• Published 16th Sep 2016
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The Blocking Dead - Onii-chan7

Pistols, zombies, flares, this is just an average zombie apocalypse.

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"Attention mares and stallions," a voice from the speaker said, "this is your captain speaking, we are now above Hypixel Land, 2 hours until we get to Prance, and 3 away from Ponyville. Please enjoy the rest of the flight, and thank you for riding Block Airlines." Twilight buried her face in a book while drinking a latte.

"Look at the places we'll go!" she said to her sisters, "Isn't this exciting?"

"For the 27th time since this morning, yes." Redstreak said.

"Ahh, Prance." the youngest, Blueberry, said, "Isn't that the place where every filly finds her gentlecolt?"

"You hang out with RS too much." Twilight said, "It's as if there's no minute he isn't next to you!"

"You're just jealous, because you're in love with his sister." Redstreak smirked.

"Boom goes the dynamite." Blueberry said. On the row in front of the 3 sisters, 2 boys, and a girl were there.

"Why must we go so early in the morning?" Bluestreak complained, "Princess Celestia said the ceremony was at 8 o' clock in the morning, not 1 hour after midnight!"

"Because I wanna look around!" Rainbow Dash said, "They'll have chocolates, and the skies are great there!"

"If only the others could make it." RS said, "I miss my crew."

"But you've still got your marefriend." Rainbow Dash teased.

"If only she was." RS sighed. Bluestreak opened his mouth to say something, but the plane jerked to the right, shutting him up. An explosion was heard, and all the passengers started to feel the plane descending.

"Seatbelts boys!" Rainbow Dash ordered. The last thing they felt, was heat, as the plane crash-landed, and set the bottom half into flames.

A little later...

Somewhere in the Hypixel Swamp, 2 people were gathering the chests around them as fast as they can, while a horde of zombies approached them. One brought out a shotgun, and started holding them back, while the other loaded his pistol with ammo. A zombie fell, only to see more closing in. The other guy shot the zombies with his pistol, sending bullets everywhere, but no matter how many they killed, more came out.

In Hypixel High, 3 people set camp in a room, with only 1 way to get in there, and 3 chests. 2 were holding the zombies back, while the other loaded his shotgun with bullets. The zombie horde started to grow, until the small hallway was filled with zombies.

All around people fought off the zombies with what they could find. Help will arrive in 3 hours. Sunrise, but who will survive to see the light of day?

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