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I can attest that the characters in my story are real and it is my only hope that anyone who would like to read it can immerse themselves in their world.


Just in case you missed it! · 3:55pm Jan 4th, 2021

*Very* eventful new chapter was posted. I'm gonna need a little bit of time to get the next one out here but it will happen, I promise. Thanks for your interest folks!

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Hahaha yeahhhh, about that :twilightoops: :twilightoops: :twilightoops: Actually I have. Back when I was a tender teenager

I'm a little surprised you haven't written any Applejack stories.


When it comes to Applejack I'm all about the slice of life; when I finish my current story - I'm thinking (hoping anyway) for a month or two - I will definitely check those out. I've put so many words into this I just need to finish this daggum thing! It's a personal vendetta for me at this point.

Well, it all depends on what you're looking for. If you want a good laugh, then you could read Rainbow Dash Comes Out of the Closet, its sequel The Talk or The Labors of Applejack, Harmony Death Match or The Newest Princess of Equestria. For romance, you could check out The Things We Do For Love. A dark story is The Secret Life of... Applejack. Probably my best Applejack story is Deathbed Confession, but it's a bit longer of a read. If you check out any of my stories, I'm always open for feedback.



Is there one you recommend to start with?

  • Viewing 131 - 135 of 135
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