpan tone.

Oh really. :ajbemused:

Huh, I almost forgot you used to be a equality obsessed, Cutie Mark removing dictator. You'd think that'd come up more often,”

Somebody needs to mail this line to the show writers.

“That's a great idea Sweetie Belle!” Apple Bloom replied. “We can make it part of the Cutie Mark Crusader's guide to Cutie Marks!”
“Yeah!” Scootaloo blinked. “Wait, we have one of those?”
“No...but we can make one!”

And thus was the CMC's Guide to the Galaxy born. Looking back, this explains quite alot about the Guide's penchant for insanity and property destruction(though anybody actually trying to prove the latter can talk to the Guide's always-out-to-lunch-when-you-call lawyers).

She considered Mod, but decided that didn't make any sense! Her talent is rocks not computers!”

FYI, Maud's dress is cut in 1960's Mod (modern) style.

Cute story.



Ya know, Starlight's name was going to be Aurora... but Disney's copyright lawyers put a stomp to that.
Like poor Coco's name.
I guess Twilight book series' didn't have deep enough pockets.

Everyone knows the copyright system is insane but no one does anything about it except make it worse.


No. According to supplementary material, his name is Kevin.


He wouldn't name his child Jr?

Starlight admitting that Starlight Glimmer is HER Cutie Mark name, and her birth name is Aurora (her original intended name) and she kept it even after developing her beliefs because she intended to change back when she could finally remove her Cutie Mark.

You could write another story ! :yay:

I remember that my English teacher was talking about term papers & asked "Who knows what ellipses are?"
I said "That's when the moon gets in front of the sun & casts its shadow over the Earth. But, what does that have to do with term papers?" :derpyderp2:
#7 in Top 10 Reasons I Almost Flunked English

Yes, but would there be enough material to use?

And personally... I personally think the trigger way, "kill or be killed" way they've written the copyright laws is terrifying, but we continue to do nothing about it!

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