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A Group for collecting MerlosTheMad's Madverse stories by both him and other authors that work with him!

If you would like to join the skype group, simply send him or Foals Errand a message through skype with your request.

The stories and tales within the folders above will change your very life as you know it.

Not really, but some people read them and said they were alright and stuff, so you should totally check them out!-
Ahem, I mean...

Honor and power beyond imagining awaits those who successfully unravel the mysteries and wonders within the Madverse tales! Within them, you will find horrifying tribulations which the famous Elements of Harmony face! Join Twilight as she is shunted to our Earth, or Fluttershy traversing a strange, deserted wasteland. Applejack and Rainbow Dash must both leave Equestria of their own volition in search of their friends, while Pinkie Pie and Rarity must face the forces of life and death themselves in a world full of horrors never before seen by pony eyes outside of Tartarus.

Please, enter, and enjoy your read.

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Ah, so no one should go looking for me if both of you are busy or out? :trixieshiftright: I see how it is...


Thanks! Now time to hound him mercilessly! :rainbowlaugh:


He just made the blog post and received the story!

He has a couple funny, cute stories you would like. :pinkiesmile: He's already working on the new chapters, impressively enough.


I may recognize him? :ajbemused:

I can wait to find out. Not very long, mind you, but hopefully long enough. :ajsmug:


I have good news! I'm training a new author to take up the Mantle with Contrail. He's rather accomplished, if new. You may recognize him. :twilightblush:

Alex unfortunately has left us, but simply because he has an exciting life and what not, nothing bad. :yay:


It's been since Aug on Contrail. Any word at all? Kinda getting a little antsy on AJ's journey... :ajbemused:

Well, I guess I can include RD since she's somewhere around. :ajsleepy:

You're missing the one-shot in which Twilight plays videogames.


Im Merlos The Mad, with spaces, feel free to msg me ^^

Ah, why not? PM me the details?


Hey, we don't voice chat often. Usually if we do that it's because the big names like Hoopy Mcgee are hanging around. We just use the chat as 24/7 communication and news updating for each other. Also lots of random nonsense.

No, but I barely ever use skype anyway. Also, atrocious Icelandic accent is atrocious delicious atrocious.


Sorry, got a little out of control there for a moment. Ahem.

So, Spectrum good sir, have I cordially invited you to our skype chat yet?



Oh SWEET, this is my group. I play; POST WHATEVER THE BALLS I WANT!

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