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More-or-less how I became a Brony

My mom put on EGD...2? I think it was two... Anyway, so she put it on for my sister, and I didn't want to get up from the couch (you know how it is) so I just lay there and listened/watched it. Needless to say, I was slightly intrigued by it, although, at the same time, I was like "What? No. I don't like that show. It's a show for little girls". At that time, I wasn't on the internet really, so I had no idea what a 'brony' was. After that, I don't really remember what happened next. I think what happened was, I watched a few episodes of the regular show, at the same time really disliking the fact that anybody knew about it. (I'm a lot more open about it now. But, my grandparents don't know about it yet, as they are REALLY judgmental, and slightly annoying, and I just don't need to hear about it from them) But, once school started back up (I was and still am homeschooled) I met this kid on there, and we exchanged email addresses, and started talking. As it turned out he liked MLP, when I first heard that, I was thinking "Okay, that's weird that it's not just me who watches it. I'm not going to say anything though, in case he's just joking". But, after awhile I mentioned that I did, in fact, watch it. As it turns out (which, if that happened now, I would have believed him, as back then, I didn't know that there was a fanbase to the show) he was telling the truth, and thanks to him, I got into the show a LOT more. So, that's my story.

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