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I can attest that the characters in my story are real and it is my only hope that anyone who would like to read it can immerse themselves in their world.


Just in case you missed it! · 3:55pm Jan 4th, 2021

*Very* eventful new chapter was posted. I'm gonna need a little bit of time to get the next one out here but it will happen, I promise. Thanks for your interest folks!

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Lol, I'm a stallion as well, XD

I'm good, but thanks.


I can see by looking at your profile and from our brief interactions that in addition to being a fantastic person you are almost certainly a fantastic writer. With that in mind I have a small proposition for you 😎I would be honored to get a female perspective on my story; if you read the first chapter of my story and let me know what you think, I will read the first two chapters of your favorite story that you have written (I'll read two as my first chapter is kinda long). I will also give it a thumbs up and my honest assessment, of course :raritywink:

Do we have a deal?

Aww, glad to bring a smile! :scootangel:

Figured, XD. Not enough pegasisters around here.


I've been a member on this site since 2012, and no one has ever stopped by just to give me good graces. You, my friend, will be remembered 😇 I am actually a stallion :eeyup:

Hehe, nope. Just ran into you and wanted to spread my good vibes your way ✨️

Lovely to meet you, awesome...mare? 😊

  • Viewing 144 - 148 of 148
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